7 Best Comic Maker Apps for Android and iPhone

Last Updated: August 2, 2018

We all love reading story books with beautiful images, and comics alike! But that is not all! Many a time, we wonder if we could actually write up a storybook on our own. While that can be pretty hectic if you pen down the whole story and then consequently draw the characters, there’s a second and lot easier method to do the same! Simply use your smartphone. That’s it. There are innumerable apps present both in Play Store and App Store to frame beautiful stories with magnificent graphics and picturesque backgrounds. Some of them even allow for the animation feature. Here is the list of 7 of the greatest story and comic maker apps for you. They are all absolutely free and equally enjoyable too.

Top 7 Comic Maker Apps

1) Frameless


It is a very interesting app which lets you make stories in a comics like format. It also gives you the option to choose your own characters by clicking on the “sticker” option. You will have to design every page of the comics separately to come up with a full-fledged comics book. For that, you will have to go to the edit section. You can also choose the background to be either indoor or outdoor by tapping on the background option. You can even take photos at the instant and then make those photos a part of your comics.

Also, this app offers you three types of bubbles to input the characters’ dialogues in. The three kinds of bubbles are Caption, Thought, and of course Speech!

You might pick up characters from their inbuilt library or if you want you can even import your own photos instead! Thereby carving out a comics character out of your own picture! That really sounds amazing. But, trust us the first-hand experience was even better!

It is best suited for those who want to use the mind of their own to make beautiful comics strips. With a little practice of just a few minutes, you will learn very early how to use this app.

Link: Play Store

2) Anitales


This is another well-designed app which is adorable and truly a delight to use! Using this app is not only a great way to spend time, but also it presents a great platform to put your imaginative skills to full use. This app allows you to easily add scenes, roles and even render the music effects. Moreover, you can customize the graphics and pictures of your story. For example, You can change the way how the sky appears in your story. You might also want to change the weather to sunny, windy or autumn as per your story requirements.

The default background music which was playing while using this app was so soothing and relaxing that you might become addicted to this app, and want to use it over and again.

Though the app is quite heavy in size, yet it gets justified with the plethora of characters, graphics, sounds etc which this app provides. Also, this app allows you to add animation to your characters.

Although, the app is not very easy, yet we can convince you that it’s not even that hard to use and you will soon gain dexterity in using this app.

Link: Play Store

3) Kids Story Books Maker Free

story book


This is one of the best comic maker apps. It is a rather engrossing and a simple no-brainer app to use. A story-maker app with such a simplified ease-of-use is quite an exception we suppose!

The best part of this app? It is truly the app’s inbuilt ability to frame the story on its own! Amazed? So were we! Actually, you just have to pick up characters, locations, objects etc. and the app will come up with its own story on the basis of characters and situations which you had chosen for.

Actually, you get to choose your own characters from amongst various options like a queen, Santa, king, mermaid, and clown amongst many others. After that, you have to select the location (or place) where your story will be based. You may choose a city, a lake, a desert, or even a factory! The next step is to choose another side-character to accompany the main character to the preferred location. The list of accompanying characters includes many entities like a bird, cow, dog etc. After all the selections are made, the app will produce a beautiful story all by itself! You have to do nothing! The story will be revolving around the characters, places, and various props which you choose.

You truly have to believe us that the stories are damn amazing and are specially designed for small children, given the simplicity and straightforwardness of the stories this app generates. Anyhow, in our opinion anybody can enjoy these nice and brief stories which are beautifully picturized.

The experience of using this app is a sheer cakewalk! Both technically and creatively! It is because there is no imagination required on your part. All you need is to select options and watch the ready-made story. The app can even read out the story to you in a loud sound. In our opinion, this app will greatly improve the reading skills of your children.

Link: Play Store

4) TextingStory Chat Story Maker

textingstory chat story maker

This is another story maker app, but with a catch. With this app, you can create stories in the form of a chat. That is, you can make stories in the form of a chat conversation between any two characters. This is a rather novel idea! To create a story in a chat form, you will have to first decide the two characters between whom the chat will take place. You can name the characters anything according to your choice. After that, you can yourself decide and type what both the characters have to say to each other. This provides you the best platform to unleash your knack for tale-telling. You might generate a hilarious conversation which you can share with your friends too.

After the creative work is done, you can play the whole story in a video. That is, all the chat between the two characters that you have created will show up in the form of a video! And how! These days a lot of memes on the internet are based on such chat stories. You should try this too.

And this app is available in both App Store and Play Store!

So, just download this app and start creating interesting stories right away!

Link: Android/iOS

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5) Rage Comic Maker

rage comic maker android

With rage-comics literally a rage across the globe, isn’t it a good idea to create one on your own? This app helps you in doing that. This app lets you make rage comics by selecting from the variety of characters. The characters are innumerable, but some of them include angry faces, animals, cars, female, focused doodles, happy ones etc.  You can easily include them to come up with astounding pieces of work. Also, you can enter text effortlessly with this app.

Moreover, this app provides you with a complete package to create rage comics of your own, like pen color, text color, saving format etc. What’s more, you can share these creations handily on various social media platforms. Who knows if any of the rage illustrations produced by you might get trending in the social media very soon!

So, just tap on your imagination and start using this app instantly.

Link: Play Store

6) Rage Comic Maker!

rage comic maker iOS app


This is another rage comic maker for you. But, this one is for iOS users only. It is a fairly sized app (37.3 MB) with a horde of features to give you the most delightful experience while creating your own set of rage illustrations.

You can add rage faces to your creations from hundreds of readymade rage faces. To add more, this app even lets you import pictures from gallery or even take a picture with your camera in order to invent your own rage faces! You can also add colored text and also easily draw with your fingers. To add further, this app can even customize the rage faces by adding different props like mustache, cap, hair, or even glasses to them! This is undoubtedly an innovative and a very distinguished feature of this app, indeed!

Moreover, you can resize the images easily. You might rotate the images as well, or move the items just with a finger swipe! Unlike other apps where finger swipe doesn’t work in such a versatile way.

After creating your piece of work, you can simply share these works with your friends via Twitter, Email, and Facebook. Here, below is the link for downloading this app exclusively on App Store

Link: App Store

7) My Story Book Creator for Kids – Free Edition

my story book creator for kids


Since we have already covered a similar app for the Android users, this one is for the iOS users. You will just love it for the ease-of-use and multiple features which it offers. You can invent simple, interesting, and very creative stories with this app. What’s more, even your children can handily use this app to create their own tales. It is because the interface is very easy to use and informative.

Your little munchkins will surely find this very engrossing and entertaining too! What else can be a better idea than this app to involve your young ones in something really productive and creative?

With this app, you can easily create tales and stories in either an e-book or a video format. You can even record your own voices to each page of your storybook. Moreover, you can share the stories on various sites like Facebook, Twitter, and many more. You can even export your story straight away into the iBooks. Isn’t this app just amazing! Just go for it and you are gonna love it along with your lovely children.

Link: App Store

With the help of the comic maker apps in the aforementioned list, you can readily create and share your own creative tales, comics and what you got! You can choose any app or even more than one app depending on whether you want to make a pictorial story, a simple comic, a rage comic, or a chat story. We have made sure to cover the apps for both iOS and Android separately. With a little use, you will gain mastery over these apps quite soon.

As story-creation is obviously a work of imagination, thoughts, and creativity, therefore you must have a tad bit of patience while using these apps till you gain ample dexterity in making beautifully crafted stories.


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