7 Best Android App Killers To Boost Device Performance

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Has it ever happened that your smartphone starts giving trouble? You are not able to use it as it does not respond in time and the battery drains faster than the usual. This could be due to the apps that run on the background. You can use app killers to eliminate or close such kind of activity.

We present best Android app killers that you can use to clear some storage on RAM and cool down your device for better functionality.

1. Advance Task Manager

Advanced Task Manager - App killer

The Advance Task Manager can show you the list of all the apps and games that are running in the background. You can select which of them you want to kill. This app will monitor the usage of your CPU and then discover the apps that may be lagging.

Apart from this, it allows creating Ignore lists for those apps which you do not want to include while killing. There is also an option for setting Auto kill with a few different settings. You can select to kill the apps while the screen turns off. It also allows the settings to kill the apps at regular intervals as per your choice.

Download Advanced Task Manager

2. Smart Task Killer

Smart Task KillerSmart Task Killer is the smallest app that you can have to kill apps your device. It will show you the speed of your phone and the space used by the running apps graphically. You can tap the Optimize button to kill all the background activity and apps to save working space.

It also allows selecting the apps that should be killed or not as per your choices. This app has Auto-kill feature to dismiss all the background activity whenever it senses it is necessary. This will help in improving battery life of your Android phone. In addition to that, you will also be able to see the history of all your previous tasks that are optimized.

Download Smart Task Killer

3. GO Cleaner & Task Manager

GO Cleaner & TaskManager

This is one of the best android task manager CPU app that will keep your phone clean and kill the unwanted apps. It will let you kill the apps which may be running in the background and causing more load on the device. You can clear all of them with just one tap through this app. The settings of this app have two parts Basic and Advanced.

In the Basic, you can add those apps to the whitelist which you don’t want to be monitored while scanning. Here you can also set auto killing options just like Advanced Task Master. The Advance option will allow you to set the level of the apps that will be killed, system or user apps. In addition to that There are also tools that will let you manage Internal and External files on the device.

Download GO Cleaner & Task Manager

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4. Clean My Android

Clean My Android

Clean My Android will boost your phone and cool down the CPU for making it run super smooth in just one tap. For clearing junk files it scans and deletes the temporary files from the device that are of no use. You can also search for large files to clear up some more space.

The app clears the background apps to boost phone performance. It allows adding the apps to the Ignore list which will not be monitored. Apart from this, it will also show you the status regarding the usage of your device on the notification panel.

Download Clean My Android

5. Greenify


Greenify is a very user-friendly and versatile app as it is optimized to work with all the rooted and non-rooted devices. Once you open the app, you have to tap on the Plus icon at the bottom. Then Greenify will show you all the apps that are working in the background.

You can then select those and all the other apps that you want to hibernate. After that you can put these apps to sleep with just one tap on the bottom sleeping icon. It also allows setting and customizing different times and methods to trigger hibernating the unnecessary apps.

Download Greenify

6. ShutApp

ShutApp - androdi app killers

This one of the easiest app that you can use to manage your devices apps and background activity. You just have to scroll through the list of apps and mark the toggle for those whom you want to kill. It also allows selecting the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Sync settings from the app if necessary.

Apart from that, it also helps in hibernating the CPU usage after the device is locked. Once you have selected all these settings as per your desire, you can tap on OFF. It will then turn all your settings on and apply them whenever your device is locked.

Download ShutApp

7. CCleaner


Ccleaner will show you the status of your device storage and RAM usage. In this app, you can use the Booster feature to see the apps that are running in the background. You can tap on the app to have more detailed info about its usage. It allows marking only those app that you want to kill. Once you are done selecting, this app will then put all those selected apps to sleep.

Download CCleaner

Best Android App Killers To Have On Your Phone

For all these apps to work you may have to grant permissions so they can access the usage of the device and app data. All the apps in the list fulfill their requirements. According to my opinion, the best app from the list is GO cleaner, ShutApp, and CCleaner. They all are easy to use and won’t take much space on your device.

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Hitesh Sharma is a tech enthusiast who is always happy to learn and present new things regarding the social and online world. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? Likes to explore new things and places, and always ready to share his part of the knowledge.

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