How to mute, block contact in iPhone

If you are irritated or disturbed by a contact in iPhone you can very well mute or block the contact as desired. You might come across situations where you are frequently distracted by people or iPhone contacts by their calls or messages then you can use the setting mentioned in this article to mute that contact/ contacts or even block them if need be. Based on your requirements you can either mute or block contact in iPhone.

Mute Contact in iPhone

In case you are annoyed by continuous messages from a particular contact/ contacts then you can very well mute that conversation and get rid of the disturbing notifications from that person. In order to mute an individual contact or multiple contacts follow the steps given below :

  • Open Messages App
  • Tap to open the conversation which you want to mute
  • Once you are in the conversation screen, select Details at top right corner of the screen
  • Under the Details screen toggle Do Not Disturb to On
Mute Contact iPhone

Mute Conversation

After you enable Do not Disturb for the conversation you won’t get the notifications of messages from that contact and all the messages will be silent from that contact.

You can note the moon icon before that contact in Messages app which signifies that Do Not Disturb is turned on for that conversation.

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 Kindly, note that even if you mute the conversation by using the setting above you will still receive calls from that contact. 

Block Contact in iPhone

In order to stop receiving calls, messages or Facetime from contacts or specific contacts follow the steps given below :

  • Open Phone app
  • Select the contact which you want to block
  • Contact details will be shown, under that Tap on Block this caller
  • Select Block Contact
Block Contact iPhone

Block Contact

With this the contact will be blocked and you won’t get any calls, messages and Facetime from that contact. Similarly, you can block other contacts if desired.

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In order to Unblock the contact at a later time you can select Unblock this caller which can be found at the same place.

Hopefully these two settings will help you out and prevent you from unecessary notifications and distraction. Share your thoughts about the feature of mute and blocking contacts in iPhone. 

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