How to send Large files on WhatsApp upto 1 GB in Android

Are you irritated of the WhatsApp maximum file size sharing limit of 16 MB? If so then this article will let you know about how to send large files on WhatsApp upto 1 GB and you don’t have to bother about 16 MB maximum file size limit.

To share a large file in WhatsApp an App by the name of WhatsTools is launched which allows user to send huge files which can be video, audio, PDF and many more. To use this App you should be on Android version 4.1 or higher.

Send Large Files on WhatsApp using WhatsTools

To get started download the app WhatsTools from Play Store or from the following link – Download WhatsTools App

Once download completes install the app on your android smartphone. After installation follow the steps given below :

  • Swipe towards left 5 times to get the Get Started option. Select Get Started
send larger files on WhatsApp
Getting Started – WhatsTools
  • Tap on Turn On Service and Select Ok, Continue
sending Huge files on WhatsApp
Turn On Service – WhatsTools
  • Accessibility Settings will open up. Select WhatsTools Service and Toggle it to ON.
  • In the next step you have to connect to Google Drive. Select Click Here to Sign In
Send large video files on WhatsApp
Connect with Google drive – WhatsTools
  • Select your Google Account and Allow access to WhatsTools
  • Tap on + to get the option to select the Type of file you want to share. For example, select Video
Share a large file on WhatsApp
Choose File Type to Share
  • All the videos in your smartphone will be shown. Select the video file you want to send on WhatsApp
  • Tap on Share button and Select WhatsApp on the next Menu
Send Large Files on WhatsApp
Select WhatsApp – Send Larger size file on WhatsApp
  • Select the WhatsApp contact you want to share the file with and tap on Send
  • Download link of the video file will be sent to the desired contact. File can be downloaded on the recipient device once it is successfully uploaded from senders end.

Note : Using WhatsTools you can also send larger files on Facebook Messenger, Hike, Gmail, Line and many more messaging apps.

We wish that WhatsTools app fulfilled your desire to send large size files on WhatsApp in Android. Share your thoughts and queries if any in comments section below.



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