Roblox Pros And Cons Parents Should Know

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Roblox is quite a popular app among children.

Many parents allow their children to make an account on Roblox and play games while interacting with other players. The reason being that Roblox is believed to provide a safe environment for children and protect them from every kind of cyber threat.

Most of the things that we hear about this amazing app might actually be true, while others being just another stereotype going on for a long time.

So, to unveil the actual reality of the app, here we are with the pros and cons of Roblox that every parent should be aware of, before allowing their children to use the app.

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Roblox Pros

1. Available For All Devices

Those who own a desktop device can easily enjoy the Roblox games using their desktop. For those who just own a mobile phone don’t need to frown because the Roblox app is available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store too. Other than that, the app can also be downloaded using the Microsoft Store also.

2. Encourages Creativity

Roblox is no doubt a place where the children can unleash their imagination and show their full creativity. While using Roblox, children can not only play games developed by other creators but can also create games of their own. Designing your avatar in a way that it stands completely out of the crowd is also possible. So, this is one of the biggest pros of Roblox.

Roblox pros - make apparels on roblox

3. Recover Lost Account

If you ever forget the password of your Roblox account, you don’t need to panic at all because resetting the Roblox password can never be so much easy. If you have added the phone number to your Roblox account you will receive a password reset code via message. For those who added the email will get the reset link via email. Even if both the email and number are not added, you still have a chance to get your account back by contacting the Roblox community.

4. Parental Control

In order to safeguard the children from various inappropriate activities on Roblox like abuse, unethical language, imprudent games, etc., the community has developed a parental control system.

With this, the parents can limit the activities of their children while they are using Roblox.

The parents can make the selection of games that the child will play, particular players can be selected that are allowed to message your child. Other similar types of restrictions can also be applied easily.

parental control settings

If these options are not enough for you, check out our list with parental control apps (they are free!)

5. Make Real Money

Other than just playing games, the dedicated creators can also earn real cash on Roblox. There can be many different ways to earn money on Roblox. You can develop a game and charge a fee to access that game. Money can also be earned by creating attractive shirts, t-shirts, and other apparel and selling them to the desired customers. The players on Roblox should have at least 100k Robux in their Roblox account. Those Robux can then be converted into real cash from the company.

earn money on roblox

Cons Of Roblox

Even the most beautiful roses come with a prickly thorn. Similarly, Roblox also has some disadvantages along with the advantages.

1. No Account Deletion

One of the biggest shortcomings while using Roblox is that it is not possible to permanently delete your Roblox account. The user can simply stop using the account but can’t get rid of it. If you try to locate the option for deleting the account, you won’t find it. If you try to contact the community regarding the problem, they will simply reply back stating that they don’t have that feature.

2. Special Privilege To Builders Club Members

Roblox users can be divided into two major groups. One being the normal users and others with a subscription. The members who have the Builders Club subscription are given a bit more privilege than the normal users. This may sound obvious but due to this many children can be found forcing their parents to get them the Club subscription.

The Builder Club members can design and upload their own shirts and pants and make their avatar much attractive. When we talk about normal users, they cannot make use of this feature. Moreover, the Builder Club members can join or create up to 10 groups and normal users cannot. There are many other advantages that the Builder Club members have over normal users.

Roblox disadvantages - builers club subscription

3. Bad Influence On Children

There are high chances that Roblox can have a bad influence on children. This can happen if parents do not keep a regular check on the Roblox account of their children. While using Roblox the children can be exposed to various kinds of abuse and bullying. There are many games available on the site too that are inappropriate for the children.


Roblox is really an amazing app to teach your children a lot of new things. It promotes creativity and allows the children to think completely out of the box. So it’s better that parents support their kids and allow them to use such children-friendly apps. As far as the online abuse and other related stuff are concerned, the parents can take the help of the parental control features and limit the permissions of their children.

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Daksh is an ardent blogger, introvert and a tech enthusiast who is keen about gadgets and technology, and maybe he can contaminate you by sharing the same vibes.

2 thoughts on “Roblox Pros And Cons Parents Should Know”

  1. There is a misunderstanding about roblox positive role in educational influences on children. It is obvious parents do not have enough time and will watch their children’s every steps and movements of their kids activities. As a general rule, we take the positive look at activities our kids are involved in. Our expectations are that Roblox takes a very serious social responsibility in conducting their business. Why there should be inappropriate games or words in Roblox then we as a parent should lookout and protect our children. I view Roblox purely setup to make money, nothing else.

  2. As a parent of 10 years old I am questioning why my kid should forcing me to accept she be in the Builder-club? what is it that she can be more educated in the normal in the roblox than in the club?

    Please help this father.?


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