10 Best Chatting Apps

Have you ever wondered how it would have been to survive without social networking in the long back era of our grandparents? Leave it ! just tell me, can you imagine your own life without connectivity with one another? No , right? And the reason is we have become way lazy to go and invite a friend for a party – a simple free online text message and done. Hmm, I am talking about smartphones and its messaging apps. Most of the chatting Apps being free in the market are therefore making great business and some of  them are used massively. These chatting apps have different features, notification graphics, customization and so on. Among those, I am going to take you to a tour of 10 best smartphone chatting apps.

10 Best Chatting Apps


whatsappWhatsApp is the most used chatting app used nowadays. It is free initially and is supported in iOS, Android, Windows, Nokia, and Blackberry. The most surprising thing happened was that WhatsApp  had almost beaten Facebook but then Mark Zuckerberg bought WatsApp for $19 billion. WhatsApp is having a  simple and attractive interface with calling feature added these days. Supports group chat, sending audio, video and images  is matter of seconds. And as it is supported in almost all the smartphones, it is the most used chatting app.


WeChatWe chat is a free chat app. Android, iOS and Windows support this app and according to BBC news around 250 million users use WeChat. You can add contacts using QR code through this app, can enjoy group chats and even chat in  Chinese language which is a special added feature to this app unlike other chatting apps.


Facebook Messenger

Facebook MessengerNow who is going  to open a browser to logging into Facebook, updating that browser? There are slow loading issues and all. In that case, Facebook provides you Facebook for free and which is supported in iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. You can chat with your Facebook friends  with whom you don’t want to share your numbers. Even this app contains feature in addition with video calling feature as well.


Telegram Messenger

Telegram messengerAre you a privacy freak? Then certainly you should use Telegram Messenger for messaging – its free and  private. Chat in encrypted form with this app and enjoy secure conversations avoiding hackers or government snoopers. Interesting , isn’t it ?


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bbmAnother chatting app available for Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry devices is BBM. Here you just only share your unique BBM pin instead of your personal information and connect to the other person through his BBM pin. So there is no need to share all the personal data and information for chatting and connectivity through this app.


Hike Messenger

hikeWell now comes Hike. Its free and almost contains all the features included in WhatsApp but then it has got some funny and entertaining features added to it as well. Like stickers of all the Indian languages – stickers containing local languages used by us, students on a daily basis – and this is what makes it different. You can send pdf, docs, gif and other files up to 100 MB in hike. Group chats, voice calls can  also be enjoyed. And you may talk to a robot named Natasha when you are bored i.e. even some sort of Artificial Intelligence is included in this app. And the most beneficial thing is, the more you use hike the more you get free SMS which you can use for the people offline to send messages.


slackWell how many of you have heard of this  chatting app? I can bet some of you have not and so here I am to let you know that slack was initially a free chatting app but then it became a paid app. Once  an app becomes paid, its usability decreases as users automatically get attracted to the free apps which have more or less the same features. Slack is compatible with iOS, Android and Mac desktop. Its having a brilliant interface, you can send all sort of files through it like gifs, pdfs, docs, video, audio and all.

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kikKik is a free app and is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phone. Kik is actually famous in Syria and Iraq. It does not need your phone number to use this app as it is optional, you may just sign up using a username and password and enjoy all the chatting features like sending images, audio, video, group chats, stickers etc. Interesting thing is, this app has its own browser.


Google Hangouts

Google hangoutNow it is something sort of  a professional kind of app to stay in touch with your colleagues during the office hours even if you don’t have his or her number. Even this app consists of stickers, pictures, location setting and voice/video conferencing as well. So, use this app if you want to have a professional video conferencing with your colleagues.




lineLine is a free app, iOS, Anrdoid and Windows devices support this app and is developed in Japan. Though WhatsApp is more used but Line offers even more features and many of the renowned celebrities have their Line  accounts like Tyalor  swift ! yeah , actually it allows you voice calls over the internet and messaging with a minimum fare but the main thing which makes it standing apart is that it has inbuilt features like users can be added to another just using QR code or shaking their phones.

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Hope you liked the article on best chatting apps. If you have your own experience with some other chatting apps, you can share with us.


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