Here’s What Happens When You Block Or Get Blocked On Instagram

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The interface of Instagram is designed in such a sober and simple way that anyone can use it easily. But when we talk about the Block feature of this app, there are things that each and every one of us needs to learn.

So in this article, we have shared several scenarios that may occur when it comes to blocking on Instagram. We will let you know, how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram, what happens when you block someone on Instagram, moreover, we will also discuss, how to unblock when you have blocked each other.

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  1. What Happens If I Block Someone On Instagram?
  2. How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Instagram?
  3. Steps To Unblock If You Have Blocked Each Other on Instagram

What Happens If I Block Someone On Instagram?

Is someone irritating you a lot with their spammy comments? Or they have been mentioning you on a lot of irrelevant posts? Or maybe you are a target of cyber-bulling, which is one of the real dangers of Instagram?

One way or another, you are no longer comfortable sharing your posts with these people. Well, the best option you have is to block them from your Instagram account.

Now, if you want to know what happens when you block someone, read this:

  1. First of all, this user won’t get any notification to let them know that you have blocked them. This thing comes in your favor as, if the person on the other side is your friend, it makes you answerable to them. Moreover, it also feels awkward if that person gets a block notification from you.
  2. The user whom you blocked will be removed as your Instagram follower.
  3. As soon as you block an Instagram user, all the notifications from that user on your profile will be removed.
  4. All the earlier likes and comments (when not blocked) from that user on your posts will disappear automatically.
  5. You can still search for their username and find their account. But after blocking that person you will not be able to view their content. It will simply show Unblock at the place of Follow and No Posts Yet just below it. Moreover, the number of followers and Following will appear as 0. The number of posts may stay the same or change or also drop to 0 – seems like Instagram handles it differently in each case.
  6. You cannot like or comment on their photos and videos after blocking them. Their posts are not viewable when the account is blocked in the first place.
  7. Similarly is the case for the person who is blocked. All the notifications that they received from your side will be removed from their profile.
  8. Instagram Direct conversations with the user you blocked are no longer possible. However, the older conversation will stay preserved for both parties.
  9. You won’t be able to view each other Instagram Stories when blocked. Also, if you watched their story before blocking, your view will also be removed from the viewer’s list.


If You Block Someone On Instagram Can They Still See Your Pictures?

If you block someone on Instagram, they cannot see your pictures. Moreover, the blocked user cannot comment and like your posts as they won’t be able to view them in the first place.

If Someone Blocked You On Instagram, Can They See Your Profile?

If someone blocked you on Instagram, they can see your profile so that they can unblock you later if they want to.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Instagram Then Unblock Them?

After unblocking someone, here is what will happen:

  1. As told above, once you block the user, they no longer remain your follower. Even when you unblock the user, the user is not going to restore as your follower. The person whom you blocked has to manually follow you again.
  2. You can like and comment on each other’s profiles again.
  3. Both of you can use Instagram Direct to send private messages to each other again.
  4. You will be able to view each other’s stories depending on the privacy settings.
  5. Tagging each other again on the photos and videos will become possible again.
  6. All the notifications, likes, and comments from you on the blocked person’s profile and media will be restored.

Basically you will be able to do all the things normally as before the blocking.

How To Tell If Someone Blocked You On Instagram? (Video)

I have tested and tried out all these findings by blocking myself from another Instagram Account. Hence, these should conclude whether you are blocked or not.

Note that the observations are the same for both private and public Instagram accounts.

  1. Search for the Instagram username in the search bar whom you suspect has blocked you. If you do not find them then you might be blocked. If you are able to see them in the search suggestions, it means either you have searched them before or you are not blocked. But you can not be sure because the search function behaves differently on different phones. So, read on!
  2. If you don’t find them anywhere while searching, then go to any of your posts where you remember the following person commenting. It doesn’t matter if you are blocked or not, the comment of that person is still going to show in your post.
  3. If you don’t remember any post where that person commented, simply select any of your photos and add a comment with the username of the person with @ prefix. For example, if the person’s username is mendiratta20 then you should comment @mendiratta20.
Comment with username on Instagram

4. Now, after following any of the above steps, go to that person’s profile by tapping on their name (search) or username (comment). On an Android phone, you will be able to see that person’s name, bio, followers, followings, etc. But at the place of posts, you will simply see No Posts Yet written. If you tap on the Follow option, instead of Following, it will again show the Follow option.

blocked user instagram interface

5. In the case of an iPhone also, you will not be able to see their photos, videos or stories. But unlike the Android device, you will not be able to see the Bio, Followers, Followings, and the number of posts also. If you are blocked by the person, you will see ‘User not found‘ in the place of ‘Follow’. However, if you see the ‘Follow’ button, tap on it. If they have blocked you, you will not be able to follow them and just after a second it will again say ‘Follow’.

User not found error in Instagram

Please Remember: The blank screen also appears if the person has changed their username or deactivated their account. If you suspect these, then I would recommend you to first find out the latest username or the status of their presence on Instagram. When you get the username, follow these steps from step 1.

You can also watch our video:

Blocked Each Other On Instagram? Here’s How To Unblock

You might have blocked someone on Instagram because of some reason or the other. After figuring out that you have blocked them on Instagram, they blocked you back in the repercussion.

Or this story can be just the opposite.

But in any case, you have now blocked each other on Instagram and you are not able to find a way to visit each other’s profile to unblock. If it seems like your story then this tutorial is going to be a lifesaver for you.

Here you will get to know the working method to unblock if you have blocked each other on Instagram:

  • Firstly, one of you needs to visit the profile of the other person you want to unblock. You can do so in a couple of ways.
    1. Open any Instagram photo preferably yours as you will have to comment and it’s better not to spam other’s content. Tap on the comment icon below the image and type the Instagram username of the user you wish to unblock preceded by the @. Hit post to publish your comment. Now, tap on the username you commented above. This will take you to their profile.Unblock User who blocked you back on Instagram
    2. Visit your profile screen > Tap on the Hamburger menu icon and select Settings > Privacy and security > Blocked accounts. Here you’ll be able to see all the accounts you’ve blocked. Tap on the blocked account you wish to unblock.
  • Once you are on their profile, simply tap on 3 dots at the top right and select Unblock. Confirm your decision by selecting Unblock.
Unblock If You Have Blocked Each Other on Instagram
  • As soon as a user is unblocking someone, the unblocked person will be able to search them from their account using an Android or iPhone app. And once on their profile, another person can easily unblock them.

How To Block Each Other On Instagram?

In case you were wondering how to block each other in the first place, this is the section for you. I have to mention that Instagram makes it pretty tough for users to block each other. The only ways to block each other are mentioned below.

First User

  • Visit the desired user’s profile.
  • Tap on the 3 dots icon at the top right and select Block.
Block Someone On Instagram
  • Confirm your decision by tapping on Block.

Second User

If the second user wants to block the first user then they still have two options available.

  1. In case the second person has landed on the profile of the first person already when he hadn’t blocked him and is still there. In this case, the first person can easily use the 3 dots at the top right and select the Block option to block them. But the chance of this situation is highly unlikely.
  2. The second user will not be able to reach the first user’s account by searching manually. So the next case is possible when the second user goes to the profile of the first user by commenting his/her username with @prefix on any of the posts and then tapping on it. There the second user will not be able to see the first user’s profile but at the same time, you can see the 3 dots available on the profile. Tap on it and select Block.How to Block Each other Instagram

Wrapping Up

Instagram has shown inconsistent behavior and it keeps on varying depending on the platform Android or iOS you’re using it on.

That said, this guide keeps being updated with all the findings from the current version and you should be able to figure out if you’re blocked by someone and what happens when someone on Instagram blocks you. Blocking and unblocking someone or each other will also be easily achieved if you follow the given steps.

On top of that, you will easily be able to reach the account of your blocker if you follow the steps mentioned correctly.

If you found this guide useful then don’t forget to share it on social media to help others out as well. In the case of any issue please drop a comment below.

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  1. I blocked someone who was stealing my content, and yes everything from my end when I looked at their account was 0, 0, 0, but when I left that account and went to another of my accounts and then went back to the account that I had blocked from, searched for the blocked account, it doesn’t show as blocked… it shows that i don’t follow them. Are they still blocked? They are most likely blocking me (steal my content and then block me, real genius here).

  2. Hi there. My question pertains to point #5. I blocked someone and yes, the number of followers and following show 0 but the number of posts they have says 44. I know for a fact that it’s 77. So if it doesn’t say 0 as said in the article, nor does it say 77 (actual number of posts), where does the 44 come from? Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Hey Noodles,
      it seems like Instagram handles the number of posts of a blocked account differently now. I have fixed the article.

  3. Hi my Friend has deleted her part of conversation from the chat and she has blocked me. Can i recover the full instagram chat history that happened between us pls help.

  4. Temporarily blocked someone just to focus and when I unblocked them all their comments and likes never came back. They were kinda important to me and I’m kinda upset. Might want to update your article!

    • Hi Thomas,

      I just checked this and I see an inconsistent behavior. For me, in the first attempt, the likes were not restored but all the comments came back. However, when I blocked and unblocked the person second time around all the comments were also gone.

      So, I will wait for a few more weeks before updating the article.

      In any case, thank you for notifying the change and sorry for the inconvenience.

    • Hi Ashton,

      Yes, the tag of the blocked person will be removed from your photos. The tag will be restored if you decide to unblock them later. I hope this helps.

  5. Hello!
    I blocked and unblocked someone and all their likes etc have disappeared – and not reappeared after unblocking.
    Is this a new thing? Any ideas?

    • Hi Francesca,
      Yes, this has been reported by a few readers and I also observe it. Previously likes and comments were restored but now they are not coming back.
      Will update the article if it remains the same for the coming few weeks.
      Thanks for your comment and sharing your observation.

  6. When I block someone all the DM’s are removed! But on their end why does the person getting blocked still keep the DM’s? Secondly, if you block them and change your username, does the new username appear on the DM’s they still have pre blocking them?

    Just wanting to make sure that when I block someone and change my username they can’t follow me

    • Hi,
      Yes, that’s one of Instagram glitches. But if you observe closely the name on that conversation changes to their own username. Secondly, when you block someone they cannot follow you no matter what.

      I hope this helps.

  7. If I block someone on Instagram, can they still see my posts, as my account is set to public? Is there a way to block a few people and not have to set the account to private?
    Thanks in advance

      • Thank you so much as most articles I read on Instagram pointed to the fact, that if the account is public, then set it to private ( as a solution) or else one can’t block.

        • Well, that’s not true as you use the block function from both private or public profile. However, if your aim is only to hide your posts from some users then you can unfollow them and make your profile as private instead of blocking them.

          • Thanks. Will block I think, as I tried to unhide the story first but seems like that didn’t work. And I keep my account public as I share my work too on it. This is for some few who I don’t want around. I don’t follow them but they follow me so to take care of that I needed a solution and seems like blocking is the best option, and thanks a ton for clarifying it works even with public accounts.

  8. I believe this article is not accurate. When you block someone all of their likes disappear. I know this as I’ve done this for someone and all of their likes are gone.

    • Hi Janet,

      Firstly, I would like to thank you for pointing out the incorrect information.

      Actually, at the time of writing this article(July 2016) all the likes and comments used to stay there for both the parties. But as after my testing, I can see that it no longer works that way. I have updated the article with correct info.

      Thanks again.

  9. When you block someone on your Insta, are their past “likes” and “comments” on my pics disappear automatically or would I have to do it manually? Meaning “dislike” each pic?


  10. Hello!
    Blocking someone after watching a public story on insta, does it make my name disappear of the story’s views ?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Ella,

      Yes, on blocking your name will be removed from the viewer’s list of the story. But as soon as you unblock that person your view will be back again. So, it’s better to unblock that person once their story has expired. I hope this made sense.

  11. Hi, I blocked someone on Instagram and they blocked me. A few days ago they changed their user name and it seems like the block has lifted. I cannot find them anywhere even when I tap on tags and copy their name they are not coming up.


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