Choosing The Best Screen Recording App For iPhone: 4 Top Screen Recorders

Choosing The Best Screen Recording App For iPhone

I usually record my iPhone’s screen to make video tutorials. Guess what screen recorder I use! Most people will think of iPhone’s in-built screen recorder. But I don’t use the in-built iPhone screen recording app because of its limited features. There are many screen recorder apps available on the app store. I, too, was overwhelmed … Read more

How to Speed Up macOS Big Sur Upgrade And Make It Run Faster: Check These 7 Tips!

How to Speed Up macOS Big Sur Upgrade And Make It Run Faster: Check These 7 Tips!

Apple is known and appreciated because of its innovations. Each year in September, hundreds of thousands of Apple fans are waiting for the newest devices and operating systems to be launched.   As in the year 2020, Apple has presented its newest version of macOS called Big Sur. However, installed on older Macs, this OS can … Read more

How To Change Flashlight Brightness On iPhone Even Without 3D Touch

Adjust Flashlight Intensity on iPhone

With iOS 11, Apple completely revamped the Control Center on iPhone/iPad. It is now possible to customize the controls which means you can add or remove the options you would like to have in Control Center. As many of you might already know that using iPhone’s 3D touch on the controls you can access quick … Read more

How to Add or Delete Email Accounts on iOS 11 From Mail App

Add or Delete Email accounts on iOS 11 from mail app

iPhone became capable to do a lot more with iOS 11 amazing additions. However, apart from the significant features, like always, there are minor adjustments made to a few settings. Similar, to auto-brightness setting and Night Shift option in Control Center, adding or removing Mail accounts from the Mail app have been relocated in iOS … Read more

How to Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone or Mac

How to Turn Off Autocorrect on iPhone or Mac

Auto-correct is a handy feature to avoid spelling mistakes while writing text messages, iMessage, document, browsing on Safari and whatnot. But let’s face it that it is not so convenient as it seems when we are communicating or writing in our local language. The feature automatically converts the word into closest possible English word which … Read more

How to Install/Uninstall Apps from Messages on iPhone/iPad

Add/Remove Apps from Messages on iPhone/iPad

Messages App on iPhone was revamped big time with iOS 10. Features like handwritten messages, bubble and screen effects, secret messages using invisible ink and a lot more definitely revived Messages app. It made the iMessage experience fun and a lot more entertaining. Along with these excellent features, Messages app also got its own dedicated App … Read more