How to broadcast messages in WhatsApp

WhatsApp is coming up with new features day by day. One of the feature of WhatsApp that already exist is to send messages to many of your contacts at once. So how can you send a message to multiple contacts in WhatsApp at once?. This feature is achieved by the broadcast messages option provided in WhatsApp. You will able to broadcast text messages as well as picture messages.

Send message to multiple contacts in WhatsApp

How it works?

As mentioned above, to send same message, photos, videos to multiple contacts in WhatsApp you have to use the broadcast messaging feature. First of all you have to create a list of Broadcast recipients. These recipients will be those whom you want to share the same message at once. When you send a message to the created broadcast list, it will automatically send to all the recipients in the Broadcast list.

Broadcast messages in WhatsApp

So how to broadcast messages in WhatsApp?. Simply follow the below steps to achieve broadcast messaging on WhatsApp in iPhone, Android and Windows phone.

Broadcast messages in WhatsApp iPhone

  1. For iPhone users, open WhatsApp.
  2. In chat screen at top  you will find broadcast list option, tap on it.
  3. Tap on “New list” to create a broadcast list. Type in the name of the recipients.
  4. After  adding the recipients to the broadcast list, tap on Create option. Now send messages to multiple contacts by just sending single message to broadcast list.

Broadcast messages in WhatsApp Android

  1. If you are an Android user, launch WhatsApp.
  2. Navigate to the chat screen->menu button
  3. You will see “new broadcast lists” option, tap on it.
  4. To add recipients to broadcast list, which will receive your messages. Tap on + icon or type the names of the recipient you want to add.
  5. Now tap Done and then Create. That’s it. Now send message to multiple contacts in Android WhatsApp.

Broadcast messages in WhatsApp Windows

  1. To use the broadcast feature in Windows Phone, you need to open WhatsApp.
  2. You can see 3 dots at the bottom which shows you various options, just drag it up and then tap on “broadcast lists”.
  3. It will ask for the broadcast list name, and the recipients whom you want to broadcast messages. You need to add atleast two recipients to create a broadcast list, otherwise it will not let you to create the  list.
  4. Once  the  broadcast list is created, open the broadcast list by again dragging up the 3 dots and tapping on “broadcast lists”. You will now be able to see the created broadcast list, just open it and share your messages with selected friends.

With broadcast messages feature, you will be able to send a message to several of your friends at once. And if your friends try to reply to that message, you will not see replies in the broadcast list but in private chats as a normal message. You can send a message to multiple contacts in WhatsApp only which are added in the broadcast list. You can create multiple broadcast list in WhatsApp.


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