How To Set WhatsApp Status In Snapchat Stories Like Style

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WhatsApp rolls out timely updates every now and again but recent update stands out of the lot. Facebook-owned WhatsApp has now copied Snapchat and Instagram Story like feature which has transmuted WhatsApp status into Stories which automatically destruct after 24 hours. In this article, we will let you know how you can use WhatsApp status update in Snapchat Stories like style and add photos/videos/GIF to WhatsApp Status on iPhone and Android. You will also get to know how to view and reply to a Status update and how to view who viewed your Status update here.

WhatsApp launched this feature a few days back and is rolling out to all users worldwide slowly. I got the new Status tab today. So, if you still cannot find the new Status tab then please be patient it will be there soon.

Before proceeding, please update to WhatsApp version 2.17.5 for iOS and 2.17 .174 on Android. Now, let us make it happen.

How To Set WhatsApp Status Update As Photos/Videos/GIF?

1. Open WhatsApp and select Status tab.

On Android, you will find it at the top and iOS users can see it at the bottom left.

WhatsApp Status Update on iPhone Android

2. Next tap on My Status.

3. On the next screen, you will see the camera open and media from the gallery. You can click a snap using the Camera button or record a video by holding it down. If desired you can also select photo/video/GIF from the Gallery or Camera roll.

Set Photo Video as WhatsApp status

4. After selecting the desired media file, you can add emoji’s, text or even draw something on the photo/video. Add a caption if you want to.

5. After making all the customization, simply post the status update by tapping on the arrow button.

Use WhatsApp Status in Snapchat Stories like Style

For the first time, a pop-up will appear. Tap on Send.

With this, you have added photo/video/GIF as your WhatsApp status.

You can post multiple updates to your WhatsApp Status if desired. In order to do that, iOS users need to tap on the circular add icon at the top right under Status tab. For the Android app, it will available in the bottom right corner under Status tab as shown in the image below.

Add multiple WhatsApp Status Updates
Post Multiple WhatsApp Status Updates

Rest of the drill remains the same.

The photo/video/GIF will be removed automatically after 24 hours.

How To View Others WhatsApp Stories/Updates?

Users who have updated their status will appear under Status tab.

You can easily view WhatsApp Status updates of the desired contact by tapping on their update.

The number of media in a users update can be figured out by the broken tab line at the top. So, make sure you view all the files in your friends status update. You can skip to the next media file by tapping on the screen while viewing an update.

Once you view someone’s WhatsApp update it will be moved to Viewed Updates section. The updates which you are not seen by you will appear under Recent Update.

Reply To WhatsApp Status Update

There is a nice little option Reply shown at the bottom while viewing a certain update. Tap on it if you want to comment on someone’s WhatsApp update.

Reply to Someone's WhatsApp Status Update

Your reply to someone’s WhatsApp update will be sent to the personal WhatsApp chat with that particular update quoted.

WhatsApp Status Reply Quoted in Personal Chat

How To Know Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Status Update?

You can see who has seen your WhatsApp status update.

In order to view them, open your Status update by tapping on My Status under Status tab.

Now tap on the eye icon at the bottom. All the friends who viewed your status with the timestamp will be shown. Similarly, you can switch to other Status updates and find out who has viewed them.

See Who views your WhatsApp status update

I think I will end the article here. All of this information should be good enough to get you started with the new WhatsApp status update feature.

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