5 Best CCleaner Alternative Apps for Android

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We all install and uninstall applications regularly. If you don’t do this, then you won’t necessarily land here looking for a cleaner app for Android. Due to the constant install/uninstalling actions, applications leave behind many footprints that affect the system performance by burning up the storage space. When we think about Android cleaning apps, CCleaner comes at the top. In any case, you don’t like using CCleaner, you have found a jackpot here. In this article, you are going to find some of the best CCleaner alternative apps for your Android mobile.

CCleaner Alternative Apps to Boost Android Device

I have used many cleaning apps right from my initial days of having an Android device. So, I chose the apps here according to my experience with them.

1) Clean Master

android apps like ccleaner -clean master

Clean Master is the most popular Android cleaning application in this entire list. Play Store says the app had been downloaded more than a 100 million times. And, the rating proclaims that Clean Master is a good-to-go app.

The Cheetah Mobiles (developers) brought an entire package in one name. When you run out of storage, you can run the Junk File Cleaner that eliminates all cache files and notifies you of the not-being-used data.

It detects the applications accounting for the majority of CPU usage and battery juice drainage. You can close them all to keep the best performance of your device.

The dedicated app manager available on the app interface allows you to eradicate all bloatware like a walk in the park. But their memory boost feature remains to be a controversial one. If it works for you, just stick to it. If not, move on and keep using other features.

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2) Startup Manager

apps to clean and boost android phone -startup manager

Have you ever installed software on Windows computers? At the end of most of the installations, the wizard shows a checkbox asking you whether or not you want the application to start with the computer. The applications starting with the computer is called startup programs.

You might not know it, but Android also support startup programs, which may be the reason for your device’s slow booting. Not every cleaning application allows you to remove the process that starts as your device boots up. Startup Manager is an exclusive app for this purpose.

You don’t necessarily need a rooted device to get this app to work. Just install it and select the one (both system apps and third-party items available) you want to remove. And, the removal only takes a single tap.

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3) DU Speed Booster

similar apps like ccleaner - du speed booster

In case you don’t like Clean Master as a CCleaner alternative and you still want an all-in-one solution, DU Speed Booster comes handy for your device. It ships with almost all the features Clean Master has and doesn’t take much time for you to get the hang of it.

We are not sure about how the memory booster turns out for you. But the junk file cleaner is an excellent feature on the application to get rid of the footprints the un-installations leave behind. And, the app manager helps you delete redundant APKs, transfer applications, and remove the unnecessary ones that eat up a lot of internal storage.

Along with the cleaning capabilities, DU Speed Booster has an awesome app lock to help you protect all your applications from external intervening.

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4) 360 Security

best ccleaner alternative apps- 360 security

Do you want a combination of security and performance optimization? Then, 360 Security is the best application for you as it is a strong antivirus and includes some astonishing cleaning features.

The junk file cleaner scans the entire file system for app caches, big files, irrelevant data that sucks up a lot of space and more to free space. It will display the list of detected items, from which you can choose the unnecessary ones to delete.

360 Security has many other features including the real-time protection that prevents your phone from having malicious applications running in the background. The automatic cleanup triggering helps you save battery juice. Just like DU Speed Booster, you can lock applications with custom patterns or passwords, and the app even offers an anti-theft solution.

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5) Avast Cleanup & Boost

apps like ccleaner in android- avast cleanup

The last app in the CCleaner Alternative Apps list is Avast Cleanup & Boost. You might have heard of Avast already as they have one of the most popular antiviruses for Windows operating system. Here, the Android cleanup application from them doesn’t offer any overwhelming options, just the required ones.

You can easily clear caches and junk files with the app. Moreover, it triggers automatic cleaning processes once you set the option so that the cleaning never bothers you.

There is a cleaning adviser that briefly presents the type of files eating up your storage. You can then manually choose files to delete.

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You have got five different alternatives to CCleaner for your Android device. In case you fail to decide between them, you can start manual split-testing. Just use an application for a week and move on to the next one. In only five weeks, you will have the winner and you can keep on using it forever.

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