10 Best Guitar Learning Apps For Android To Fulfill Your Passion

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Learning guitar is one of the greatest passion and hobby among many youngsters. Playing the guitar could be more effective in your life than you imagine. It can help you in relieving the stress, boost your confidence or improve both your mental and emotional health. However, learning a guitar can be costly and time-consuming if you are looking to attend the classes. Sometimes even if you can attend a class the timing doesn’t fit with your daily routine. Now you can learn to play the guitar without attending any classes. All you need is a guitar, your smartphone and these best guitar learning apps for Android.

Best Apps To Learn Guitar

1. Guitar 3D – Basic Chords

Guitar 3D - best app to learn guitar for beginners

What could be a better way to learn a guitar than watching how to play those tricky and difficult chords. With Guitar 3D you can watch and learn simultaneously. You can learn the major & minor chords and how to play them. This app will provide examples 0f the basics of playing guitar in 3D.  It will show you which chord is played when and how should be the position of your hands and fingers on the guitar. You can also switch the camera and its angles for a better view.

You can zoom the animation and see clearly which chord is to be pressed. It will also teach you how to strum on the chords and its directions. You will be able to test your skill to see how much you have learned by answering the questions regarding your lesson. The more you learned, the more will be your progress.

Moving ahead, you can also create your own guitar tune in the player itself by selecting different chords and tunes together. Apart from this, the app will also provide you with tutorial video on how to use Guitar 3D. You can also listen to some of the greatest musicians through this app.

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2. Yousician

Yousician - Best guitar learning apps for android

This is the best guitar app as it not only helps you to play guitar but also make you learn a thing or two about it. For learning the guitar form this app you not only have to read and watch but play the guitar as you go with it. It has many songs and chords to learn from with step by step tutorials. Whether you are a beginner or a master guitarist, this app is for you. For experienced guitar players, it will sharpen your skill even more.

You can start by having the knowledge of how to read and Play strings. It will ask you to play the strings on your guitar as you learn. The app will recognize the sound of your guitar and provide live feedback whether you are playing it correctly or not. The lessons and levels keep on increasing according to your performance and the missions you complete. The more missions you complete the more lessons will be opened to you and the level of your playing will also increase.

The app also has challenges for you to see how much you have learned to play the guitar. You can select the songs and play it while the app will analyze your performance. In addition to this, the app has an inbuilt tune tuner, with which you can set the strings of the guitar in perfect pitch.

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3. Learn Guitar With Simulator

Absolute Guitar - Best app to Learn guitar

Whether you want to have theory lessons or learn about the chords of the guitar, this app provides everything in your hand. It will introduce you to the guitar and show you every detail about it in Theory lessons.

In Chords diagram, you can learn everything about the chords and their positions with the help of diagrams. You can learn the sound of every chord and string with respect to a piano board in String Play. It also has a Guitar simulator for having a look on how the guitar and its chords are to be played. You can play it freely and record your tunes.

In addition to these, it also has a Guitar Tuner for tuning your guitar strings. It allows creating Custom Chords for your own songs. Ear Training is the best feature of the app. It is a simple game where you can learn to recognize the sound of the strings and their names. Apart from this, you can take a quiz to see if you have learned enough or need more training.

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4. Real Guitar Free

Real Guitar - learn to play guitar

Now you can play guitar even if you haven’t touched it in your life ever with Real Guitar. This app provides you with the guitar and its performance like playing a real guitar. Select from acoustic, electric or twelve string guitar and learn to play. You can choose from solo or chords mode.

You can select the song form the playlist in the app. The app teaches you when to pluck which string and when to strum or play the chord of the guitar for that song you selected. You will have to play it according to the markings shown on the guitar in the app. The markings will teach you when to play the TAB on the string and when to tap or strum it.

The only place where it lacks is the controls for the strings. You cannot play like a guitarist. This is the best app to learn guitar for beginners. To unlock different guitars and songs, you can watch a video or make the in-app purchase for it.

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5. Coach Guitar

Coach Guitar

This is one of the best guitar learning apps for Android with which you can learn guitar by watching videos through Coach Guitar. Whether you are a beginner learning some basics or an amateur guitar player wanting to tune yourself up, Coach Guitar is for everyone. It will teach you to play different songs and their chords on the guitar.

You will learn to play the songs on the guitar step by step as a beginner. This app will provide you with all the information like holding a guitar or a pick, Finger position, Chords and Strumming patterns. You will see how to use the guitar and play it with the help of the video for the tune you are learning. With different colors for each string, it becomes more easy and clear to differentiate between the notes.

In addition to this, you can slow the video if you want to see more clearly how the fingers work on the strings. You can also put the video in loop mode so that you don’t have to play it everytime it ends before you learn.

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6. Justin Guitar Beginner Song Course

Justin Guitar Android app

This app is made by Four chords in collaboration with Justin Sandacore. Justin is a guitar player who will teach how to play different songs on a guitar. This app will not teach you the basics of the guitar and its lessons, but how to play songs. The songs are chosen and structures basically for beginners guitar players.

There are two parts to this app. One is the learning part where you will find stages of how to play chords, strumming and exercises to help you in improving your guitar skills. The songs will begin with simple strumming and chords patterns. It will all be shown in a video for how to play it through this app only. Now as you eventually learn to play more hard and complex strumming patterns the songs will become harder according to your skill.

Justin Guitar

The second part will be to play the songs and strum your guitar with the music. You will be able to see the lyrics of the song and the guitar chords to be played for it. If you feel confident enough and trust your strumming you can get to this part and enjoy to play the guitar like a pro.

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 7. Smart Chords

smart Chords - Best guitar learning app for android

Among all the other Guitar learning apps for Android, this is the most advanced. It has almost 1,000,000,000 chords and fingering options providing all the possible ways to play the guitar.

Moving ahead, this app has all the features that a guitarist can think of. Chords, Chord name, and Chord progression will give you all the details regarding the chords of the guitar. In addition to these, Arpeggio, Scales and Scale name will help you understand the pitch and strings of the guitarYou can tune your guitar with Tuner and set the rhythm for music with Metronome. 

Furthermore, you can have the knowledge of sounds in Ear Training. It is similar to the ear training in Learn Guitar With Simulator app. You can learn and practice to become the guitarist you always dream of with these and some additional features of the app.

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8. All Chords Guitar

All Chords - learn guitar chords

Learn different Chors and its variants with this app. This app is perfect for those who know about chords and are trying to find different chords and learn to play them.

It is a very simple app and the best way to get the chords information. You can search the chord by its name or by the shape of the chords and position of the frets. You can see where to place the fingers and how the chords will sound when played. It has options for chords to choose from the Basic, Extend or All. Basic will provide you with simple chords. Extended will show you the detailed chords information. Under All, you can see both the Basic and Extended chords together.

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9. Ultimate Guitar: Chords and Tabs

Ultimate Guitar -Tabs

Like the above app, you can learn the chords and TAB for any song with Ultimate Guitar. It allows selecting the instrument, your favorite music genre and the level of your guitar playing. You will get the chords of the song according to your level and musical instrument. In the app, you can create an account and enjoy learning a variety of songs and save them as your favorite.

You will get the detailed song and its lyrics-wise chords to learn. If in case the song has any other version of guitar chords it will provide you that also.

Apart from this, it has tools like a Chromatic Tuner, Metronome, Chord library etc. to enhance the learning experience. You will get a seven-day free trial and after that, you will have to buy plans for using the app services.

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10. Fretboard Hero

Fretboard Hero - learn guitar while playing game

Learn the fretboard and chords of your guitar with Fretboard Hero game. Games can be used as an educational tool to help deeper learning. This app does the same thing to teach you about the guitar frets.

Your goal in the game is to guess the correct note of the guitar before the time runs out. It will start only with one part of the fretboard and will increase as you level up. With each answer, you can earn a higher score and increase your skills.

It has two modes for guessing the notes. One by picking the correct one from the given notes and the second to find the note in the fretboard of the guitar itself. It has another mode where the methods of guessing the note will change after every five questions. This way you will memorize the frets and learn to play guitar quicker than others.

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Best Guitar Learning Apps For Android You Can Try

Now anyone can learn to play guitar easily without going to any classes. No need for any classes or tutor and without spending any extra money. All you need is the dedication and will to learn. Just pick the suitable time of the day for yourself and start learning the guitar. Who knows maybe you can be the next Guitarist everyone would be hearing about.

According to me, Yousician is the best app to learn guitar. It provides live feedback while playing the real guitar and you can correct yourself on the spot.

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