How To Record WhatsApp Calls In Android And iPhone

Last Updated: October 6, 2018

This tutorial will share method and apps which would let you know how to record WhatsApp calls in Android and iPhone. It has been more than an year and a half since WhatsApp calling feature was launched. Since then users have enjoyed free WhatsApp calls including me. I use it a lot(saves me a few bucks 🙂 ) and find it pretty useful. Now, if you want to record WhatsApp calls to capture memories or for some other reason then continue reading this guide.

Record WhatsApp calls

If you are looking to track WhatsApp calls then follow this tutorial – Spy on WhatsApp callsOtherwise, if you just want to record your WhatsApp calls then use the following method.

How to record WhatsApp call in Android?

With this method, you can record WhatsApp calls without rooting your Android phone. There are many apps in Google PlayStore which claim to do the recording of WhatsApp calls. However, the one which I am going to recommend is tried and tested by me. So you can be sure that it will work. Let’s get started.

1.  Download and Install app Messenger Call Recorder from PlayStore.

2. Once installed open it. On opening, the app will ask to turn on the “Messenger Call Recorder” from your phone settings. Click on ENABLE NOW, it will navigate you to the Settings where you can enable it.

Record WhatsApp calls Android

3. Alternatively, if you wish to do it later then you can, by heading over to Settings and selecting Accessibility. Under Accessibility, tap on Messenger Call Recorder and turn it on.

How to record WhatsApp calls

That is it. Can’t get easier than that, agree? The app keeps running in the background and next time you place a WhatsApp call, the app will record it. To find your recordings open Messenger Call Recorder app and all your WhatsApp call recordings will be listed.

Record WhatsApp calls iPhone

You can even share WhatsApp call recording via email, WhatsApp, Skype and more  using this app. Here’s how.

1. Long tap on the recording you wish to share.

2. Tap on the Share icon to the left of 3 vertical dots.

3.  Select Gmail or whatever option you desire to share the recording.

Share WhatsApp call recording

This app is exclusive for recording WhatsApp calls and won’t record cellular calls or other VOIP calls like Skype etc.

How to record WhatsApp call in iPhone/ iPad?

To record WhatsApp calls in your iOS device you need to jailbreak it. Once you jailbreak the device, go ahead and download Watsui tweak from Cydia store.

Watsui is a paid app and costs $0.99.

1. On installing Watsui, you will get Watsui Preferences under WhatsApp Settings. Select it.

2. Under Watsui preferences you should find Record calls. Toggle it to On.

You are done. Next time you make a WhatsApp call from your iPhone/ iPad it will be recorded. You can find the call recording under Calls Tab in WhatsApp. Notice the additional “Recordings” tab added under calls. All of your recordings will be listed there.

Apart from that you can even record and listen to WhatsApp call recordings on jailbreak iOS device of your kids or loved ones using FlexiSpy in order to protect them. This too is a paid app and comes with very strong features. Know more about FlexiSpy features.

What are you waiting for? Download these apps and record your next WhatsApp call. Share this with your friends on WhatsApp if you find it useful.


  1. Hi Hemant…
    Can we record calls – voice or WhatsApp skype etc on a non-jail broken iPhone?
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