7 Connect The Dots Games Like Two Dots To Exercise Your Brains

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Two Dots is a very fun and mind crushing game. Here you have to join the same color dots with a single line and in a single stroke. The rules of the games are simple, draw line and eliminate the dots. You have to eliminate the dots according to the number provided for each color in order to finish a level. As you keep on going to the next level the difficulty and pressure of clearing the level increases. There are many other games like two dots where you will have to use your brain power to complete and move to another level. We present you nail-biting connect the dots games available for Android and iOS which might fuse the circuits of your brain.

Best Connect The Dots Games To Play

1. Dots & Co: A Puzzle Adventure

Dots & Co - dot to dot game

This game is presented by the same developers and is the perfect alternative for Two Dot. Your aim in this game is still the same as Two Dots, to join and clear the circles and triangles in one stretch. Not only eliminate them randomly but according to the number of the colors required.

The difference between the two games is that in Dot & Co you will get to see new characters as you progress through the levels. Those characters will have various abilities and powers like changing the colors of the dots or eliminate any color dots which can help you in clearing the level. In order to use their ability, you will have to break enough dots or triangles as per the character to fill their energy bar.

In addition to that, you will get new maps, worlds, and challenges on a whole another level.

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2. Dots: A Game About Connecting

Dots - connect the dots games

Again the developers of Two Dots are certainly leaving no excuses in providing you with more challenging and mindboggling dot to dot games. The concept of gameplay is similar, but with new levels and challenges which are different from the above game.

In this game, you do not need to worry about the numbers of any particular color dots that you have to break. You can choose from 4 different options to play. In Timed, you have to break as much dots as you can and score within a given time. The next one is Moves, there is no time limit in this but you will have limited moves.

You can play without any limit for time and moves in Endless, unfortunately, you will have to purchase it. The last but not the least is Challenges, in this, you can compete with the score of other players online. The mode of the game is selected automatically from Timed and Moves mode.

Moving ahead, you will also get 3 power-ups i.e Time Stop with which you can either stop the time for 5 seconds or add five moves. Shrinker will help you in removing a single dot of your choice and Expander will eliminate all the same color dots. You can also buy the powerups with the help of the points that you score.

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3. 2 For 2: Connect The Numbers

2 For 2 - Free games like TWo Dots

If you are getting bored and thinking about which connect the dots game to play, then this one can be for you. You have to break the dots like in the above games, but not by matching the colors. Instead, you have to match the numbers here. By matching the same number you will get the sum of those numbers. For e.g., if you match 2-2 the sum of that number will be 4, then you can match it with its same numbers. Same goes for every number on the dots. The more you match them the more you score. There are no time or moves limitations.

Apart from all this, there are different modes like 4×4 or 3×3 Board, Time and Moves from which you can play. You will also get random words in the game which you can collect. They will help you in earning some extra points.

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4. 1Line – One-Stroke Puzzle Game

1LINE - One-stroke puzzle game

Moving on with the list, we have another mind exercising game, 1Line. The objective in this game is to connect all the dots shown on the screen with a line. Sounds easy, right? But there is a catch here, you have to connect all the dots in a single stroke. That means once you start to draw, you cannot change the direction of your line or else the puzzle will not be completed.

You can lift your finger from the screen but the direction of the line cannot be changed. The starting levels seem pretty easy, but it gets hard as you keep progressing through the levels. This game is not only fun to play but also helps in improving your imagination and thinking capacity.

It has two stages, Basic with different levels filled with regular shapes and Luminous with more complicated shapes. You can also use hints if you get stuck in any level.

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5. Brain Dots

Brain Dots

You might have heard about Brain Dots game or seen someone playing. This is another game where you can play with dots. Your aim in this game will be to collide, join or make the dots strike with each other. For doing so, you can draw lines and different shapes you think fits in order to bring the dots in the same place.

You will get the guidance on how to make shapes in the first few levels. Like every other dot game, the level and challenges will get higher as you keep on going to the next level. Apart from all this, you can also record your game and share it with your friends. The recording feature may or may not be present depending on devices.

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6. Flow Free

Flow Free - Dot game for Android and iOS

Among this list of free games like Two Dots, this one is the most relaxing and addictive puzzle in my opinion. The game is simple to play yet very hard to master. In this game, you have to join the same color points by making pipeline between them. The color points will be inside a square box with multiple columns starting from 5×5 to 9×9.

You can join the points by making a way in the box from one point to another by swiping with your fingers. The only thing to consider here is that you cannot break or overlap any existing line or path for any colors. Match all of the points in the box to complete the levels.

It has 2500+ puzzles to break from. Apart from the Square box, it has many other shapes and levels like a hexagon, 7×7, 10×10 etc. Complete all the levels if you think you are the boss of puzzle gaming.

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7. Infinity Loop

∞ Infinity Loop - free games like Two Dots

Just like its name, this game is the same while playing, Endless puzzles to solve and crack. It has two modes, Light and Dark. To move the direction of any piece you can tap on it until you get its desired position.

In light mode, you will get pieces and you have to connect all of them making a closed loop or any definite shape. There should be no connections that are left open. You will keep moving to new levels as you make the loops.

While on another hand, in the Dark mode you have to make all the patterns and connections separate from each other. There should be no connection between any pieces.

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Games Like Two Dots That Will Make Your Brains Sweat

With all these different kind of connect the dots games, you will never have to look for something challenging to play. While most of the games are easy to play but all of them require proper concentration and thinking power of your mind. These games can be played by anyone without any age limit. Cracking these puzzles seems pretty simple right? Why don’t you try it yourself and see if you can?

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