10 Best Ghost Hunting Apps You Can Use For Fun

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Ghosts, paranormal activities and all things related to hunting and researching about them are becoming an attraction to most of the people nowadays. There are various professionals in this field that use various kinds of techniques and tools to discover their presence. Just like a Ghostbuster, which I think everyone wants to try out for themselves once.

If you too are fond of uncovering the truth of paranormal activities and ghosts then you can start doing so using your smartphones. There are various kinds of ghost hunting apps with the help of which you can turn your device into a ghost hunting tool just for fun. Now we don’t encourage you to go out in the woods and start hunting for ghosts, but with these apps, you can scan your nearby activities.

Some of the apps will detect the magnetic field to provide the data for your surroundings while some will allow you to talk to the spirits and some filled with entertainment. So let’s have a look at the best apps that you can download for free on both Android and iPhone.

Disclaimer: We do not ensure the accuracy of these apps, nor that they can be used to sense intense paranormal activities. But these apps use sensors on the device that lets them sense spirit activities for fun.

Start Ghost Hunting With These Apps

1. Ghost Hunting Tools (Detector)

Ghost Hunting Tools(Detector) - best ghost hunting apps

Well using this app will let you scan the area and your surrounding with an EMF meter. As smartphones don’t have EMF meter, the app uses magnetic sensors and compass to get the readings. The app reads the radio signals and records any suspicious pattern that it might think is useful. Then it converts those signals, believed to be of the ghosts and spirits into words using their specific algorithm and can also be used as EVP analyzer.

It will show you the reading and also provide you with audio for radio and signal beep which you can disable if required with the buttons. All the found words are saved and can be checked from Word History. Apart from this, you can also change Modulator settings and even use this app in Energy saving mode. It also has a button with which you can take a screenshot from the app. This app is for entertainment purposes only and does not guarantee real results.

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2. Ghost Detector Radar Simulator

Ghost Detector Radar Simulator

Ghost Detector Radar Simulator will let you search for ghosts and communicate with them using the camera of your device. All you have to do is open the app and let it calibrate the device sensors. After that just point the device to different areas to search the ghosts. Once you find one then you can type any message and it will be transmitted to them.

Not only this, but it will also record their responses which will be shown to you at the screen where you typed the messages. You will get audio feedback for each option as you tap on them and you can also change the frequency settings. It allows customizing the background sounds, voice and also read scary stories from this app itself.

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3. Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector

Ghost Sensor - EM4 Detector

This simple ghost sensor app that scans your surroundings and then provides its data using a meter. It can be used to check for paranormal activities by determining where the meter responded the most. You will also get audio feedback anytime it senses high signals for such kind of activities. It also has red LED lights that will light up as per the strength of the signals.

The app uses its own algorithm to determine the paranormal signals and then convert them accordingly. Here you can also know whether the presence of the spirits is providing negative or positive effects from the Aura meter given in the app. For both the meters they have provided buttons with which you can turn them on or off.

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4. Ghostcom Ghost Communicator

best ghost hunting apps - Ghostcom Ghost Communicator

With this ghost hunting app for Android and iOS devices, you can communicate with the spirits and ghosts near you. As you open the app all you have to do is place the finger on the screen until the app directs to remove it. After a few seconds, it will say to remove the finger and then you will have to wait for a moment for the app to translate the reading into words. These words are the messages sent by spirits and ghosts that you receive using this app. Not much effective but a fun way to prank your friends and family.

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5. Ghost Radar Classic

Ghost Radar Classic

As the name of the app suggests, it is a classic ghosts radar tracker using which you can search for ghosts and other paranormal activities. This app will show a circular radar meter where you will be able to see the scanning of your surroundings. You will see clips or energy signals of various colors like Blue, Green, Yellow, and Red. Each color represents the strength of the signal from weakest to strongest. If you wish then you can also change the sensitivity of the app form Low, Medium or High as per your requirements.

Apart from this, it will also convert them into words and show them to you right above the radar. The app will even give the audio feedback for the words which you can listen as it finds them. The words may be of different colors which indicates the time when the word was recorded. For more details about the radar, you can refer to the help section of the app.

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6. Ghosts


Ghosts is an all in one hunting app inside which you will get various kinds of tools. Psychophony is a tool that will convert all the readings of the spirits into audio where you can listen to them in case they are trying to communicate. Then next tool senses Paranormal activities and then translates them into graphical reading. You can use it to sense the level of paranormal activities in your surrounding or any desired area.

Moving ahead we have Ghost Finder, it is a sensor in which you will be able to search for ghosts and spirits near you. There are a sensor and a meter which will indicate the value or the readings and a color gauge showing the intensity of the readings. Next, we have a Radar Map, here you will see the ghost and spirits in your nearby area using a map. You can also have its summary where it will show the types of spirits and their number that it has scanned.

At last, we have a Ghost Camera, which is quite similar to Ghost Detector Radar Simulator. It will use the camera of your device and let you scan for spirits and ghosts in your surroundings with a special camera effect. To use all the tools there will be buttons provided which you can use to turn them on or off accordingly.

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This is a classic and simple spirit box, a tool that is used for communicating with the spirits. The interface of this app is simple and easy to use with minimum customization and control options. Here you can start listening to the audio feedback which the app scans form two different channels. You can select either Channel A or B, it even has the option to blend both the channels with the toggle bar allowing you to experiment more.

Furthermore, this app will also allow you to record the channels and its audio feedbacks. You can play these recordings anytime you wish to analyze or listen to them from the app itself. And for Android users, the app is absolutely free while iOS users only have the paid version available.

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8. Paranormal EMF Recorder

Paranormal EMF Recorder

It is an EMF tracker where you will be able to scan for paranormal activities. Here you will get a simple interface which is also easy to use. It is like most of the tracking apps provided in this list as it will use your phone’s magnetic sensor for scanning electromagnetic anomalies. It has both a meter and a graphics screen to see the readings. What it has in addition, is that you can record the readings in case you don’t want to keep on using it yourself.

There will be two buttons on the top of the screen which are used to start the scanning and another one to start the recording. You can also set the timing of recordings as per your requirements which is a minimum of 30 minutes and the maximum 4 hrs. And it will also let you select whether you want to keep the app silent while recording or not. You can also customize the recording compression and the sensitivity of this app for recording.

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9. SGK1 – Ghost Hunting Kit

SGk1 - Ghost Hunting Kit app

SGK1 is also an all in one ghost hunting app just like Ghosts. Here you will get an EMF Meter showing you the change in magnetic fields around you. This meter will reach red and beep when it senses high magnetic activities that can be due to any ghost or spirits interference. Along with this, it also has an SG3 Spirit box. This tool scans radio signals of various frequency and then provide you with audio in case it finds any words or relevant information in any of the scanned signals.

In addition to this, it also has an EVP analyzer and recorder. Using this tool you can record the session of Spirit box or any normal EVP that might contain messages from the spirits. You can access the saved files on your device and all of them will be saved in 3gp format.

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10. Ghost Hunter In The City Simulator

Ghost Hunter In The City Simulator

Well, this is not an app that will let you search for ghost and spirits but it will surely let you enjoy hunting them just like a Ghostbuster. In this simulator or you can say game, you have to roam around the given location to search for ghost and spirits. You will need to move your device to change the direction and to move the controls are provided on the screen.

The meter given on the screen will notify you for the ghosts nearby with color and beep sound. As you move towards the areas with high reading a ghost will appear which you have to kill or trap using the weapons. You can select from the given weapons at the starting of the game and even unlock others as you keep progressing.

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Wrapping Up

These were some of the best ghost hunting apps that will give you a near experience of being a real ghost hunter. You can download all the apps for free barring the one for iOS from their respective app store. So which app form the list you liked the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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