Signal Vs WhatsApp: Privacy or Popularity? Choose For Yourself

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When choosing what instant messaging app to go with it’s important to know how safe your messages are.

Another must is that the app has the feature you like and can also have some fun with. No wonder WhatsApp is so popular since it offers a vast variety of great features.

Signal, on the other hand, may not have all the features WhatsApp has but it is more secure. Signal is open-source, routinely audited, and an app that is always up to date security-wise.

How do these two apps compare?

Let’s take a look at Signal vs WhatsApp comparison to find out which one is better for you.

Signal vs WhatsApp: Comparison


WhatsApp features, pros and cons

I think you would agree that WhatsApp doesn’t need an introduction. After all, it is the most popular messaging app out there, despite it being owned by Facebook. It has more than 1 billion users and it hired the same company to create its end-to-end, Open Whisper Systems.

The features that you can enjoy on WhatsApp include:

  • Gifs
  • Voice calls
  • Video calls
  • Send your location
  • Send read receipts
  • See type indicators
  • Mute Conversations
  • Set notifications
  • Block contacts
  • Integrates with Siri on iOS
  • Broadcast lists
  • Create groups
  • Add wallpapers
  • Desktop app


  • Popular
  • More features than Signal
  • Great with security
  • Multimedia support
  • Add Chat shortcut
  • Email chat


  • Doesn’t have a great desktop app
  • Shares information with Facebook for ad targeting
  • You can’t see another user’s read receipts or status if yours isn’t on.
  • It is not possible to send large files
  • can be hacked (read more about one of the spy apps that can track WhatsApp in this post)

You can have a look at this detailed list of WhatsApp advantages and disadvantages.


Signal App Features Pros and Cons

Signal is the underdog of the two. Many may not have heard or of or only have an idea of what it can do. Unlike WhatsApp that started out as a messaging app, Signal started out as a security app. This messaging app doesn’t have nearly as many features as WhatsApp, but give it some time. It will catch up.

The features that you can enjoy with Signal are:

  • Voice calls
  • Group chats
  • Multimedia support
  • Gifs
  • Send your location
  • You can create messages that self-destruct
  • Has a desktop app better than WhatsApp
  • Emoji support
  • Encrypted chats
  • Doesn’t store user data
  • Attach files
  • Send voice clips
  • Share pictures
  • Verify sessions with safety numbers


  • Great app for privacy
  • Doesn’t keep user data
  • Has basic instant messaging app features


  • Doesn’t have as many features as WhatsApp
  • Signal has a lot fewer users
  • Its design is not as attractive as WhatsApp’s

So What Do You Choose: WhatsApp or Signal?

The instant messaging app that’s best for you is going to depend on your needs and likes. If most of your friends are on WhatsApp, then there’s a good chance that you’re going to end up using that app anyway. If you feel that you can’t live without all the features WhatsApp has to offer, then you know what app you should go for.

As long as you can use the basic features of an instant messaging app, you should be OK. If that’s all you care about then Signal is a good choice for you. Hopefully, you can convince the friends you have on WhatsApp to also use Signal or trade it in as their default messaging app.


No one can tell you what instant messaging app you should use. Since everyone’s needs are different all you can do is read up on what each app offers. Then you can decide which app to go with. Which app do you think is best overall? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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