Exceptional Video Stabilization Gadgets to take professional Videos

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Have you ever wondered how the top YouTube stars shoot the best videos which are crystal clear, without any blemishes or problems?

There’s a lot of video editing going on in there, but the gadgets they use are top notch as well.

YouTube stars, many of them shoot outside their homes and in places like parks and the beach. It is very hard to put a quality video on YouTube with below par equipment. If you are just shooting videos with your smartphone and expect it to display properly without any shakiness, then you are wrong.

If you want to be professional with your videos, then invest in sturdy products that will immediately increase the quality of your videos and the value of your brand.


Top Camera and Video Stabilization Gadgets

Today we cover those gadgets that are immediately going to improve your video shooting capabilities. It’s a guarantee that if you buy these gadgets, then you’ll have multi-purpose devices that can work for indoor and outdoor shooting.

1. Stabylcam

Staybylcam is a company that focuses on creating camera stabilization gadgets. Their new product which is simply named the Stabylcam Video Stabilizer has garnered a lot of demand in the video production community. The Stabylcam in it’s unpacked state is like a small baton that you carry around.

And when you are ready to shoot, you can unscrew it and out comes a large aluminium stick that gives you the range that you need while shooting videos. The best part about this product is the extra extensions that are available where you can attach lights or microphones while shooting. You can also use the Stabylcam underwater.

Video Stabilization Gadgets

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2. ALM Action Cart

The Action cart is an amazing device. This is a truly multi-purpose device and will take your camera shooting skills to the next level. It will give a new dimension to your videos that you would have never thought of before. The action cart is a four-wheeled device built for the exact purpose of shooting moving videos.

The four-wheeled device can move around in 360 degrees or can go straight as well. It can also be pushed in angles. The component that holds the wheels can move in any angle.

How to take stable photos and videos

The best part is the small size of the device and you can use your hands to move around the cart. So if you have to take a shot of an object from a distance and come close, all you have to do is mount your camera and push the cart and the wheels move freely and without any shakiness. There is a good review of the product in the video below.

YouTube player

It’s a must buy for taking stable videos.  

ALM Action Cart Official Website

3. iStabilizer Gimbal smartphone video stabilizer

One of the most unique stabilizer we have seen in the iStabilizer. Similar to the Stabylcam it is a hand-held device, but with a twist. The iStabilizerworks with all iPhone models and also many Samsung devices as well. It’s one of the smoothest stabilizers I’ve seen and even though the base is moved rapidly, the hinges within the center part of the gimbal always make sure that the phone moves to the right direction.

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It has a battery operated option to control the central hinge that brings back the smartphone to the side you want it to. It’s one of the smoothest products we’ve seen, it’s so malleable that it fits your situation. Have a look at the video of iStabilizer Gimbal camera stabilizer in action.

YouTube player

4. Emulsio

Just to change things a bit, let’s look at a software solution that aims at stabilizing video. Emulsio is a simple software that is available on iTunes that stabilizes your video. It comes with a different level of stabilizations where the software removes the phone vibrations. There are settings within the application where you can compare the video pre-stabilization and post-stabilization. It helps with horizontal and vertical wobble transformation. You can export your video to applications like Mail, Messages, Dropbox and more.

Also, have a look at our list of top 10 best camera apps for Android.

With a combination of hardware and software, you will be able to produce high-quality videos that will look like it’s produced by a YouTube pro!

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Kishen is a serial entrepreneur and marketer. He started his entrepreneurial journey with a Web Development company called Vanadium. He also has written multiple books on Marketing, Conversion optimization, Facebook marketing and More.

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