Top 10 Of The Best Discord Bots To Add To Your Server Now

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What Discord really is? It is the best and most popular voice and text chat platform for online gamers, available for both PC and smartphones. Discord is also cross-platform, which helps you stay involved with your teammates and check whether they are playing or not, from your smartphone. It is automated and comes with a lot of customizable options for gamers out there. One of them is creating a Discord server and adding bots to it.

When you create a server and add other users to it, it becomes hard for you to control each and every user on your own. This is where Discord bots come into action. They help out the owners of servers to perform various tasks for them. Not only that, they improve your server functionality and help you manage the server and its users even when you are not online.

Now there are many bots that do the same thing and are not unique in nature. So,  I’m going to address the best Discord bots for your server.

Here Are The Best Discord Bots

MEE6mee6 - discord bot

It is a moderation bot that helps you automatically moderate users who have joined your server. MEE6 manages your channels and enforces rules and regulations on users you invite on your server. It also bans members who are posting spam or explicit content on your channel. You can also use this bot to welcome a new member with a customizable message. Most importantly you can disable things like bad words, server invites, and external links to filter these things out of your server. It keeps track of your progress and tells you each time you advance to a level on your server.

Add MEE6 to your server.

Text To SpeechText to speech discord bot

As the name suggests, it is a bot that will convert your text into voice. Once added to your Discord server, type “? make” command followed by whatever message you want to send in your chat stream in the voice form. There are more commands for other functionalities. like you can set a custom welcome and goodbye message for your members by using “?welcome” and “?goodbye” command. So every time a new member joins or leaves your server a custom message will play for them. You can choose if you want a male or female voice.

Add Text to Speech bot now!


This is by far the most interesting Discord bot that I was able to find on the internet. You can make the chat stream more interesting for your members by starting this multiplayer trivia game. To start the bot type “trivia help” and to play type “trivia play”. After that, a question will be displayed with four options to choose from. Answer by typing the alphabet that corresponds to the right option. Once someone answers the question, you will get 25 seconds to type yours before the correct answer is revealed followed by the next question. You can end the trivia by typing “trivia stop” and change the categories by “trivia categories”. There are over 24 categories to choose from, which includes 3000 questions.

Add TriviaBot to your server.

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Dank Memerbest discord bot - dank memer

This is another amazing Discord bot that you can add to your server to spice up the chat stream. It has so many functions and commands for you to try out. Type “pls help” to see what this bot has to offer and commands for them. It is basically a meme app that will share memes with your discord community.

Some of the services it offers are:

  • Manipulating an image and making a meme with your own custom text.
  • Option to choose from different funny sounds.
  • Utilities like finding out the color by mentioning its hex code, server info, and user info.
  • Memes with adorable animals doing cute stuff.
  • And play mini-games like tic-tac-toe with other members in your chat.

Add Dank Memer now!


This is a music streaming bot that streams high-quality music for the members who have joined your voice channel without any configuration. Type “+help” on your voice channel to get the list of commands in your direct message. Use the Command “+play” followed by a link to a song or song name to play a song on your server. “+pause” to pause the current song and “+lyrics” to get the lyrics of the currently playing track. There are several other commands for you to play with.

Vexera also acts as a moderation bot and has commands to get animal images and games on your server. Additionally, it also has an option to look up Fortnite users and find out a list of bots on Discord.

Add Vexera to your server.


This is a very useful Discord bot for people who have members of their gaming clan in a server. It helps you in organizing and recruiting new people to your team. Lets you set a calendar for a team, add events and notify your team members about the event. It also has commands that will tell you about today’s and weeks upcoming gaming events from the team calendar.

You can create a forum on a game to have a discussion about it with your team members. Some fun features are also made available like roll a dice, magic 8 ball, coin flip, and alphabet emojis.

Add Guilded bot now!

Discord TranslatorTranslator bot for discord

It is a translator bot that will translate up to 100 languages on the server for you. It removes the language barrier between you and the members of your server who are participating in your stream. Just type “-t” followed by the language you want your message in, followed by your message. For example -t french hello everyone will translate hello everyone in French and display it as a message.

And for translating someone’s message type “-translate” followed by @user, followed by the language you want it translated in. For example -translate @user English will translate the user’s message to English. This app is paid after a while but totally worth it.

Add Discord Translator bot to your server.


As the name suggests, this bot is for finding out your statistics in multiple games. It also lets you share those stats with the team members. For now, it supports stats for games like PUBG, CSGO, Paragon, Overwatch, Fortnite, Uplay etc. It will show your wins and loses for a particular game, your kills, your score and much more depending on the game. Use “” to get all the commands for your games.

Once the profile is created, add an account by using “gs.account” <game name>. Then it will ask you to type in the username you used in that particular game and voila! All your stats will be shown to you. You can use these commands in your created server or in a private DM conversation with GameStats.

Add GameStats bot now!

Donate Bot lets your users donate directly to your Paypal account for the services and roles you offer on the server. By using this bot, you can set up the price for your roles and link your PayPal account. So anytime your users’ type “donate” in your discord server they will be redirected to your donate link. This bot is useful for online streamers who stream gameplay on YouTube.

Add Donate Bot to your server.


This bot is a great multiplayer game for Pokemon fanatics. It lets you and your users catch Pokemon and guess their name to collect rewards. Learning to use the command in this bot is a little difficult because it is a vast game with lots of commands. You can trade your Pokemon with other users and organize a pokemon party for your caught Pokemon.

You can also see the mega evolution of your Pokemon by using “; help mega” command. Start with using “; help” to get the list of all the commands and then you can go from there. It involves interesting features like choosing a region to fight, selecting your starter pokemon and your attack. Attacks involve fire, leaves and water.

Add Mewbot now!

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Discord Bots Video

You an also watch this video:

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Is MEE6 the best bot?

Since MEE6 has no commands to configure and it has an intuitive web interface, it can be considered as one of the best moderation Discord bots on our list.

Is mee6 BOT safe?

MEE6 is safe since any of Discord bots can’t actually access your account. MEE6 (as any Discord bot) will tell you what permissions it gets so you can read it and decide whether you want to proceed or not.

Are discord bots free?

All the Discord bots are free meaning that you do not pay for them.

What does MEE6 bot do?

MEE6 bot can do many things. It can scan the chat and clear it from curse language, unsafe links, spam as well as warn users of any rule violation. It is possible to configure MEE6 to mute or ban users after a certain number of violations.

What discord bots can clear chat?

Discord bots that can clear chat are CommandCleanup and MEE6 among others. Not all the Discord bots can clear your server’s chat.


Now you know how important bots can be for your server to improve your chat experience and enhance your server functionalities.

So if you are not one of those people who like to be around your server then add these bots to your server and let them do all the work for you. There are hundreds of bots out there but here I have tried to mention all the unique bots that are there for you. Do let us know any other discord bots you think were worth mentioning.

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