How to Convert Text to Speech on Mac (Updated for macOS Sierra)

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Text to Speech is a handy feature which allows the user to listen to the text instead of reading it. Similar to iOS devices you don’t need any additional software to make MacBook read anything out loud. Is macOS Sierra text to speech not working for you? Never mind. The location of turning it on has changed a bit in Sierra when compared to OS X Mavericks. But whether you are using Sierra or OS X we have got you covered in this tutorial to convert text to speech on Mac.

It happens often that it is not possible to look at your Mac screen but you are all ears. In such situations, text to speech can turn out be a life saver. So, let us go ahead and learn how to make it work.

Text to Speech on Mac [macOS Sierra]

If you are on the latest version of macOS then use the steps in this section otherwise you can skip to the next method in this article.

1. Click on Apple icon at the top left of the screen and select System Preferences…

2. In the window that opens click on Accessibility.

Make Mac Read out loud


3.  On the next window, select Speech from the left column.

4. Now, check the box that says “Speak selected text when the key is pressed“.

Text to Speech on MacBook

If you desire you can change the pace at which the text is spoken using the Speaking Rate slider above. You can change the key combination from the same window using Change Key button if desired.

That’s all there’s to it. Now, select the text you wish your MacBook to read out loud and press the key combination Option+Esc.

You can make Mac read Word documents, PDF, web pages and anything which is selected.

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Make Mac Read on OS X Mavericks

1. Go to System Preferences… by clicking on the Apple Menu.

2. Next, click on Dictation & Speech and select Text to Speech tab.

3. Finally, check the”Speak selected text when the key is pressed” box.

Rest of the settings remain the same as macOS Sierra mentioned above.

You can always disable text to speech from the same locations whenever desired.

We hope that you were able to make your Mac read out loud without installing any software. If you think that this feature will help your friends then do share this article on social media.

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