How to open pdf file without pdf reader

You can have other multiple ways also to open pdf file like online pdf readers and software for opening pdf file but the simplest of all and the easiest way to view pdf file is unveiled here at TechUntold.

Eveyone uses pdf reader to open any pdf file, but what if you don’t have a pdf reader or has some issue opening pdf file with pdf reader. So the question comes how to open pdf file when pdf reader is not working. Here is a simple way how to open pdf file without pdf reader.

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You can view pdf file with the help of Google chrome browser. As Google chrome has already many features, one of the best feature is to open pdf file directly without any tricks. Google Chrome uses its own pdf reader called Chrome PDF Viewer to view any pdf file.

Steps to open pdf file without pdf reader

  • Go to the location of your pdf file and right click on it.
  • You will see the option Open with, just open it with Google chrome browser. You can also click on Open with-> Choose default programs… There you can look for Google Chrome browser inside other programs and then click on OK.
  • Thats it, you will see your pdf in Google chrome.


  • You can open your Google Chrome browser and then just drag and drop your pdf file. It will open automatically in Google Chrome.

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If your pdf file is not opening in Google Chrome

If you are having an issue opening pdf file in Chrome then you have to disable the Chrome PDF Viewer plugin and enable the Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader plug-in. It may also happen that your Chrome PDF Viewer might be disabled then you can first enable it and check the pdf file. If Chrome PDF Viewer is already enabled then you can enable Adobe reader plug-in as illustrated below.

Way to enable Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader plug-in

  • First of all in the Chrome address bar, type chrome://plugins.
  • Now look for Chrome PDF Viewer and click on disable to disable it.
  • Next, enable the Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader plug-in.
  • Close the Plug-ins tab and restart Chrome. Now try to open pdf file as mentioned above. This will open pdf file without pdf reader in Google chrome.

This is the simplest way to open pdf file without pdf reader. What you need is just a Google Chrome installed on your system to open pdf file.

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