5 Best Garage Door Opener Apps

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Nowadays everything is smart and controlled wirelessly and the same goes with the doors. And in this case garage doors. Have you ever reached home and then struggled all the way to open the garage doors. Or the usual remote control of your smart garage door is nowhere to be found? Well, now you can easily use your smartphones to control the garage doors or shutter with the help of the required hardware. Here we have mentioned best garage door opener apps for both Android and iPhone that you can use and download for free.

Best Garage Door Opener Apps

1. Gogogate 2

Gogogate 2 - Garage Door Opener Apps

This application will let your smartphone work as a garage opener. To make this application work you will require the Gogogate 2 hardware which you can purchase online from their website. This Wi-Fi garage door opener is DIY and can be installed easily. Once you are done installing the hardware, connect the smartphone with the Wi-Fi network generated by the hardware device itself.  After this, all you have to do is log in using the Gogogate account. Then it will show you the garage door and you can use this app to open or close it as per your choice.

Android | iOS

2. MyQ Smart Garage Control

MyQ Smart Garage Control - best smart garage door openers iphone and android

Just like the above application with MyQ, you can turn your smartphone into a garage door opener. It is one of the best Wi-Fi garage door openers that you can download for free. But in order to really operate the garage, you will either need a Chamberian garage WiFi door opener hardware or MyQ accessory to upgrade any non-Wi-Fi garage door.

With the required hardware and this app, you can easily control the garage door, open it, set timings and even get the notification for the opening and closing of the door right on your smartphones. Apart from the Chamberian garage WiFi door, you can use a few other hardware from the given list in the app like Liftmaster and Merlin.

Android | iOS

3. Nexx Garage

best garage opener apps - Nexx Garage

This application is designed to control the SimpalTek Nexx Garage door opener from iPhone and Android smartphones. Once the required hardware is installed in the garage door, just connect it with this application. Then you are ready to open or close the garage door from anywhere. With help of this app, you can monitor, control and get notified for the door activities.

In addition to this, with this app, you can automatically select to open the garage door once you are about to reach the garage or in range of the device as provided. You can also set security and add passcodes to open the door so no one can hack into the garage door opener, making it more secure.

Android | iOS

4. Garage Door Remote Open Sesame

Garage Door Remote Open Sesame

This is one of the best smart garage door openers as this application and the hardware it requires both can be controlled without any Wi-Fi connection. Unlike all the above apps and devices, all you need to do here is connect the application and the H&A Sesmar device with the Bluetooth connection and start using it to open and close the door. And the installation of the hardware is also very easy and quick. It even allows providing or getting access to other smartphones users to open the garage door by scanning the barcode from your device.

Android | iOS

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5. Tap It Open

Tap It Open garage door opener

Yet another garage door opener app for Android devices. Just like the above application, this also uses Bluetooth connection in order to connect the application with the installed hardware. The hardware can be purchased for their official website mentioned in the Play Store. Once the hardware and app are connected, just like the name of this app, tap on the button provided inside the app to open or close the garage doors. It’s that simple.


Wrapping Up

These were my picks for some of the best garage door opener apps for Android and iOS devices. Remember all the apps will not work without the required hardware or device as mentioned in the respective Play Store or App Store details. Just purchase the hardware, install it and then you are ready to control the garage door with just a few taps and with more security. Never lose the garage remote or key again in the future. Hope you like the list. Tell us your experience with these apps and hardware in the comments below.

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