Top 9 Games Like 2048 That Are Bigger

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2048 is a single-player very challenging sliding block puzzle number game. In these kinds of games, your aim is to join the same digit numbers. You have to join multiple tiles making up to the total sum of 2048 in any one of them. If you are able to do it before you are out of moves then you are the winner. Sounds easy right? Well, you try it out yourself. For that, we bring you the best games like 2048 available for Android and iPhone that are bigger than the usual game. Though all the games are single-player based but we have also mentioned one game that can be played online with a friend. The aim of all these alternative games is similar, with different themes and gameplay that you can enjoy.

Best Alternative Games Like 2048

1. GameMora 2048

GameMora 2048

We would like to kick off the list with GameMora. It is the only website on this list while the rest are all mobile apps. You can open GameMora for playing 2048 games on any browser and any device – Windows PC, Mac, Android or iOS.

It is a website which hosts the original 2048 game and its different variations. So, if you want to play something like 2048 but with a different flavor then you can go with its 2048 Cupcakes, 2048 Pokemon and 2048 3D.  Well, a treat for kids, isn’t it? Moreover, it can be great for entertainment as well as training the brain at the same time.

And if these variants are not enough then GameMora also has 2048 5×5. It is a bigger and faster game when compared to the classic 2048 game. There’s a 5×5 board in place of 4×4. With each move 2 new tiles are introduced instead of one. So, it’s bigger, faster and better than official 2048.

Visit GameMora 2048

2. Impossible Nine: 2048 Puzzle

Impossible Nine

This game is based on the same method of playing as the 2048 puzzle game but with a little fewer numbers. The only difference here is that you have to join the tiles to create a total of sum 9 in any one tile. You have to join three or more same numbers tiles to get the next digit while earning as high score as you can. For e.g, if you join three tiles with number one, the sum will be 2. And same for all the other number tiles. The sum will always be the next number.

You have to tap and place the tiles in the right place to let them combine. If there is no gap in the way and the path is blocked you will not be able to get the tiles to your desired location. Apart from this, you can also play from three modes i.e Regular, Daily challenges and Zabaron mode each with different difficulty.

Download Impossible Nine

3. 2248

2248 - Games like 2048

2248 will give you the same experience where you have to join or connect the same numbers to get the sum of them. The game will let you connect the number in 8 directions. This means you can have a larger possibility of getting more higher sums. The aim of the game is to get as highest sum as you can in any of the tiles.

It is very simple to play, you just have to be attentive to search for combinations. You can use hints or powerups in the game by watching free online videos. In addition to this, they have provided with a small clothing icon in the left bottom of the screen. It can be used to switch between the given themes and background of the game if you wish to.

Download 2248 for Android | Download 2248 for iOS

4. 2 for 2 – Connect the Numbers

2 For 2 - Connect the dots

Yet another number connecting game where you have to reach as highest sum as possible. The sum of the numbers will always be the pair of the selected numbers. You can join 2 or more same numbers to get the new digit. For eg, you can connect 2-2-2-2 to get a sum of 8 or 4-4-4-4 to get a sum of 16.

Unlike the above game, you have to connect all the numbers in a single line. You will be able to connect it just through 4 directions. There are various board sizes like 3×3, 4×4 and modes like Time & Moves that you can play from. It has an Undo option that can be used for a few times. You can also complete challenges as per the difficulty to get some extra credits.

Download 2 For 2 for Android | Download 2 For 2 for iOS

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5. Shoot N Merge

Shoot n Merge

Shoot n Merge will let you have a different game experience of adding numbers to get as highest sum as possible. The aim is like every other game in this list of games like 2048. You have to shoot the same number tile to get as highest sum as possible. There will be 5 different lines of the number tiles. You need to shoot the numbers and manage the line accordingly. The same numbers will add up and create a new number with the sum.

To this new sum, you can again add its similar number and so on. The lines will drop down the screen and its speed will decrease with each number you add. If there is no addition the lines will keep sliding down. You have to get as highest number as you can before the lines either reach the bottom or there is no place left to shoot new tiles. Apart from this, you can buy new themes with the coins that you have earned in the game.

Download Shoot N Merge for Android | Download Shoot N Merge for iOS

6. Twenty48 Solitaire

Twenty48 Solitaire

The principal of this game is like 2048 but with cards. Here you have to stack cards and try to match the same numbers to add them up. You can do this until there is no space left to stack any more cards. If you want you can also discard two cards that you may not require or the cards that are not fitting anywhere. Score as much as you can without getting out of moves. In addition to this, you can also change the color of the card decks. New color options will unlock as you score higher.

Download Twenty48 for Android | Download Twenty48 for iOS

7. Age Of 2048: Civilization City Building Games

Games like 2048 but bigger - Age of 2048 - Civilization City Building Games

Yet another game based on the principle of 2048 but in place of numbers there are blocks with different forms of construction. In this game, you have to connect blocks with the same pattern, building the highest constructions available in the levels. The connected blocks will result in new and better infrastructures. You have to build and upgrade the civilizations by doing so.

There are 6 ages i.e Stone Age, Classic Age, Medieval Age, Instrutrail Age, Global age and the Space Age. Each age will have a level which you have to reach in order to unlock the next one. The level is to reach the highest block i.e to attain 2048. You can use tools like undo, magic wand, and cleaner to get through some of the tricky situations. It also allows sharing the progress of your game via Instagram.

Download Age Of 2048 for Android | Download Age Of 2048 for iOS

8. Hexic 2048

Hexic 2048 - Games like 2048

This game is one of the best on the list. It is a regular game where you have to connect the same numbers to reach a total of 2048 in any single tiles. The thing it offers extra than the other games is the grid styles and modes. Besides the regular box grid, here you can play in the unique Hexagon with 4 different grid styles. You can play 2x2x2, 3x3x3, 4x4x4 or a 5x5x5 hex grid.

Each grid will have a different sum, with more difficulties, that you have to reach. Apart from the grid styles, you will get to play from three different modes. Classic, Survival, and X-tile each with distinct objectives. This game also has an Auto option, this will let you watch the game while it is being played automatically. You can select methods like Corner, Swing, Swirl and Random for auto-playing.

Download Hexic 2048 for Android | Download Hexic 2048 for iOS

9. 2048 WARS – PvP Puzzle Wars

2048 WARS - 2048 online

2048 WARS will not only let you enjoy the puzzle but also compete with people online. You can search for your opponent’s randomly to have a match and see who is the champion of the game.

To add a friend just tap on Freinds. There you can enter your friend’s ID given in the game to add them. Or your friends can invite you using your game ID. In addition to this, it also allows playing single-player matches in Practice. If you are new or don’t know how to play this game it will teach that too. In the game, you can also send a few emojis to interact with the opponent.

Download 2048 WARS for Android | Download 2048 WARS for iOS

All the games above are based on the methods of 2048 gameplay. Here you will get to play it in different styles and unique themes. The best game from the list as per my opinion is Age of 2048 because of its amazing gameplay and unique style. But you can also check other games with different difficulties and challenges.

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