9 Best Video Compressor Apps For Android And iOS

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Video sharing is in full force these days. With photo and GIF sharing also equally popular, video-sharing still has its own charm. Videos, for sure, offer us much more understandability and make our message way more articulate. But is there anything without a catch? Yes, we can surely capture some really stunning and captivating high-resolution videos on our phones, but that occupies a large space in the memory and often it is very inconvenient to share these bulky files. To tell you all, we really recommend you to take some third-party help while dealing with this issue. Here is a list of best video compressor apps which offer smooth video compression with the least loss in quality of the video. You can also use these apps to compress videos for WhatsApp.

List of Best Video Compressor Apps

1. VidCompact (9.5MB)


As soon as we open this app, it walked us through the brief tutorial on how to use its features. One more noteworthy feature is that it can compress multiple videos at a time using its “BATCH CONVERSION” option. Another unique feature is that we can set the resolution among the likes of 240P, 320P, 360P, 480P (we liked this one with 54 percent compression), and 640P.

The coolest thing about VidCompact is that you can choose the start time and end time of the original video and you will get the trimmed compressed video.

Also, the quality of the compressed video was pretty much decent and we truly think this is a fine app with many unique features which we didn’t find in many other apps.

Link: Android

2. Smart Video Compressor for iOS

Smart Video Compressor for iOS

iPhones have a good camera quality and with the great quality the size of the video file also becomes large. If you like to share these file it may use more data and time, but with this app you can shrink the size of the video and save storage on your devices. This app will allow you to compress videos into Low, Sharp and Medium output qualities.

Link: iOS

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3. Video Dieter 2 (2.2MB)

video dieter

The best part of this app is its file-size. Whats more annoying than a video-compressing app which is itself huge in size? With a size or mere 2.2MB, this is a light app which serves the purpose. From HD to 4K content, this app even supports photo-editing.

In their latest version (v2.5.5), they’ve even introduced a VIDEO-ROTATION feature. Apart from that, it also offers around 24 filters which really impressed us, given such small size of this app. You can also add slow motion effect to your videos. Video Dieter 2 also has options to decide the video quality: low, high and medium, which will fit your memory-management requirements too.

Owing to its mini size, there’s not much this app can offer, but still, if you are only interested in a stopgap workable solution, we think this is just average.

Link: Android

4. Video Compress (11MB)

video compress

We genuinely liked this one because of the smooth experience this app offers. With a great interface, this app really does stand out!

When we open the app, all the videos are slotted according to their sources like camera, WhatsApp, Shareit and every possible folder containing video. This makes it very easy and fast to share the desired video in case you don’t remember the exact location of the video. Moreover, the videos can be sorted according to their date, size, and name. Like almost every other app, this app too gives you three options: high, low and custom. But even after that, it gives you eleven options to choose the exact size of the trimmed video!

When the video was finally compressed, the result was amazingly good because the sound was still in synchronization with the shrunk video. You won’t be disappointed after installing this app for sure.

Link: Android

5. HD Video Compressor (22.74 MB)

hd video compressor

Reducing an HD video without compromising the quality can be pretty hard to achieve. This app claims to do that in the best way! The app also provides you with the option to record videos to compress them simultaneously.

The interface is quite simple and easy and all the videos are sorted in a clear manner. It gives you three options for the compressed video: High, VGA, and Low. We opted for VGA option since we found it new. This app seriously takes too much time. But since we were compressing a video shot in 4K quality, it can be overlooked. After compressing the video, the results were astonishing in terms of the huge dwindle in the size but the quality compromise was apparent.

This app literally reduced a 198.33MB sized video to just 1.30 MB. This is called super saving. But, the claim of the makers to retain the quality after compression definitely is not met.

Link: Android

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6. Video Compress- Reduce size, shrink videos & entire albums to save memory by space

video compress - reduce size

This is another free app available in the app store. It compresses single videos, multiple videos and even can compress entire albums to save some storage on your device. The quality of the compression can also be previewed. It is very simple to use this app and it is almost a no-brainer to use this app.

Link: iOS

7. Video Compressor by Sunshine (Sunny Burger)

video compress by sunshine

This app really compresses multiple videos at the same time. Moreover, it supports both HD and SD compression. Another worth mentioning feature of this app is that the videos after compression can be easily shared via Sunshine. Sunshine is a transfer tool to share your files with another device very easily. This is indeed a cool feature of this app.

Link: Android

8. Video.Guru

Video Editor For YouTube

With this app you can compress, cut trim and merge videos from your device. You can choose resolution as per the given options to compress and convert your video. It also improves the quality and supports up to 4K for your converted video. You can add filter, emojis, crop the size and change the speed of your video.

Link: Android

9. Video Convert Video Compress

Video Converter video compressor

Now change the frame size, height, frame per second and file format to reduce the size of your video files. You can select from the given file format and change the bit rate of the audio.

This will reduce the size of your video file as per your desired format and save some space on the device. The quality of the video will depend on the specifications you select while converting the video.

Link: Android

After going through the above list of apps, it should be pretty clear to you about the app which might fit you well.

We liked “VidCompact” in the Android apps and “Video Compressor- Reduce size to save storage” for the iPhone users. But, you can always try and have your own choice because we have picked up the best video compressor apps offering various features.

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