How To Turn On/Off Type To Siri On iPhone/iPad

You don’t have to be loud in public places in order to speak to Siri on your iOS device. With iOS 11, Apple added the option to type to Siri so you don’t have to talk. The new possibility comes in handy when you are in a cafe, library or out traveling and you don’t want to disturb others while using Siri. In this tutorial, we share the simple steps to turn on/off type to Siri on iPhone or iPad.

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As for using type to Siri follow the method below.

Turn On Type To Siri On iPhone/iPad

1. Open Settings and select General.

iOS Accessibility Settings

2. Under General tap on Accessibility.

3. After that, select Siri.

Turn On/off Type to Siri on iOS 11

4. Finally, toggle Type to Siri switch to ON.

If you don’t want to hear Siri’s voice(recommended in public locations) then you should also select Control with Ring Switch in Voice Feedback section just below it.

Note: Before using Siri just make sure you have flipped the Ring/Silent switch to Silent. This will silent Siri’s audio feedback.

Now, when you start Siri you will see a keyboard pop-up with a text field. Simply type as you would normally type a message and tap on Done.

How to use Type to Siri on iPhone

Siri will then process your request as usual and show the result on the screen. You can continue the conversation by typing.

It is possible to disable type to Siri and switch back to traditional speaking method anytime later. Here’s how.

Turn Off Type To Siri On iOS 11

Settings > General > Accessibility > Siri > Toggle Type to Siri to Off.

So, this is how easy it is to use type to Siri on iOS 11. We hope that this feature will be of great use to you. Are you enjoying it? Have your say in the comments below.

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