How to speed up your iPhone : Top 7 tips

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The article headline might sound weird to many as most of the users buy iPhone because of its swiftness and sharpness while usage. To be fair iPhone’s are known for that. However, to make it clear the article is mainly for users using iPhone 4s, iPhone 5/5c/5s running on iOS 8. iPhone 4s was released with iOS 5 and long gone are the days of iOS 5 but iPhone 4s is still sold by Apple and is compatible with iOS 8. Therefore, iPhone’s which came before iPhone 6 may face speed problems. However, if you are using iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 then it’s a shame if you are facing speed problems. Now,  that doesn’t mean that this article is not for iPhone 6 users by any stretch of imagination as you may want to speed up your iPhone a little more than what it is right now. Hence the article is for all iPhone users and gives top 7 tips which will help you to know how to speed up your iPhone

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How to Speed up your iPhone : Top 7 tips

Using the tips given below will make your slow iPhone to speed up instantly. Not much effort is needed for it and all the settings can be made without any difficulty.

Tip 1 : Turn off Spotlight Search

The feature is used to search contents in your iPhone by swiping down on Home Screen which brings up the search field. In order to speed up your iPhone a little bit turn it off  by going to Settings. Under Settings select General. Tap on Spotlight Search under General and deselect all the search results.

How to speed up your iPhone
All Search Results Deselected – Spotlight Search


This way Spotlight Search is turned off.

Tip 2 : Clear up Space

Your iPhone running out of storage memory might be one of the reasons of your slow iPhone. It is better to take backup and delete Music, Photos, videos and unused/unnecessary iPhone apps. Moreover, you can enable the setting mentioned in our earlier article which will Automatically delete messages after a particular time limit and save Space.

Clearing up space will definitely make your iPhone lighter and will make it fast.

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Tip 3 : Turn off Perspective Zoom

Perspective Zoom is a feature where the wallpaper is magnified in order to give it space to move around when the iPhone is tilted. This feature can be found while setting a wallpaper. Go to Settings then select Wallpaper. Under Wallpaper tap on Choose New Wallpaper. Select any Wallpaper and tap on Perspective Zoom to turn it to OFF as shown in the image below.

How to speed up your iPhone
Turn OFF Perspective Zoom

Tip 4 : Turn On Reduce Motion

This is the most recommended setting to be made if your facing serious speed problems. Turning On Reduce Motion will reduce the motion of user interface including the parallax effect of icons and alerts. In order to turn it off go to Settings and select General. Under General tap on Accessibility. Select Reduce Motion under Accessibility and toggle the Reduce Motion button to ON.

Note : If Reduce Motion is Turned On then Perspective Zoom is turned OFF automatically.

After turning this feature you will instantly observe the difference when going back to Home Screen. Your iPhone will be faster than before.

Tip 5 : Turn OFF a few services

The below services might not be used by you all the time so it is better to turn them OFF.

  • Turn OFF Bluetooth – Settings > Bluetooth > Toggle Bluetooth to OFF . Alternatively, you can also use Control Center to turn it off.
  • Turn OFF Location Services – Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Toggle Location Services to OFF.
  • Turn OFF Background App Refresh – Settings > General >Background App Refresh > Toggle it to OFF.

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Tip 6 : Turn ON Reduce Transparency

Turning ON Reduce Transparency will remove the fading effect(colors from background are shown in faded pattern) from control center, notification bar, Assistive Touch Menu, call screen etc. In order to turn ON Reduce Transparency go to Settings and select General. Under General select Accessibility. Tap on Increase Contrast under Accessibility. Toggle Reduce Transparency to ON under Increase contrast. The change after turning ON Reduce Transparency is shown in image below. 

How to speed up your iPhone
Reduce Transparency OFF Vs Reduce Transparency ON

This might help to speed up your iPhone.

Tip 7 : Upgrade to the latest version of iOS 8 i.e. iOS 8.3 as of May 26th,2015. In order to update your iOS version go to Settings and select General. Under General select Software Update. It is highly recommended to use latest iOS version in order to speed up your iPhone.

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Additionally, on top of all this you can also clear Safari data by going to Settings and selecting Safari. Under Safari select Clear History and Website Data. This will clear up space and make your iPhone faster if it was because of Safari being heavily loaded with lot of website data.

After doing all these settings restart(turn off and turn it back on) your iPhone. Hopefully, this will do the trick for you!

We wish that these tips helped you to make your iPhone faster. Moreover, you now know how to speed up your iPhone. Let us know among these top 7 tips to make your iPhone speed up which settings worked for you the most in order to make it fast. Also, add to these tips if we missed something in the article. 

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  1. Hemant, please let me know if there is any Battery backup issues with iPhone 5, if we upgrade to iOS 8.3.

    • Hi Sharath, to be honest updating to iOS 8.3 or any latest version of iOS cannot be always the reason behind battery backup issues. It might very well be because of the device getting older.
      However, in some cases it may be due to an iOS update. In order to fix bad battery backup you can try a few things like turning off background app refresh, location services, iCloud KeyChain. Moreover, remove the apps which are consuming most of the power and are not used much. You should turn ON airplane mode when network coverage is not good. Restart after making all these settings.

      If you still get low battery back up as compared to iOS 8.2 then you may rollback your device to previous iOS version. You can do that by method given in the following article – How to Downgrade to iOS 8.2 from iOS 8.3
      I hope this helps.


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