Everything you need to know about Do not Disturb Feature in iPhone

Do not Disturb feature was introduced in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 6 which was launched way back in September 2012. It is pretty useful and intelligent feature if one uses an iPhone for business use or professional purpose. However, the matter of the fact is many of us are not aware of what does Do Not Disturb feature do on iPhone and how to set it up. Here in this article we will share everything about iOS Do not Disturb feature – when/how is is it useful, how to configure it and how to use it.

Do Not Disturb Feature in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

The feature will work in a similar way for all three Apple Devices iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch respectively. Do Not Disturb Feature is useful in situations where you are in a business meeting, in a class or at the office doing some serious work and you do not want to get disturbed by notifications from your Apple device. Turning on Do Not Disturb feature will silence all the notifications like incoming calls, messages, alerts including reminders and notifications from other apps. Now you might think that this can be achieved by putting the phone to silent. However, there is more to Do Not Disturb feature which will be made clear as you read through the post.

Enable Do Not Disturb

  • Go to Settings App
  • Under Settings Tap on Do Not Disturb.
  • Toggle Manual button to On in Do Not Disturb
Do Not Disturb Feature in iPhone
Do Not Disturb Enabled

With this, you have turned on Do Not Disturb. Now the other options present under Do Not Disturb makes it much more useful and will clear your doubt regarding the difference between do not disturb and silent mode.

You can also use the Scheduled button to turn on Do Not Disturb Feature. Scheduled as the name suggests will allow you to schedule the time period in which you want Do Not Disturb Feature to be enabled, after which it will automatically be turned off.

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Benefits of Do Not Disturb

You will notice an option Allow Calls From under Do Not Disturb. This option allows you to select the group of contacts for which the incoming calls notifications and messages will still come even if Do Not Disturb mode is enabled. By default Favorites will be selected you can tap on Allow calls from and select the group you desire.

This is one the best parts of Do Not Disturb and comes in handy when you want your iPhone to ring for a particular contact/ contacts even if you have set your iPhone to silent (using Do Not Disturb)  as it might be important to you even when you are in a meeting or doing important work. This way you will get emergency notifications in iPhone and not get disturbed by unnecessary not so important notifications.

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Repeated Calls option is turned on by default when Do Not Disturb is activated. This feature of Do Not Disturb turns on the notification for a second incoming call from the same person if the second call is within three minutes. The option is included keeping in mind the practical scenarios as one may call you back to back only if there is an emergency and then you might want to attend the call no matter where you are busy. However, you may turn it OFF anytime if desired by toggling the Repeated Calls button.

There is another option under Do Not Disturb where you can choose when to silent notifications. The choices given are Always or Only When iPhone is locked. The choices are self-explanatory and by default Only When iPhone is locked option will be selected. You may change it according to your requirement.

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Note that iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch alarm will still work and go off even when Do Not Disturb is turned on. And this should not be a matter of complaining as if you have set an alarm to wake up and your iPhone is in silent mode, you still expect it to go off and that is the way alarms should work.

Hopefully, after reading this article you have cleared all your doubts related to Do Not Disturb Feature in iPhone. Use the comment box below if you have any confusion. Do you find this feature useful? Share your thoughts!


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