How To Use Android Or iPhone As Mouse For PC, Mac

Has it ever happened that sometimes you wish to use your laptop or desktop sitting or lying comfortably on your bed? But it doesn’t go as planned as it is really uncomfortable to use the mouse, trackpad or keyboard unless you are sitting right in front of the PC. You can opt for Bluetooth wireless mouse but that will cost money. Well no more, you can easily do that by just turning your smartphone into a remote mouse with the help of third-party apps available for free.

Confused after reading Remote Mouse? We won’t keep you under any further confusion with this concept of Remote Mouse. These are the third-party apps for smartphones/tablets which convert your smartphone or tablet into a wireless remote control for your computer. We have mentioned two apps i.e. Remote Mouse and Unified Remote in this article that are available for Android, and iPhone. 

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Remote Mouse Apps For PC And Mac

This magnificent concept of turning a smartphone/tablet into a remote control/mouse is fabulous not only because of a free application providing you with a wireless mouse but also there is no need to buy any additional hardware in order to have a wireless mouse or wireless keyboard for your computer as your smartphone or tablet will do that for you! So, let’s get started.

1. Use Phone As A Mouse

The first application is Remote Mouse, as the name of the app suggests it acts as a wireless mouse for your PC. To make it work, follow the steps given below :

  • Head over to Play Store or App Store from your smartphone/tablet and download the app.
  • After downloading the application on your smartphone/tablet you need to install Remote Mouse server on your PC.
  • To do that visit their website and download the Remote Server depending on the operating system your PC uses i.e. Mac, Windows or Linux. And then install the downloaded Remote Mouse Server on your PC.
  • Next, connect your computer and smartphone/tablet to the same WiFi network.
  • After that, open the Remote Mouse App on your phone. Your PC name will be shown on the list. Tap on it.remote mouse app for pc
  • On selecting it, the app on your phone connects to your PC.
  • Now, a few guides will appear to teach you how the touch or gestures will work to use the touch on phone as mouse properly. Then a full screen for mouse tracking with left and right buttons at the bottom will be given for controls.

Use Android as a mouse for your PC

Moreover, you can use it as a wireless keyboard by selecting the Keyboard icon from the bottom tray. Not only the keyboard, but you can even access various dedicated keys like Windows, ctrl, alt, etc. from the app itself. Apart from using your device as a wireless mouse and keyboard, from that bottom tray, you can also select the options to Adjust Volume / Shut Down / Sleep / Restart / Log Off for your PC.

There it is! You can now use your device as a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard for your PC.

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2. Unified Remote App To Turn Your Android Or iPhone Into Mouse

PC remote is a tool that works the same, but the method to register is different. Unlike Remote mouse here you can connect the Android devices not only using Wi-Fi but also with Bluetooth connection. The server is only available for Windows PC but will connect with both Andoird and iOS smartphones. And to do so:

  • Download the app from App Store or Play Store on your respective devices.
  • Then open their official website to download the Server application on your PC or Mac. Once it’s downloaded install the server on your computer.
  • After this open the installed application on your smartphone and tap on the hamburger icon. Here at the top, you will see two options Remotes and Servers.Use phone as mouse - Unified remote
    • First, we select Servers. Now it will automatically show all the available servers. Select the one which is hosted by the PC you wish to connect. It also allows connecting via Bluetooth. Here we used Wi-Fi to connect with HP PC. After selecting the correct network, you are ready.Unified Remote - Servers
    •  Again tap on the hamburger icon and select Remote. (You can also see them on the main dashboard of the app in Power)

Once the server is connected you can use Basic Input as a mouse, File Manager to explore your PC files, Keyboard(on screen or mobile keyboard), Media controls like next, play, Volume up/down, mute, etc.

Unified Remote Android and iPhone

Furthermore, you can even turn the PC off, restart, sleep, etc. directly from the Unified Remote app. You can buy the full version to use additional features like Remote screen view, voice commands, etc.

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This is a really impressive concept which has taken shape in the form of apps for iPhone and Android phones. Remote Mouse is surely one of the best apps in terms of innovation and creativity. But in my preference, I will say Unified Remote is much better. Its responses are fast, more simplified and easy to be used. Don’t wait just rush to your app store and download one for yourself to always have a wireless mouse or keyboard with you.

That said, a real mouse has its own place and nothing can replace it really. These apps can come in handy in case of emergency but for regular use, we recommend an actual mouse. You can find the best vertical mouse here that you can buy.

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