What Is DRM? Is It Legal To Remove DRM?

Digital Rights Management

With copyright infringements reaching alarming levels every day, piracy is in full swing these days. As a result of this, it becomes very obvious and required on the publisher’s/owner’s part to get concerned about piracy of their proprietary content. DRM i.e. Digital Rights Management sees to it effectively. In this article, we will let you … Read more

5 Best Face Cleaner Apps for Android and iPhone Users

best face cleaner apps for android and iphone

Growing up is a part and parcel of life. And along with growing up, one does undergo many visible and unwanted changes in their skin, which can affect one’s self-esteem to a large extent. Even if you are dressed all to the nines, but your face is dull and blemished, then however elegantly dressed up … Read more

How to Block Mobile Data/WiFi For Specific Apps on Android

block mobile data/wifi for specific apps on android

Who doesn’t need a data saver these days? From students to employees to homemakers, everybody wishes for a more economical data spending. Afterall such high is the price of data pack these days. We know the annoyance one faces when running out of data in the middle of browsing some interesting content. Data saver comes to … Read more

5 Best Audio Management Apps For Android

best audio management apps for android

Installing an audio manager app might sound like an unnecessary adjunct to your smartphones, but believe us, they really simplify the things to a great extent. In order to manage various kinds of audio functions on your phone like ringtone, alarm, keypad volume, notification bell etc, each time you have to visit separate settings on … Read more

Babble vs Rosetta Stone: Choose the Best Language Learning App

babble vs rosetta stone - language learning apps

With a sudden upsurge in the number of people interested in learning new languages, language learning apps are being churned out in a great count. Two of the biggest players in this domain are Babble and Rosetta Stone. Both have a countless number of users to testify in favor of their grandiosity. Today I am … Read more

How To Change Voice During Phone Call On Android And iPhone

We all have a funny side hidden deep within us. And we have to tell you that in few and far between, you must unleash your fun-loving personality too! You can do many benign and harmless fun-based activities for that. And if those include a tad bit of technological intervention, then decidedly the fun quotient … Read more

MyFitnessPal vs Lose It: A Detailed Comparison of Calorie Counter Apps

myfitnesspal vs lose it

Lose it! and MyFitnessPal, both are two big stalwarts in the domain of calorie counter apps. Though both Play Store and App Store abound in such fitness watcher apps, yet these two apps are certainly domineering the scene in terms of huge followers which they boast of! Today I am going to make MyFitnessPal vs … Read more

6 Best Story Maker Apps for Android and iPhone

best story maker apps for android and iphone

Today we are going to cover 6 of the greatest story making apps for you. Story maker apps are immensely important nowadays same like comic maker apps. It is decidedly a far better idea to combine your memorable photos into one slideshow/video than to cherish them separately. The photos might be of a wedding, a … Read more

Disable Facebook In-App Browser

Facebook allows its users to open various links of web pages. These links show up in your timeline based on your liked pages. Recently, I came across a very witty article which was damn interesting! Before I could read it all up, an important piece of work emerged suddenly. As a result, I had to … Read more