How To Play Google Dinosaur Game On Browser

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Have you ever noticed while browsing on Chrome, sometimes you experience internet connection issue and the webpage does not load? Instead, it shows the No Intenet or network error message and a dinosaur appears with the same. Did you ever think what that dinosaur is for? Well, what if we say it is a game. Most of the users may already know about the T-rex or the dinosaur game. But for those who are unaware of it, we are going to tell how can you play this game. Both without internet on Chrome or online on any browser.

Play T-Rex Or Google Dinosaur Game

Without Internet In Chrome

Google dinosaur game or trex game

Whenever you come across the page as shown in the image above just hit the space bar or up arrow and the game will start. Once it starts, you will see the dinosaur running and your scores at the top right of the screen. You can use spacebar to jump the T-Rex and try to run as far as you can to make a high score.

play dinosaur game

If you want to play this game and are unable to access the page as shown above, simply turn off the Wi-fi or any internet connection, open the Chrome browser and try to open any website. Then it will display No Internet message with the dinosaur and you can start playing the game as mentioned above.

Google dinosaur game on Smartphone chrome browser

This will only work on Chrome browsers, you can also use this method on Chrome browser for Smartphones and play this game on your device. On smartphones just tap on the dinosaur and the game will start, then you can tap anywhere on the screen to make the dinosaur jump.


Google dinosaur game online

You can also play Google Dinosaur game vial URL online without disconnecting from the internet. Just go to your browser and visit Trex-game.skipser. In this website, you can play the T-rex game just like the one on Chrome browser. This website can be accessed from any web browser and you can play this game easily, even on smartphones. Here you can also see the high score of the players who play this Google dinosaur game or T-Rex game online.

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Now play the dinosaur game on your PC or smartphones browser without any internet or online. Hope you enjoy making the T-rex jump and make as many high scores as possible.

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