How to get Siri to read anything out loud

With iOS 8 Apple added a feature wherein Siri is able to read text messages, emails, notes, Web pages and iBooks out loud for you. The feature is quite useful when you are not in a mood to read then you can make use of this and listen instead of read. In this article, we will make you aware about how to get Siri to read anything out loud for you which will include how to get Siri to read Web pages, emojis, iBooks, email, notes and messages.

How to get Siri to read anything

In order to activate the feature of using Siri as a text to speech translator follow the steps given below :

  • Go to Settings > Tap on General
  • Under General select Accessibility
  • In Accessibility Tap on Speech
  • Under Speech Toggle Speak Selection option to ON
How to get Siri to read out
Speak Selection

On activating the Speak Selection feature you will get Speak option when you select text. Using Speak option will speak out the text you selected.

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How to get Siri to read Text Messages out loud

After turning on the Speak Selection feature head to your Messages app on your iPhone/iPad. Open the conversation of the contact whose text messages you desire to read. On selecting the conversation, long tap on the message you want Siri to read out for you. On long tap you will get an option for Speak. Select Speak. 

How to get Siri to read
Speak – To get Siri to read out text messages

This process will get Siri to read your Text Messages.

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How to get Siri to read Web pages

Once Speak Selection feature is activated open up the web page in your Safari browser. On opening the web page in your browser long tap on the content which you want Siri to translate from text to speech. Depending on what part you want to read select few lines or select full paragraph/page. Select Speak from the options available.

how to get siri to read
Speak to get Siri to read Web pages

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The procedure is similar as above for the following as well:

  • How to get Siri to read iBooks
  • How to get Siri to read Notes
  • How to get Siri to read Emojis – Emojis will be read out by Siri whenever they appear in content

Siri on iOS is made more powerful with this feature. We wish that you liked knowing about this feature of Siri reading out the selected text loud and how to enable it. Share your thoughts if you find it useful enough.


    • Hi Laura,

      You can achieve that by using Speak Screen setting under Settings> General >Accessibility > Speech > Speak Screen> On.
      After which you can swipe down with two fingers from top of screen when you have opened your Kindle book and you can hera the content on the screen.



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