7 Best Comic Maker Apps For Android And iPhone

best comic maker apps for android and iphone

We all love reading story books with beautiful images, and comics alike! But that is not all! Many a time, we wonder if we could actually write up a storybook on our own. While that can be pretty hectic if you pen down the whole story and then consequently draw the characters, there’s a second … Read more

9 Best Video Cutter Or Cropping Apps For Android And iPhone

best video cutter apps for android and iphone

Video cutting has indeed become a necessity today! It is a hundred percent truth that we are definitely not too much attentive of the content while capturing the videos, however, later on, we surely regret and do feel like getting rid of some parts of the video. Or it could be that we want to … Read more

7 Best Compass Apps for Android and iPhone

best compass apps for android and iphone

Using a compass in today’s times might sound close to an outdated idea, but trust us! a compass is still pretty much relevant and required. Also, you don’t actually need to buy a compass from the market. Your smartphone can pretty decently perform the job of a compass. We often get confused about the directions … Read more

9 Of The Best Photo Resizer Apps For Android And iPhone: It’s Easy To Change A Size Of Photos

best photo resizer apps for android and iPhone

It is a fairly common practical experience that there is hardly any picture which is of the apt size and dimensions we need it to be. Therefore “image-resizing” comes into play. Whenever you want to upload an image on the internet or for any presentation or even combine multiple pictures together, image-resizing is a necessity … Read more

7 Best ownCloud Alternatives for Cloud Backup & File Sharing

best owncloud alternatives

Of late, we all deal with numerous files which contain huge & important data. It is therefore not feasible to store all such data in the device locally. What we can do is take the help of some cloud storage services which really ease it out for us. As we all know that cloud storage … Read more

9 Best Video Compressor Apps For Android And iOS

best video compressor apps for android and ios

Video sharing is in full force these days. With photo and GIF sharing also equally popular, video-sharing still has its own charm. Videos, for sure, offer us much more understandability and make our message way more articulate. But is there anything without a catch? Yes, we can surely capture some really stunning and captivating high-resolution … Read more