Top 5 File Manager App for iOS

Here’s a list of 5 Best iOS File Manager App which you must have on your iPhone/iPad. Free File manager for iPhone which can help you organize data on your iOS device.

Best File Manager for iPhone/iPad/iOS

When you first got your iOS device, you obviously didn’t have too many files to worry about. But, time passes and before you know it, you have so many files, you don’t know what to do with them. You try to manage them on your own, but you end up wasting more time than you’d like.

It’s time to get your iPhone/iPad a file manager and fast. The idea of a file manager may have crossed your mind, but with so many options out there, which one should you try? The following are five great file manager for iPhone that I think you’re going to like.

Best iOS File Manager App

1. FileMaster

With FileMaster, you will have your files completely under control. You can have your content perfectly organized in its respective folder, for easy access later.

The Best File Managers for iOS

There is also an option to fix forgotten passwords,  Multi-Select, Import Photos, Transfer task and you can even transfer your files from your iPad/iPhone to your Mac or PC. If you head on over to Settings, you can also give the app a password, Hide/Unhide Files, Show video subtitles.

You can also use it to download music files on iPhone/iPad and even send music files through WhatsApp on iPhone.

 2. Document 5

Another use files manager for iOS is Document 5. This is an app with a very beautiful design and useful features as well. This multi-tasking app is for both consumers and business people alike. With this app, you can annotate and read PDF files, and you can sync your files with services such as Dropbox or iCloud.

iOS File Manager App Document 5

Did you want to save TechUntold to read later? By tapping on the Browser option, you can save your favorite web pages so you can read them when you have some more time on your hands. Just like the previous app, with this one you can also protect your files with a password.

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3. File n Folders

Files n Folders is also free to download and one the best file managers for iOS. You can transfer files and folders, and easily transfer videos/photos as well. The app also lets you upload video and pictures from your PC or Mac, a good idea since having an extra backup is always a good idea.

Best File Manager App for iPhone/iOS

File n Folders can open all kinds of files such as PDF, MS Office, Zips, HTML, and more. This file manager also comes with media functions such as audio/video playlist with auto loop and photos slideshow. There is also a desktop app you can add to your computer, so both iOS devices can easily transfer files.

4. iFiles

iFiles is another file manager you can trust. Besides having all the essential features for a file manager, it also comes with a voice recorder. This way you can save time by not having to type everything out.

iFiles - The best File Manager for iPhone/iPad

To see the files operations, you just have to long-press on any file, it’s that easy. You can also customize your files by either renaming it, change the icon or the color label. It supports all kinds of files formats such as iWorks, Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, RTF and more.

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5. File Manager (Free)

Last but not least we have the File Manager Free. With this app, you get some great features free of charge. Theis files manager can also support iWorks documents, Microsoft Office and also has a music player for you to enjoy. I can’t forget about the built-in search and the possibility of sorting your files according to size, type, date, and name.

File Manager Free

If these features don’t convince, how about sharing by Bluetooth, Email, Facebook, Zip and extract files, and being able to open your documents in your favorite apps. You can also sync with cloud services such as OnDrive, DropBox and more. Oh yeah, there’s more, the app also supports iTunes USB sharing and you can use it on either your iPhone or iPad.


There are various file manager for iOS out there, but you will do just fine with the ones on this list. You will finally have all your documents organized and be able to do various things with its, depending on the app you choose to go with.

A file manager on any device is always helpful and all you have to do is choose which of the five to go with. Which one do you think you are going to choose? Let me know in the comments.


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