Poll Animal Review: Reliable And User Friendly

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Creating surveys is the best way to get feedback for various kind of questions or queries. With surveys, you can get responses that will be beneficial for your work or any other purpose. As everything is online nowadays, you can create surveys and get responses for the same conveniently. Poll Animal is one of those online services that will help you create online surveys.

Online surveys are not only reliable but also beneficial. It takes less cost & time and on top of that, the responses are fast and easy to monitor. Not only this, but the online survey also lets you reach a huge number of respondents around the world where there is an internet connection. So, if you are looking for a reliable solution for creating a survey for your office, work, projects or any other tasks then check out Poll Animal review, which may be your next tool for creating surveys.

Poll Animal

poll animal review

As already discussed pollanimal.com will let you create surveys and get feedback for them in a convenient way. People tend to answer more honestly when they are alone or without the presence of an interviewer, and the survey is the best way to get that response as they are anonymous. There are other survey tools like SurveyMonkey, but it is costly as compared to Poll Animal and does not have any free account option that you will get on Poll Animal. There are other features which make Poll Animal more affordable and reliable than SurveyMonkey. Let’s find it out and have a look at what it has to offer.

How Does It Work?

poll animal dashboard

Using Poll Animal is quite easy. You just have to signup on their website and you are ready to create and take part in the surveys. Once logged in, the main dashboard will appear where you can create surveys, see them or navigate to other options like credit and account settings.

poll animal question forms

Here you can create surveys for any topic that you want to get the answers for. In a survey, you can add questions in various forms. Like single choice, multiple choice, dropdown, comment box, text box or matrix. You can even customize the question as per your preference. For. e.g. You can select whether to show the respondents the answers. Or even make some of the question to be answered compulsory.

poll animal URL link

All the answers related to your survey can be accessed and managed from the dashboard. You can either wait for other respondents to answer your survey, share the link of the created survey with your target audience.poll animal credits

The thing that sets Poll Animal apart from other survey creators is that if you want more reliable and fast results then you can promote or boost your surveys using credits. On signing up you will get 5 free credits. To earn more you can participate and answer other surveys or purchase the credits if needed.

Pricing And Plans

There are two plans under which you can sign up with Poll Animal. Basic, where you can create unlimited surveys, get unlimited answers, share your survey on social media, and get credits for answering other surveys. This plan is free of cost and provides more compared to SurveyMonkey basic plan which allows only 10 questions per survey.

poll animal pricing

Other is the Premium plan where you will get all the features of the basic plan. With the addition of promoting your survey and ability to filter respondents. This plan will cost you $0.2 per answer.

Who Can Benefit From This Survey Tool?

Poll Animal can be used to create surveys by students for their projects, studies or other things they want answers to. It can be used by school, universities, and teachers. They can ask questions regarding their academic performances and improvement suggestions for other things that might be helpful in bringing changes for better performance. Not only this, but it can also be used in businesses to get feedback from employees and other influential respondents that also completely anonymously.


  • Easy to create surveys
  • Pre-build question patterns
  • Earn credits by answering to surveys
  • Boosting or promoting the survey
  • Easy to see and manage responses
  • Best for targeted or known respondents


  • It may take time to get the answers from the public without credits

Wrapping Up

Poll Animal can be a really great tool for an online survey while spending a minimum amount(almost none). This site is reliable as you can boost the created survey to get more answers. Even earn credit by answering the surveys of other users. This can be best for students, or people who are making surveys for a particular group or know the audience as it allows sharing the URL link without any login requirements for the respondents.

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Hitesh Sharma is a tech enthusiast who is always happy to learn and present new things regarding the social and online world. Loves to eat and sleep, who does not? Likes to explore new things and places, and always ready to share his part of the knowledge.

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