Top 10 Apps to Add Background Music to a Video Clip

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How to add background music to a video clip remains the most searched query among the people who are either extra-creative or are social media freaks. The advancement in technology, however, solved this issue for many. Now you can easily add music to a video after a few taps on your screens. Adding music to a video clip on an Android or iPhone has become easier as never before. In this article, I have listed all those super cool apps to add music to video clip on Android or iPhone using which you can add any audio clip in the background of your video within a few minutes and that’s it, your awesome video is done to be launched on the social media for an ultimate blow-up.

best apps to add music to video clip in android or iphone

So here is a list of best 10 apps through which you can add any audio clip in the background of your video. Keep reading.

Apps to Add Music to Video Clip on Android or iPhone

1) VidTrim

This is a free Android app which lets you add any soundtrack to your videos through its Transcoding feature. Besides adding music to the video clip, it manages to trim, merge and join multiple video clips into one. You can also convert mp4 files into mp3s besides sharing them to any device facility.

how to add background music to video clip - vidtrim

2) MixBit

MixBit, as the name suggests does an amazing job of editing and Transcoding videos. You can add any music you want, to a video clip which never distorts even if you want to mix multiple video files into one. Besides, it automatically adds graphic effects and photo animations (sometimes the soundtrack by default) to give you a good piece.

how to add background music to video clip - mixbit

3) VivaVideo

This is a professional video editing application designed for both Android and iOS. It includes hundreds of user-friendly effects ranging from providing stickers to adding music to a video clip. You can even add sub-titles to your video file using this amazing application. Reverse and Blurred background, audio speed adjustment and video enhancement can be done within seconds with its simple interface.

how to add background music to video clip - vivavideo

VivaVideo for Android | VivaVideo for iOS

4) Magisto

This is one of the best apps to add background music to a video clip on Android. Magisto lets you automatically create musical videos from pictures or video input. This app is so advanced for its features that it was nominated for the Google’s list of Best Android Apps of 2015. You can even share your musical videos on varying social platforms along with YouTube and through Email. You can upload/add music to your video clip from Magisto’s music library.

apps to add music to video clip - magisto

5) FilmoraGo

This is a powerful video editor tool which is very much effective to add music to your video clips. It is a fully featured video studio which allows sharing musical videos to varying platforms like Facebook and Instagram. FilmoraGo has its own library of licensed songs which you can anytime add to the videos you want. Also, it contains a few paid effects and slow/fast motion features engaged.

apps to add music to video clip - flimorago

6) PowerDirector

Engaged with the powerful timeline video editing tool, slow motion video transition and free video effects, PowerDirector’s modern yet simple interface let you easily add a background soundtrack for any video file. You can also trim, merge and split any video file on a few taps on your screen.

best apps to add background music to video clip - powereditor

Video Editing Apps for iOS

If you are an iOS user and you are searching for how to add music to a video on iPhone, then below are the best video editing apps for you.

7) Video Star

This simple app needs no special requirements to allow the addition of music clips to the videos of your choice. It has its personal library having hundreds of music files which you can use as per your requirements. All the songs are available for free and thus it makes sure that you enjoy all its premium features and effects of video editing. Simply make your video and add any music to its background.

best apps to add background music to video clip - videostar

8) iMovie

iMovie was designed and launched by Apple itself to facilitate its users to add background music to its video files. It is equipped with highly advanced video editing features with a very few limitations. You can also transfer music files to Mac for more advanced video editing through this app. It works only with the devices driven by the iOS and not the Android devices.

apps to add music to video clip - imovie

9) Replay

This comes in the category of top video editing apps for iOS driven devices. It offers in-app purchases to ensure that the video editing is not hindered by any watermarks or effects when the music is added to the video files. Besides adding background soundtracks, you can also share video files to varying social media platforms through this app.

best apps to add background music to video clip - replay

10) You Tube Capture

You Tube capture as the name suggest is beneficial for the people who want to capture themselves while in motion or doing anything. These files can be easily edited as well with a lot of advanced features this tool provides. Just select the photos or video clips that you want to edit and that’s it, after adding background music to the video you can share your creativity with others.

how to add background music to video clip - youtube

So give wings to your creativity using this simple tools and Bang. If you have experience with some other apps to add music to the video clip, do share with us via comments.

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