How To Turn On/Off Auto Answer Calls On iPhone

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It happens a lot of times when you are not able to answer an incoming call because your hands are not free, unclean or you’re simply lazy. For such scenarios, Apple rolled out an option in iOS 11 and later by the name of Auto-Answer Calls that makes iPhone automatically answers phone calls. Sounds useful? Here in this tutorial, we share the steps to let you know how you can turn on/off auto-answer calls on iPhone. The process remains the same for all iPhone models including iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X and later.

Apart from cellular calls, this feature automatically answers FaceTime and WhatsApp Audio calls as well. So, once you enable auto-answer on iPhone, missing phone calls will be a thing of the past. Let us proceed with the procedure, then.

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Turn On/Off Auto Answer Calls On iPhone

1. Open Settings and select General. Under General, tap on Accessibility.

iOS Accessibility settings

2. After that select Call Audio Routing. In Call Audio Routing, tap on Auto-Answer Calls.

auto answer on iPhone

3. Now, toggle the Auto-Answer Calls switch to On.

Turn On Off Auto answer calls on iPhone

4. Here comes the best part. You can even select the time to wait until the phone call is automatically answered. It is possible to choose any time duration that is in the range of 0 seconds – 60 seconds by using the + and  – buttons on the same screen. Now, the next time you receive a phone call, iPhone will automatically pick up the call after the set time duration.

5. If you are someone who is looking to turn off auto-answer then you can also follow the same steps above but toggle the Auto-Answer Calls switch to OFF in step 2. This will disable the automatic answering of phone calls on the iPhone.

During the research of this article, I found that people are also interested to know about auto-answering calls for specific contact or number only. But unfortunately, there’s no particular option for that on the iPhone. However, after doing extensive research for hours, I found a workaround that uses the Auto-Answer Calls feature along with Do Not Disturb feature on iPhone to auto-answer specific calls.

Enable Auto Answer Calls For Specific Contacts

Important: Using this workaround, calls from other contacts or numbers will be blocked altogether by the Do Not Disturb feature. So, you won’t receive calls from them.

There are basically three parts of this trick. The first is turning on Auto-Answer calls (use the steps above), second is enabling Do Not Disturb feature on the iPhone and allowing only your Favourite contacts to call during this period. And the third and final one is listing the specific contacts as your Favourite contacts.

Allow Only Favourite Contacts To Call Using DND

  1. Open the phone Settings on your iPhone. Now under Settings tap on Do Not Disturb.

Do not disturb Settings

2. After that, tap on Allow Calls From to manually select whom you want to allow to call during the DND period. Tap on Favourites and close out of the settings menu.

Allow calls from favourites

With this, you will be allowed to receive calls on your iPhone from favorite contacts only. If you don’t know how to list any contact as your favorite contact then you can follow the steps given below to know how actually to do it.

List Favourite Contacts

1. Open the phone dialer app on the iPhone. Now tap on the Favorites tab at the bottom left corner. After that, tap on the plus icon to add a Favourite contact.

add favourite contacts

2. Search for the contact which you want to add in your favorite contacts list. Once found tap on it. Now, select Call to add this number as your favorite contact.

iPhone auto answer calls from specific number or contact

Similarly, you can list many contacts as your favorite contacts. With this, your iPhone is ready to auto-answer specific calls, just make sure the Auto Answer feature is enabled on your phone.

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The Auto Answer calls is a great feature offered by the iPhone to its users. It could have been even better if they could provide a feature to auto-answer specific calls as well. But anyhow you can still do that with the trick we have mentioned in this article. Just make sure you disable the DND feature when you are done with it. We hope that you were able to use the auto-answer on iPhone.

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