7 Best Parallel Space Alternative Apps to Manage Multiple Accounts

Many times, we feel the need for having two versions of the same app on our smartphone. When we have two SIM cards inserted into our phones, the need becomes a necessity as it helps us run dual apps. Can you relate to the above situation? Are you an Android user? If you have YES for both the questions, you can check out the rest of this article. Here you will get seven parallel space alternative applications that will help you manage multiple accounts (I mean the same application but two times) on your phone.

Why Go For Parallel Space Alternative Apps?

I hope you heard of Parallel Space and most probably used it at least once. You know it does do the job very well. Still, you want an alternative to Parallel Space to clone apps on your smartphone. Why?

The most annoying problem of Parallel Space is the huge battery drain, which you can’t find a justified reason for. Even with the screen off, the app doesn’t stop losing the battery juice like water. So if you are facing these problems or your parallel space app is not working, you can go for the substitutes.

I have done my research to find some similar apps like Parallel Space. Guess what? I got seven of them.

1) App Cloner

one of the best parallel space alternative app is app cloner

If you ask me for one of the best multi-account app for Android, App Cloner comes to my mind. Once you install the app, you need to skip through a few introductory slides. As you go through it, the app interface becomes visible before you.

On the home screen, you will get a list of the applications present on your phone. For cloning one, you have to select one and hit the blue tick button. The best thing about App Cloner is it allows you to customize the cloned app with modified icons, status bar, and a lot more.


  • Tons of customization (for icon and app behavior too).
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Seamless cloning process.


  • Persuades us to install premium version often.
  • Google and Facebook logins don’t work.
  • Support for some messaging apps and advanced features are only available on the paid version.

Play Store Link: App Cloner

2) 2Face – Multi Accounts

best parallel space alternative apps - 2face

As the diversity in features of an application increase, the size and battery consumption also go higher. If you prefer a light app with less power usage, you must go for 2Face.

Even though it doesn’t offer any customization like App Cloner, but you will never be having any issues to seamlessly run cloned versions of different applications. The support has been widened for 2Face unlike the previous one in the list.


  • A private space is available for entirely secret surfing sessions.
  • Less power consumption.
  • Instant switching between accounts.
  • Doesn’t collect any data.


  • Doesn’t offer customizations of any sort.
  • May create issues if you use more than one cloned version of the same app.

Play Store Link: 2Face

3) Multi Accounts – Private Space

clone other apps and run multiple accounts - multi account

Maybe, you don’t want too many options to give you confusion. In case what you are looking for is a simple solution just to clone your existing applications, Multi Accounts come handy for you.

On installing, it will ask you to set a pattern for keeping your data private. Then, you can see the work screen of the application where the commonly cloned apps are available. In case you want to create another one, just a single click on the ‘+’ button reveals all the installed applications.


  • Easy to use and streamlined interface.
  • Privacy lock.
  • Straightforward step to create clones.


  • No modding or customization.
  • Often goes not responding.

Play Store Link: Multi Accounts

4) Parallel Space Lite

best clone app for multiple accounts - parallel space lite

Let’s not forget one thing! Barring the high battery and resource consumption, Parallel Space is the best to run cloned apps on an Android smartphone. The developers of Parallel Space know their app eats up a lot of power.

That’s why they have come up with a lite version of the app. Even though you can’t find every single nuance features of the parent app here, you will never run out of chances to use multiple cloned app versions.


  • Comparatively less resource and power usage.
  • The most close-to-Parallel Space experience.


  • Doesn’t offer all the parent app features.
  • Can’t be online simultaneously on every clone of an app.

Play Store Link: Parallel Space Lite

5) Multiple Accounts

similar apps like parallel space - multiple account

Multiple Accounts, formerly known as 2Accounts is one of the top alternatives to Parallel Space. Even though it doesn’t have advanced customization options or anything similar, the app excels at what it was built for.

The main interface displays most commonly cloned apps. And, there is an Add more apps button to clone other applications too.


  • Light in size and doesn’t take much time for cloning.
  • Less resource usage.


  • No additional settings and customization options.

Play Store Link: Multiple Accounts

6) App Clone

top alternatives of parallel space - app clone

AppClone is another Parallel Space alternative with a few extra features too. You can protect the entire app with a password to avoid third-party access.

Once you install AppClone, you can add any app to clone it. Long tapping on it displays the option to unclone it as well. You can even create a shortcut for such apps.

AppClone gets you a private space to store all your secret files.


  • Private space to store secret files.
  • Password protection.
  • Quick shortcut creation.


  • Can’t run more than two cloned versions of the same app.

Play Store Link: App Clone

7) Super Clone

apps like parallel space - super clone

The final app like Parallel Space in this list is Super Clone. It presents the cloned app in grids so that you can easily recognize and open the one you want.

The green plus button on the bottom is responsible for adding apps for cloning. Just like a few apps here, this one also has a privacy lock option with which you can protect the app from external access with a pattern.


  • Privacy pattern lock.
  • Easy to use interface.


  • No customization options available.

Play Store Link: Super Clone


Are you looking for a feature-rich Parallel Space alternative? Then, you should install App Cloner.

In case you want a close to PS experience, Parallel Space Lite is here for you. Everything else gives you light but features-less cloned app usage.


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