How To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts On Same Device

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in this tutorial, we share how to use two Instagram accounts on Android or iPhone.

The article explains the procedure to add and manage multiple Instagram accounts on the same device. Get to know how to switch between multiple Instagram accounts on the same app.

Before starting, I would like to give you an overview of why this blog post came to my mind. Today, I wanted to add TechUntold Instagram Account to my iPhone’s Instagram App where I have already added and use my personal Instagram Account.

Adding professional and personal accounts to the same device is definitely more convenient and effective when it comes to managing them. Hence, I had to find a way to add multiple Instagram accounts to the app. It’s pretty simple and easy to set up. Let’s get started.

Add And Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

I will be using the steps and screenshots from my iPhone. However, the steps will fundamentally remain the same for Android as well with slight variations.

1. Open Instagram App on your smartphone.

2. Tap on Profile icon at the bottom right.

3. Under Profile, select Settings(Gear icon or 3 vertical dots) at top right corner.

Manage Multiple Instagram accounts

4. Under Options Menu, scroll down and you will find Add Account. Select it.

Add Multiple Instagram accounts

5. Enter the credentials of your another Instagram account which you want to add and select Login.

Use multiple Instagram accounts on same device

There you go! You have added your second Instagram account to the same App on the same device. Convenient, Isn’t it?

Switch Between Multiple Instagram Accounts

When you add your second Instagram account that becomes active, what if you want to use your first account now. You can easily switch between multiple accounts. Follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Tap on the profile icon at the bottom right.

2. At the top center, tap on Account Name.

3. Dropdown with all your added Instagram accounts will appear. Select the one desired and it will switch to the same.

Switch between multiple Instagram accounts

Delete Or Remove Added Instagram Accounts

If at some point, you wish to remove Instagram accounts added by you on your smartphone then you can definitely go ahead and get rid of them. Here’s how.

1. Tap on the Profile icon and using the above method switch to the Instagram account you want to remove from your device.

2. Select Settings(Gear icon or 3 vertical dots)

3. Under Settings, select Log out of [Instagram Username] and confirm by tapping on Log Out.

Remove Instagram account from app

If you desire to delete the account temporarily or permanently then follow delete the Instagram account.

Have a look at the video tutorial to add/remove multiple Instagram accounts on the same app.

Here is another handpicked Instagram Tutorial which might help you.

I wish this tutorial will be useful for Instagram users who have the requirement of two or more Instagram accounts for business and personal use. It does not require you to use the Parallel Space app or other apps that are made to replicate its functionality.

Just keep in mind that if someone is spying on your Instagram, they will be able to see the activity in both accounts.

Share with your friends on Instagram and help them in managing multiple accounts.

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