How To Compress PDF Files To Reduce Size Using Three Methods

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Reducing the size of any kind of files always helps in saving a bit of data and making space for other files.

Talking about PDFs, you can also optimize them by compressing any of the existing ones. This will reduce the size of the file without losing any data in it or having to create another PDF file.

Earlier Adobe Acrobat used to compress the PDF files, but now for that option, you need to buy their premium plans.

That said, you can easily compress PDF files for FREE and send them in emails or other online platforms saving you data and time both. it is especially useful if you need to combine multiple JPGs into a single PDF.

Here we have mentioned a few online methods which will let you compress PDF files in no time on Windows PC. You can even compress PDF files on Mac with just a few clicks using the second and the third method.

So let’s check them out.

Compress PDF Files Easily

There are various online tools and websites using which you can reduce any PDFs size.

Here we have used Soda PDF as it has both a PC application and a Chrome extension. Another online tool, PDF Resizer will let you not only compress but also resize the pages of the PDF file to reduce and optimize its size.

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Offline Via Soda PDF PC Application

1. You can visit the Soda PDF official website to download the desktop application. After downloading the setup, install it.

2. Now open any PDF file that you wish to compress using the Soda PDF application. Click File option at the top left corner of the toolbars.

Compress PDF files - Soda PDF Application

3. This will open the tool menu. From here select Compress option.

PDF compress - desktop application

4. After this, it will ask you to choose the quality of the PDF file. The files and images in the PDF will be resized as per the quality you select.

Compress PDF files - desktop application

5. After selecting the output quality, select Compress above these options. It will then show you the file size after it will be compressed, click Save.

save compressed PDF files

6. After this and it will ask you to choose the location where you will save the file. Choose any desired location and select Save. That’s it. You have successfully compressed PDF file and reduced its size.

PDF file compressor - Soda PDF

Online Via Soda PDF Chrome Extension

1. You can download and its Chrome extension by visiting this link.

soda pdf chrome extension

2. Now, click on its icon and select Click to open Services. This will load a new web page with various options. From here select COMPRESS PDF.

soda pdf compressing

3. Then it will ask you to browse and select the PDF file from the system that you want to compress. Click BROWSE and once you have selected the desired file, click on COMPRESS FILE.

Compress PDF file size - select file

4. After that, it will start compressing the file and show the progress bar for the same.

how to reduce PDF file size without losing quality- soda pdf

5. Once the compressing is finished and reaches 100% you can download the compressed PDF file and then use it as per the requirements.

Compress And Resize PDF Online With PDF Resizer

1. GO to PDF Resizer website on any web browser. It has various options, from there select Optimize PDF to compress PDF and Resize PDF to change the dimension of the files and paper of the PDF without losing its quality.

PDF resizer

2. In both the tabs you will have to select Choose file, search for the PDF file you want to compress or resize and then select Upload.

PDF optimizer and resizer

3. Now, under the Resize PDF option, you can change the resolution of the PDF and the size of its pages according to your requirements. Once satisfied then you can select Looks good, do the magic!

Rezide PDF files - compress PDF

This will implement the setting you change to the PDF file.

3. Under Optimize PDF once the file is uploaded, select Optimize PDF. This will compress the size of the PDF files.

optimize PDF files - how to comress pdf files

4. You can further use the resize or optimize option until you reach the desired file size that you require after compressing.

PDF resizer - compress PDF files

5. Once the PDF file is reduced to the required size, just click on Download to save the file to your PC and it’s done.

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Wrapping Up

Well, these are the simplest methods for compressing and resizing PDF files.

By compressing, it will be easy to share the files online with other users. You can also use these tools to convert the PDF to other file formats (for example, to BMP), merge or split them, and even more PDF customization options.

Do you know about any other methods? Do let us know in the comments down below.

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Hitesh Sharma is a tech enthusiast who is always happy to learn and present new things regarding the social and online world. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? Likes to explore new things and places, and always ready to share his part of the knowledge.

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