How To Change Vibration On iPhone In iOS 10 For Particular Contact

After a long wait, finally, iOS 10 was released a week ago. It has added many brilliant features to the iPhone. On installing and exploring it a bit, I noticed a slight change to change vibration pattern for each contact when compared to iOS 9. That is what I will be highlighting in this article which will help you out to change vibration on iPhone in iOS 10 for particular contact. The procedure to change vibration for all contacts remains the same as in iOS 9.

Let us first have a quick look at how to change vibration for all contacts in iPhone.

Change Vibration In iOS 10

Here is a screenshot from an earlier article for iOS 9 to change vibration on iPhone. You can follow the same steps for iOS 10 as well.

Go to Settings > Select Sounds > Ringtone > Vibration.

Change Default vibration pattern on iPhone
Change Vibration pattern on iPhone

Select the desired vibration you want for incoming calls for all contacts.

Now, there is a minute change in iOS 10 to change vibration for each contact. Let’s have a look.

Change Vibration On iPhone In iOS 10 For Particular Contact

Screenshots are attached below in iOS 9 vs iOS 10 section.

1. Launch the Phone App and select Contacts Tab.

2. Select the contact for which you wish to change the vibration pattern on an incoming call.

3. Next screen shows the contact details, Select Edit at the top right corner.

4. This step has changed from iOS 9. Now there isn’t any separate field for Vibration in iOS 10. Select Ringtone.

iOS 9 vs iOS 10

iOS 9 

Differentiate between contacts from vibrations in iPhone
Set Different Vibration for each contact iPhone (iOS 9)

iOS 10

Change vibration on iPhone in iOS 10 for each contact
Change Vibration in iPhone for specific contact (iOS 10)

Notice there is no additional Vibration field in iOS 10 anymore. It is included under Ringtone itself.

5. Under Ringtone, tap on Vibration.

6. Select the desired vibration pattern and tap on Ringtone at the top left corner.

7. To save the changes select Done at the top right corner. Again select Done at the top right corner to save the changes on the Contact detail screen.

Now, the next call from that contact will have a vibration pattern you selected above.

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Setting different vibration for each contact is a useful way with which you can figure out the person from the vibration pattern itself when iPhone is on vibrate mode.

Do you use different vibration pattern for different contacts on your iPhone? How useful do you find this feature? I would love to hear from you. Share this article with your friends if it helped you out.


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