How to clear Instagram search history, particular as well as entire

Hello, Instagram users. I am here again with another Instagram tutorial which will help you to clear Instagram search history from Instagram App for iOS and Android. Moreover, this guide will also let you know about how to clear particular search history in case you don’t want to remove entire search suggestions in Instagram.

There is no denying the fact that every one of us on the social media search for other users and Instagram is no different. With searches, comes search history similar to the history of web browsers. There is a good and bad part about it.

Good part is it shows you the recent searches you have made and if in future you want to visit their profile again you can use the suggestion instead of searching again. Another advantage is that Instagram will show search suggestions based on your previous searches.

Coming to the disadvantages, whenever one taps on that search bar, search history shows up. If you happen to use Instagram search with a friend or colleague sitting beside you then definitely they would come to know about the users whose profile you have been stalking.

Instagram Search History
Search Suggestions

If you don’t want that to happen then go ahead and delete the search suggestions from Instagram right away.

Clear Instagram search history

Clear Instagram Search History 

I will be using method and screenshots from my iPhone with Instagram App for iOS version 8.5. However, the steps are basically the same for Android as well with some slight design changes which should not be a problem if you are familiar with the steps below.

Clear Entire Search Suggestions on Instagram

Follow the steps below if you want to clear all the search history.

1. Open Instagram app and visit your profile by tapping on profile icon at bottom right.

2. Under Profile select Settings( Gear icon for iPhone/iPad, three vertical dots for Android) at top right.

Delete Instagram Search History Suggestions

3. Options screen will open. Scroll down and select Clear Search History.

Remove Entire Instagram Search History App

Go back and tap on the search bar. Relieved? This will delete all the top searches, people, tags and location. However, you will still see users in Suggested section.

To get rid of them follow the method below.

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Delete Particular Instagram search suggestion

Please note that this method will only work for “Suggested” section in Search History and you can hide specific users from search history in this section.

1. Open Instagram app and tap on search icon which is next to Home button.

`Clear Instagram Search

2. Tap on the search bar. Search History will show up.

3. Select the tab desired from Top, People or Tags.

4. In my case, I will select People. Long tap on the search suggestion you want to remove.

5. Select Hide from the options shown.

Remove particular Instagram search suggestion

That particular search suggestion will be deleted. You can follow the same method to remove others if desired.

Please note that there are always 4 users shown in the Suggested search history but you can hide the one’s desired with the above method when they show up.

That is all I wanted to share about clearing search history and suggestions from Instagram App. Share it with your friends if you find this tutorial helpful.


  1. This is great!! Thank you, especially for the”HIDE: button, I had no clue it existed. Now I don’t have to see that “profile” I had been stalking.

      • Hi Hemant. When I tap and hold on a “recent” search nothing happens. It works for “suggested”but not for recent. Very frustrating. Have you ever heard of this? I have deleted the app and re-installed. When I use “Clear Search History” all the recents go away….until I re-open the app then there they are again. And the list that I see is not always the same!

  2. Hello. I’m having a problem clearing my recent searches on Instagram. I’ve tried everything from clearing the history, logging out and even deleting and reinstalling the app but it keeps coming back. Any clue on why this would happen? It seems to clear when I hit clear search history but then if I leave the app and come back its there again.

  3. Instagram also keeps previously searched people in their database. Often I try tag someone in a post and the suggestions that come up are from people I have long since removed from history. Very annoying

  4. I’ve done this – including log out, clearing all cache and app data. It worked for a while – until after a day or so, the people I don’t wanna see anymore keep reappearing in ‘recent’ list when I type the first or 2 first letters (for instance : when I type P or A). Does anypne also experiencing this? Are there any alternative solution to this?

  5. I have the same problem too. Whenever I type an alphabet the list of users I have visited before appear and I cannot delete those. Does anyone have a solution for that?


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