Incredible Remote Mouse for Your PC

Confused after reading Remote Mouse? We won’t keep you under any further confusion with this new concept of Remote MouseRemote Mouse is an application for smartphones/tablets which converts your smartphone or tablet into wireless remote control for your computer. Remote Mouse App is available for AndroidWindows and iPhone/iPod.

Remote Mouse – Fabulous Concept 

Remote Mouse as the name of the app suggests acts as a wireless mouse for your PC. This magnificent concept of turning a smartphone/tablet into a remote control/mouse is fabulous not only because of a free application providing you with a wireless mouse but also there is no need to buy any additional hardware in order to have a wireless mouse or wireless keyboard for your computer as your smartphone or tablet will do that for you!

How to use Remote Mouse

To make your smartphone behave like a remote control for your PC follow the steps given below :

  • Visit App store from your smartphone/tablet.
  • Download Remote Mouse Application for your smartphone/tablet.
  •  After downloading the application on your smartphone/tablet you need to install Remote Mouse server on your PC. Visit this link in order to do so –
  • Download the Remote Server depending on the operating system your PC uses i.e. OS X or Windows.
  • Install downloaded Remote Mouse Server on your PC.
  • Connect your PC and Smartphone/Tablet to the same WiFi network.
  • Open the Remote Mouse App on your smartphone/Tablet. 
  • Your PC will be shown in the list. Select your PC
  • On selecting the application on your device connects to your PC 

There it is! You can now use your device as a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard for your PC.

Remote Mouse
Get full control on your PC with Remote Mouse

Few gestures you should know are single tap on your device screen will be treated as a left mouse click for your PC and double finger tap on your device screen will be treated as a right mouse click for your PC. Moreover, in order to use it as a wireless keyboard select Keyboard icon on top right of the app screen and use your Device keyboard to type in your PC.

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Apart from using your device as wireless mouse and keyboard you can also Adjust Volume / Shut Down / Sleep / Restart / Log Off on your PC.

A really impressive concept taken shape in form of an application for smartphones/tablets. Remote Mouse is surely one of the best apps when it is considered in terms of innovation and creativity. Don’t wait just rush to your App store and download one for yourself and free yourself from the worries of purchasing wireless mouse or keyboard.


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