How To Make A Chart In Google Sheets [Bar Graph, Pie Chart]

How To Make A Chart In Google Sheets

Adding a pie chart or bar graph to your content makes it more interesting and authoritative at the same time. However, most people still think that creating a graph is a tough task and needs some serious mathematics skills. On the contrary, creating graphs is very easy and anyone who knows how to use the … Read more

How To Lock Cells In Google Sheets

If you ever worked on a shared spreadsheet, then you may know how important it is to lock/ protect cells in it. When you share a spreadsheet with others without locking cells/ sheets, then they can mess up the data in the sheets knowingly or unknowingly. To prevent your spreadsheets from manipulation it is necessary … Read more

How To Change Case In Google Sheets

If you prefer Google Sheets over other spreadsheet programs for office or business related work then learning to change to the upper or lower case should be your first priority. That’s because the ability to change case will allow you to use Google Sheets to its fullest. As there are few formulas in Google Sheets … Read more