How To Logout Of iMessage Using Two Ways And Why You May Want That

a person holding a phone

Are you planning to jump outside of Apple’s ecosystem and test another mobile platform, but you don’t have a clue about how to log out of iMessage on your Apple device? Are you being annoyed by the constant iMessage notification on your Apple device, but you don’t know how to turn it off? Don’t worry, … Read more

Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery Review: Quick And Easy Retrieval

Joyoshare iPhone Data Recovery Review

iPhone has been the very best for almost a decade now in mobile devices. Sure there are other vendors who have emerged as tough competition but still, no one has been able to really impact their roots. This is mainly because of various features they provide like security, innovative specifications, premium device look, and the … Read more

How To Increase iPhone Storage: 16 Simple And Easy Ways You Will Like!

How to Increase iPhone Storage

iPhone doesn’t have any expandable card slot which is sometimes a big problem for users who do not have an iPhone with a small storage capacity. Also, it’s a problem for those who are habitual of keeping loads of data and apps. In those cases, users have to move their data to the trash in … Read more

DearMob Review: Transfer Or Backup iPhone Files To Computer With Military Level Encryption

DearMob iPhone Manager

iTunes has always been a complicated and bloated software. Hence it is not a favorable choice for iOS users for managing the data on their iPhone/iPad. So far we have reviewed quite a lot of iTunes alternatives that work great. But one thing that every one of them is missing out on is encrypted backups … Read more

iPhone Mirror Selfie: How To Unflip Selfies On iPhone Using Four Fixes

Mirror or flip photos on iPhone

The front camera on your iPhone flips photos when you capture them. Much to your surprise, it actually unflips them. If you are wondering why it does so then you should continue reading this article. Here in this guide, we share why your iPhone camera flips the picture. You will also learn how you can take … Read more