7 Best Skateboarding Games For Great Experience

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Skateboarding has emerged as one of the best-known action sports in the world. It involves riding and performing tricks using a skateboard. Therefore, it is one of the greatest recreational activities these days. Some consider it as a form of art and it has also influenced and shaped the entertainment industry. Youths also use it as a means of transportation as well. Skateboarding will also debut itself into the Olympics in 2020. As a part of the entertainment industry, Skateboarding today has several tournaments, TV shows and various video games across different platforms. Here in this article, we have mentioned the list of best skateboarding games for Android and iPhone. You can download them from Play Store and App Store respectively and enjoy. So, let’s have a look at them.

Best Skateboarding Games To Try

1. Skater BoySkater Boy game

One of the best arcade games you can play on Android. The gameplay is fairly easy and super fun. You have to move forward skateboarding, avoiding obstacles and reach the end. Collect all the stars and trophies to earn the highest score. You need to perform tricks and land safely on the road which will allow you to gain extra points.

The game has 4 different styles of terrain i.e. Town, Forest, Cemetery, and Playground. As you start playing, you’ll only get the town terrain. The others will be locked. Each of these terrains has 30 different levels. Keep on completing these missions to unlock the other levels.

Android: Download

2. Freestyle Skater 3Dskateboard game iPhone - Freestyle Skater

Freestyle Skater gives you a nice neighborhood where you can travel the road skating. The road is full of pedestrians and you have to move forward without bumping into them. You get various customization options in the game. It lets you change the clothes of your avatar or customize the board’s performance like Speed, Handling and Braking using coins. The app gives you a daily bonus as coins and besides that, you can also collect extra coins by watching ads.

Various modes are available in the game. You can choose for One way, Two way, Timed, and a Freeway. One way will have pedestrians moving in a forward direction while Two way has people moving around in both the direction. The Timed mode will set a timer of 60 seconds. You will have to finish a greater distance within the time limit to beat the highest score. And the freeway will provide you with a road with no pedestrians. Select based on your experience.

Now, as you play the game you can control the movements by tilting the axis of the phone to move left and right. Tap the right button on the screen to accelerate and the left button will allow you to apply brakes.

The game has 3 difficulty levels to choose from. Normal is accessible but to choose for Hard and Insane you need to spend 5000 coins each. A weather mode is also available in the game as well. The game has the day mode for default, for the night and rainy, you have to spend 5000 coins again each.

iOS: Download

3. Skateboard Party: 3best skateboard game - Skateboard Party 3

There’s a demo version in the game available for free. It has really cool 3D graphics and the gameplay allows you to perform some epic freestyle stunts with the skateboard. With the demo, you can only access the Free skate session and the career mode will be playable for only a few minutes.

In the game, you can choose different avatars and change their clothes. It allows you to customize the board and also lets you choose different locations to skate. These features can be unlocked in demo mode as well by spending some EXP points. Initially, you get 1000 EXP points and completing certain objectives will earn you more. Otherwise, you can buy some exp by spending some money or watch ads to get them for free.

The game can be enjoyed in the free skate, but if you want to play with the career mode you need to spend some bucks and get the full version. Upgrading your game will also give you ad-free content, additional achievements, and Multiplayer mode.

The download file for Android is 473 MB while for iOS, it is 2.4 GB.

Android: Download | iOS: Download

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4. Flip SkaterFlip Skater

A great skateboarding game by Miniclip.com. The gameplay is quite interesting, you get a half-pipe platform to show your skills. Use your finger to make a gesture to control the skateboard in the half-pipe during landing. As you are skateboarding you can collect coins and perform tricks to earn more points in the game. The game offers different locations, cool avatars, various stunts and a great variety of boards. You can either buy them or use the coins you obtain in the game to spin the Prize machine.

You get to spin the prize machine once in every 10 hours which gives some really cool rewards. It makes the game really addictive. Otherwise, you can spend 50 coins that you collect during playing, to spin the prize machine. You also get to earn free coins by watching ads.

Android: Download

5. Skater RushSkater Rush

As per my perspective, while playing this game I found it similar to the classic games like Temple Run and Subway Surfers. I always had the urge to beat my own scores, which makes the game very addictive. Its size is only 26 MB and the graphics are really awesome.

You have to skate through the street collecting coins and dodging the obstacles, like traffic, barricade, pipes etc. Perform tricks with your board like a grind when you come across any railing in the road. Increase your rank by completing objectives and get free coins. These coins could be later used to buy characters, boards, etc.

Watch ads to collect free gems, which will grant you an extra life in a game. There are consumables and powerups in the shop section. You can purchase them with coins to use in the game.

Android: Download

6. Shadow SkateShadow Skate

I guess you have already got an idea by the name. A shadow figure which skates on a cool ramp in a nice neighborhood. You can download the game, it will take only 8.2 MB of space. The shadow art graphics are really stunning and realistic.

You need to accelerate throughout the way, avoiding obstacles and reach the end point as fast as possible. The street has ramps which will lift up the shadow character and it will perform cool stunts in mid-air. You can also collect coins, which can be used to purchase to power-ups.

There are 4 different locations to play like a city, park, work site and night. Each of these locations has 10 missions each. Complete these missions and unlock the other locations.

Android: Download

7. Downhill XtremeDownhill Xtreme

None of the above-mentioned games allows you to race with your skateboard other than this Downhill Xtreme. Once you master the controls, you will be unstoppable.

It offers 20 seasons, each season gives you different locations to race. Complete one season to unlock the other. To enter a race you need to enroll with 50 coins and winning will give a reward of 150 coins and XPS. This is not a multiplayer game but you can compete for international leaderboards in global online events.

You can also choose to customize your avatar. Different Customizations are available in the store like gears, boards, and coaches as well. You could spend some coins to buy them or in some cases, you may need cash. Cash is not available for free, you need to do an in-app purchase to obtain cash in the game.

As per intuition, this is the best skateboarding game by far for any of the platform. It has so many customizations and the locations are really beautiful.

iOS: Download

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If you are a skateboard lover, you cannot miss any of the above-mentioned games. In our list, we got all the best stuff for both Android and iOS. From low size to the graphic extensive games. These are the most fantastic games you can choose to play and will always challenge your skill level. Just download them through the links and enjoy. Show your love in the comment section.

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