How To Convert PDF To BMP Using Two Ways

a person using a laptop to convert PDF to BMP

Microsoft was the first one to introduce the BMP file format to the market. It is also known as the bitmap image file, device-independent bitmap, or simply bitmap. This file format is used for storing two-dimensional colored digital images in Microsoft Windows and OS/2. Many people look for methods to convert their PDF files to … Read more

How To Use Multiple Telegram Accounts

a person holding a phone at night

The high-quality interface and various awesome features of Telegram can amaze anyone. And obviously, this is the reason why millions of people are connected with the app today. Not only for the sake of enjoyment and use for their personal life, but many people are also using Telegram for their professional life too. And for … Read more

How To Hide Phone Number In Telegram: Choose Who Can See It

a close-up shot of phone apps with notifications

Millions of people use Telegram daily and most of the people use it openly without hiding their phone numbers. While some people wish to use it anonymously without letting anyone know about their number. The reason is that everyone is not comfortable when their phone number pops-up each time someone reaches their profile. Thanks to … Read more

How To Record Music From Spotify

a laptop with an app to record music for spotify

Spotify by every means is the best music streaming app available. Using Spotify you can easily stream your favorite music online and with the premium membership of the app, downloading the desired songs is also possible. But what if you don’t have the premium membership and still want your songs offline? Well, this is where … Read more

How To Flag Craigslist Ads Or Posts

Almost every internet user today knows about Craigslist. Those who don’t know about it should know that Craigslist is one station where you can park all your advertisements. These advertisements are placed in various dedicated sections like jobs, for sale, services and so on. After going through your ad, someone interested in your product or … Read more

How To Repost/Renew Craigslist Ad

How To Repost Renew Craigslist Ad

There’s nothing better than Craigslist when we talk about a site that helps to buy and sell goods and services online. You can post ads on Craigslist and make the goods and services reach a large number of customers. And that’s the reason for such a massive userbase of the site. Not only posting of … Read more

How To Put One Picture On Top Of Another Picture

Editing of photos is something that we all do or have at least done at some point or the other. Photo editing software provides us with thousands of features to make a pale and dull photo look much more crispy and amazing. Other than just decorating the photos for your Instagram and Facebook profiles, there … Read more

How To Change Primary Email Address On PayPal And The Errors You May Face

When it comes to anything related to online payments and money transfers (for example, when you got paid for selling your old phone), without any second thoughts, PayPal is a perfect choice. PayPal has a huge userbase and the biggest reason being that it assists its users in every way possible. The same is the … Read more

How To Send An Invoice On Paypal?

how to send an invoice on paypal

Directly sending or receiving money from our friends, relatives or close ones without attaching any invoice with it is ok. But when it comes to business deals and trade, it becomes really necessary to send the invoice to the dealers. Sending invoices makes you look like a professional entrepreneur. Moreover, it is considered a polite … Read more

TunesKit Spotify Music Converter Review: Quality Conversion But Pricey

This article is sponsored by TunesKit. We received a premium license of TunesKit Spotify Music Converter software so that we could try it out and share our honest review. Even though sponsored, the complete content and opinions are sole views of the author based on their experience with the software. Take the music away from … Read more