ReduxBuds Review: AI-Powered Earbuds Improve Listening On-the-Go

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One of the most annoying things about listening to music on-the-go is always having to take your earbuds out. You have to take them out to hear traffic, talk to the cashier at the coffee shop, say hi to the neighbors, and more. 

But what if you could do all of that without ever pressing pause on your music?

Redux Buds in use by Office Workers

That’s what ReduxBuds artificial intelligence-powered headphones promise. With AI-powered ANC that detects and passes through certain sounds to your ears, you can leave your headphones on all the time without risking your safety or your social life.

ReduxBuds being used inside a Bar

ReduxBuds also include improvements on standard true wireless earbuds such as graphene speakers, Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity, a 100-hour battery life, and a comfy ergonomic fit. 

But are these headphones worth the price for the AI boost? Find out below. 

ReduxBuds AI-Powered Headphones Benefits

Besides the AI capabilities, there are some significant benefits to these earbuds that set them apart from the big brands like Apple and Bose.

  • Wear Them All Day: ReduxBuds biggest benefit is their all-day appeal. With AI-powered ANC, you won’t have to take them out to hear traffic, alarms, or even to chat. You’ll also be supported by a super comfortable fit and a 10-hour-per-charge battery. You really don’t have to take these earbuds out for anything.
  • They Travel Well: Rain or shine, you can trust ReduxBuds to deliver the same strong fit and sound quality. Their ergonomic fit blocks moisture from making them slippery, and IPX5 waterproofing protects them from any weather. When you’re not using them, the compact carrying case is easy to pocket and holds an additional 90 hours of battery life.
ReduxBuds in a pocket size case
  • They’re Affordable: ReduxBuds don’t market aggressively like the big brands. They have a solid following based on their crowdfunding success, and they’re growing steadily. These savings get passed down to the consumer. ReduxBuds offer premium quality at half the cost.

  • They Sound Great: Graphene nano-speakers are ultra-strong and long-lasting, preventing audio deterioration and artifacts that ruin your favorite songs. You won’t get perfect audio here, but for true wireless buds, they are some of the loudest and feature impressive bass tones.
ReduxBuds used by an office-woman

ReduxBuds Review

Let’s break down the features of ReduxBuds to see if they’re worth your cash.

Product Specifications

ReduxBuds come in black and feature a similar design as AirPods, with an earpiece connected to a rod. 

Though, ReduxBuds are inner-ear canal earbuds, unlike AirPods. ReduxBuds are also slightly larger than AirPods. 

Overall, the look is stylish and the earbuds feel well-made. However, if you don’t like black, you’re out of luck. 

The product measurements are:

Earbuds: 4.2 X 2.7 cm

Charging case: 5.3 X 5.8 cm

ReduxBuds ship with the following:

  • Earbuds (L & R)
  • Charging case
  • 3 sets of ergonomic ear tips (S, M, L)
  • USB-C charging cable
  • User manual
ReduxBuds on a Black Background

Key Features

Artificial Intelligence ANC 

ReduxBuds’ primary selling point is the AI-powered active noise cancellation. This feature allows you to remain aware of your surroundings without removing your headphones or even pressing pause. 

When Transparency Mode is active, ReduxBuds’ AI algorithm uses the dual-beamforming mic to listen to sounds in your environment. It was “taught” to distinguish between 6000+ sounds and choose the ones you need to hear while silencing the others. 

The result is pretty amazing. You can hear all of the sounds that you need to while the rest of the world remains silent. It’s definitely a win for people who wear their headphones all day. 

Redux Sound certainly put a lot of work into the ANC tech. Not only does the AI work, but it delivers a superior level of noise cancellation compared to other true wireless earbuds. For comparison, ReduxBuds have 30 dB of ANC power, while AirPods Pro only have 20 dB of ANC. 

Even without Transparency Mode active, you can enjoy truly isolating ANC tech by activating standard ANC. This will also help to save battery life. 

100-Hour Battery

Speaking of the battery, ReduxBuds’ 100-hour battery life is the second stand-out feature of this product. With 10-hours of playback per charge and 100 hours in total (90 additional hours in the carrying case), ReduxBuds may be the longest-lasting earbuds on the market. 

If you use the ANC modes often, the battery will die quicker. But you can still manage up to 8 hours on a charge even with the AI mode active. 

Woman using Redux Buds while watching through her phone

Graphene Audio

ReduxBuds’ speakers are made with graphene, a material many believe will help build the most important innovations of the century. It also happens to be perfect for very small speakers.

Graphene is a nano-lattice that is 1000x thinner than paper and 200x stronger than steel. Because of its measurements, it can easily fit inside small earbuds. And because of its durability, it can handle more reverberation without degrading the audio quality. 

Graphene provides clearer audio at louder volumes and can also handle more intense bass vibrations without becoming damaged. 

ReduxBuds’ graphene speakers are 40% larger than standard true wireless speakers, so you can enjoy a broader audio range and even more volume. 

Ergonomic Comfort

Another feature we enjoyed was the ergonomic fit. ReduxBuds are some of the most comfortable inner-ear-canal earbuds out there. Thanks to hundreds of prototypes on the trash heap and thousands of hours studying the inner ear, ReduxBuds have a fit that doesn’t cause pain or itchiness even with a tight fit. 

When wearing ReduxBuds, it feels like the earbuds are just sitting in your ear, but in reality, they are snuggly lodged in your ear canal. They feel almost like nothing is there. 

Woman using Redux Buds while working out

Durable and Waterproof

ReduxBuds feature IPX5 waterproofing, which can withstand any type of rain and moisture you’re likely to encounter, apart from direct jets of water and full submersion. 

The earbuds are also sealed to protect them from dust. It helps that they function via touch controls, so there are no buttons that leave cracks or crevices where debris can enter. 

Thanks to these protections, ReduxBuds can safely be used outdoors and in all weather conditions similar to other waterproof headphones.

Additional Features

ReduxBuds additional notable features include:

  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Dual-beamforming mic
  • Digital assistant access (Google, Siri)
  • Type-C quick charging


Overall, ReduxBuds performance is impressive. They may not be ideal for homebodies, but for those who like to listen to music on the go, you can’t get much better than ReduxBuds for the price. 

Woman Happy with Redux Buds

Let’s sum up with the pros and cons of ReduxBuds.


  • Top ANC power: 50% more ANC power than AirPods Pro for noise cancellation that puts you in your own world.  
  • Impressive AI mode: AI Transparency Mode really works, though you won’t need it much unless you use your headphones on the go. 
  • Long-lasting battery: At 10 hours per charge, ReduxBuds are a top pick for battery endurance.
  • Clear audio: Graphene speakers deliver clear sound at greater-than-average volumes. 
  • Comfortable fit: Ergonomic fit feels almost like nothing’s there.
  • Great price: Get ReduxBuds for half the cost of other earbuds and enjoy the same (or better) premium features.


  • Only comes in black: Headphones are more than just a gadget. They’re an accessory. We’d like to see more color options.  
  • Some pairing issues: If the auto-pairing memory fills up, the earbuds will stop pairing with new devices. You’ll need to clear the memory, which can be annoying.  

Final Thoughts on ReduxBuds

ReduxBuds are some of the most impressive headphones we’ve seen from a non-major brand. The focus on ANC modes, particularly the AI Transparency Mode, means these headphones are ideal for music junkies—people who like to keep their headphones on at all times.

Though they’re also great for active people looking for a snug fit and those who want to use their headphones outdoors (in rain or shine).

If fashion is important to you, you’ll be disappointed by the lack of color options and the relatively unknown brand name. 

But, if features are what you’re looking for, ReduxBuds have them all. 

Now, you can grab a pair of ReduxBuds for 50% off during Redux Sound’s New Year sale. Get yours and experience the power of AI headphones in 2021.


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Tech editor and senior writer Michael Duong is passionate about technology and innovation. He codes open-source projects and plays quiz games in his free time. An expert in his field and an avid learner, always seeking to expand his knowledge and skills in the ever-evolving world of technology. His specialization is mobile security and mobile data safety. Follow Michael on Twitter and Github.

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  1. I’ve had these since becoming available from the Kickstarter campaign.
    The United 737-800 MAX has Bluetooth entertainment screend. I watched a 1 1/2 movie in ANC Mode. The battery was dead after the movie, so two hours on a full charge. Very disappointed.

  2. If you’re lucky enough to get a working set, sure. They sound great. But buyers have reported hiss unless ANC is turned on, poor battery life, and (ultimate doom) failure of the charging unit, rendering them useless. Go find a reputable brand.


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