Twitter Alternative: 4 Best Microblogging Sites

Twitter Alternative Sites

Micro-blogging has become a part of almost every tech user’s life. Since there is a lot of information only a click away, there is a lot to say. Twitter is the most popular micro-blogging site out there, but that doesn’t mean that everyone wants to use the app. The Twitter alternative websites you can choose … Read more

Learn How To Clear Browsing History On Android In Two Easy Ways

Do you want to know how to clear browsing data on your Android device? Whether you’re using the phone’s built-in browser or another one, such as Chrome, you can clear your browsing history quickly and easily. We’ve put together an easy guide to help you learn how to clear browsing data on your Android phone … Read more

7 Best YouTube Ad Blocker For Smartphones

Best YouTube Ad Blocker apps for Android and iOS

Ads try to show you things that you might be interested in buying. There are times when they actually show you something you want but that rarely happens. Ads are everywhere, even on YouTube. That can be annoying since all you want to do is watch your favorite videos and not ads. The good news … Read more

Groove Music vs Spotify: Who Wins?

Groove Music vs Spotify

If you love listening to music, then there’s a good chance that you’ve already signed up to a music streaming service. But, could you be missing out? Groove Music or Spotify could have the features you’re looking for in a music streaming service and you’re not aware of it. Keep reading to discover how these … Read more

7 Of The Best Color Matching Apps For Android and iPhone: Find Your Color!

Best Color Matching apps for Android and iPhone

If you’re remodeling or just repainting your home, sooner or later you’ll need to paint. You already have a color in mind, but there is only one problem; you don’t know the name of the color. All you know that it’s a blue-ish red-ish color, but you know you can’t go to the store with … Read more

6 Of The Best Cooling Apps To Prevent Overheating Of Your Android Phone

best cooling apps for android phones - features

There are various reasons why your Android device might overheat. You might have apps that take up a lot of your phone’s resources or it could be just summer heat. Whatever the reason might be, what’s important is that you cool down your Android device as soon as possible. The following apps will help lower … Read more

10 Best Samsung Smart TV Apps You Must Try

best samsung smart tv apps - features

One of many things you can do with a Smart TVs is enjoy the extensive list of apps that are there to entertain us. You can choose from apps that let you watch series, play games, watch videos and more. Keep reading, and you’ll discover the apps that everyone is using and that you’re missing … Read more

Signal Vs WhatsApp: Privacy or Popularity? Choose For Yourself

Signal vs WhatsApp

When choosing what instant messaging app to go with it’s important to know how safe your messages are. Another must is that the app has the feature you like and can also have some fun with. No wonder WhatsApp is so popular since it offers a vast variety of great features. Signal, on the other … Read more

[Infographic]10 Tips To Boost Android Battery Life

Make Android Phone's Battery Last Longer

Your phone’s battery, unfortunately, doesn’t last as much as you would like it. Whether your phone’s battery lasts longer than someone else’s is going to depend on what you do with your phone. If you play HD games on your smartphone most of the time, you’re lucky if you can get through half a day. … Read more