8 Best Live Microphone Apps That Work

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A microphone as a utility is very important these days. We use them regularly in our phones for calls, sending audio messages etc. For some people, using it is a medium of their profession like singers, sound engineers, vloggers, etc. and also for people who like to do karaoke. A real Microphone is necessary for professionals but for common people, it would be unnecessary to spend some bucks for a thing that they don’t need regularly. What if I told you that you can use your phone as a microphone? Yes, you can use your phone’s Microphone to replace the traditional microphone. Just download one of these live microphone apps and connect your phone to the speaker with an AUX or Bluetooth and voila! You’re good to go.

Best Live Microphone Apps

1. Live MicLive Mic app

This app supports live voice transmission or you can also record your voice and play later. It also supports an Echo Noise Cancellation. It is a nice add-on as it will prevent the echo feedback that we get during a certain surrounding condition. Another great addition to this app is the Eavesdrop mode. It lets you listen to the conversation of other people nearby. Using a Headphone is necessary for eavesdrop mode. It also has an Echo mode, which allows you to add an echo effect to your voice. The underneath bar lets you increase the echo effect if you would like.

Android: Download

2. Extra MicExtra Mic

Unlike Live mic, it does not let you record. You can only use it for transmission in a live session. The app has two bar Controllers. The volume bar works as an audio amplifier and the Fx bar allows you to control the echo. Keeping the fx bar in low will reduce echo while increasing it will get you more echo. This app can also run in the background and comes in handy for karaoke performances, outdoor parties, and presentations.

Android: Download

3. Microphone (by Wonder Grace)Microphone (by Wonder Grace)

This application is entirely for professionals usage. You get various controls for your live voice transmission. It provides you with an inbuilt amplifier, where you can range your sound from 0dB to 100dB. Another accessibility added to the app is you can control the channel of the sound, you get mono and a stereo channel. In stereo, you can also adjust the signals for both left and right speakers respectively.

A dedicated Equalizer is also added to the app, you can use the custom settings or simply add your preference. In the options which you can find in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, there are other extra controls like Sampling rate, In-channel, Out-channel, Tuner. You can turn them on and use if you have proper knowledge of sounds.

Android: Download

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4. Microphone LiveLive Microphone app

The best app among any other live microphone app on any platform. The time in between vocals and the speaker were instantaneous with almost no delays. The design element of the app is very simple. There are two options in the bottom. You can select the mic input, and choose either from the iPhone’s microphone or headset microphone. The other option lets you select the output channel that is whether you want to use iPhone’s speaker or external speakers.

iOS: Download

5. Microphone (by Gaz Davidson)Microphone (by Gaz Davidson)

Open the app, and just tap the mic button. It is easy and simple, does not have any other features. The audio quality from the speaker was great and didn’t have any distortion. All you have to do is just plug in your Aux cable to your speaker or an amplifier and your phone as a microphone is ready.

Android: Download

6. Bluetooth Loudspeakerbest microphone app - Bluetooth Loudspeaker

At the bottom, you will get the options to broadcast using a Bluetooth or a lineout connection and you can record as well. When you tap the black Mic button, the app will ask permission to connect to the Bluetooth device. Allow them, for confirmation you can see the black color of the mic will change to blue and you are good to go.

Now, you can use your phone to broadcast through a Bluetooth device. Tap the 3.5mm jack button to broadcast using a wired connection. The record does not work until you are broadcasting with either of the connection. Otherwise, it works just fine. There’s a  Playlist menu to access all the recordings that you took using this app.

Android: Download

7. iMiciMic

If you own an Apple TV, then this might be the best app for you to use the iPhone as a microphone. iMic only works with an Apple TV 4th Generation or any other newer version. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod but requires iOS 8.0 or above. You need to open the iMic app on both your devices. Just make sure they are connected to the same WiFi. Once you are connected you will get a slider button below the mic image. Slide up the button to activate and you can then speak into your mic.

This app comes in handy when you are having a video conference on your Apple TV and having your iPhone by your side. The connection between the devices is wireless and makes life hassle-free. The receiver can hear you loud and clear and you don’t have to make an unnecessary effort. The best thing about the app is you don’t need to spend any extra bucks on it, comes for free in the App Store.

iOS: Download

8. MicMic app

A wireless microphone app, it allows you to connect your phone to a Bluetooth speaker and replace the use of an actual mic. There were almost 0 delays in the voice and the sound from the speakers, it has a very good echo suppression.

It lets you adjust the volume of the mic. Moreover, it also has a dedicated recorder, select the (+) button. You also get the Recording list to access your recordings.

Android: Download

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These apps can be pretty handy when you are in a party, seminar or outdoor. It will reduce the cost associated with a real mic and sound system. Suppose you are having a video conference with officials or friends these apps will do a fine job as a microphone. Let us know about your experience with these apps and any other app that we missed in the comments section.

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