20 Best Camera Apps Including Dual For Android And iPhone

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Choosing a smartphone with a good camera will alone not make it to get amazing pictures. Great apps are available which uses not only the camera of your smartphone but also the sensors of your smartphone to get stunning pictures. In this article I have listed out the top 12 best camera apps for Android which will take your smartphone to a whole new next level, giving you professional camera shot experience. All the listed apps in this article are the free camera apps for Android and iPhone.

Apart from that, we’ve also mentioned dual camera apps which can be used to capture images using front and rear camera at the same time and also specifically for smartphones having dual lens camera set up to capture images with bokeh effect.

Best Camera Apps For Android

  1. Bestie


This Camera app is specifically built for selfies. But don’t worry, this can also be used as a rear camera app. After opening the camera, click the photo you want either in front selfie mode or rear camera mode. After that, you can make minor to major adjustments provided within the app itself. It has various effects and filters which you can apply by a single tap. Apart from that, you can also add stickers and make some brush adjustments.

2. Google Camera

google camera

You cannot ignore a camera app when it is by Google. Android which is owned by Google has come up with Camera app for its users. By using the sensors of your Smartphone it provides amazing effects like Lens Blur: It gives stunning effect by blurring the background and focus on the foreground object. Photo Stitching: This feature is developed by Google to provide photo sphere, panorama and fisheye images effect. This app also provides HDR+ effect which can capture the pictures even in low light but it is only available in Nexus 5 & Nexus 6.

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3. Camera MXcamera mx

Camera MX is another free Camera app in the Google Play Store for Android users with more than 10 million downloads. You will be stunned by its features. Shoot the past is a new and innovative feature in camera history, it lets you go back in time just before you captured the picture and save it. The other effects of this camera app are HDR, overlays, Lomo, mirror, and others. This app also helps you to edit the video like you can cut the video from your smartphone or tablet.

4. GIF Camera

gif camera

GIF Camera is counted in the list of top 10 best Android camera apps. This app will capture stunning pictures with amazing effects. As its name is GIF Camera, it captures the moment and saves it into animated gifs. With this app, you can create funny gifs and animated pictures. It also provides two more feature one is a photo to gif and another is gift album.

5. Cymera


Cymera, another brilliant camera app for Android users with more than 150 million users. Apart from being just a camera app, it is a photo editor and a lot more than that. In other camera apps, you will find filters after clicking the picture but this app provides live filters. It provides 7 amazing camera lenses, some of them are Lomo, fisheye and divided lenses. Apart from clicking pictures and photo editing it also helps in making collages. Collages also have various varieties like making all photos into one, making funny stickers of clicked images. Same like Camera360 Ultimate app, you can share photos on social media directly from this app also.

6. Candy Camera

candy camera - best android camera apps free

Candy Camera app is for selfie lovers. This is a free camera app for Android users having 4,000,000 daily active users. This app not just clicks amazing picture but also provides 100+ unique filters for instant editing. Similar to others few apps you can share your edited stunning picture on the social network from the app. It has amazing features like skin whitening effects, blemish removal, slimming effect and other such great effects.

7. Open Cameraopen camera

Another app making itself in the list of top 10 best camera apps for Android in the world is Open Camera. This app includes focus mode, scene mode with coloring effects, white balancing effects and face detection. Auto-repeat mode is a unique feature of this app. This feature will capture the image after particular time intervals which you can set. With the help of this camera app, you can tag photos and videos with the help of GPS location tagging feature.

8. A Better Camera

a better camera

A Better Camera is the next best camera app for Android users. Similar to Open Camera app this app also have different focusing modes and white balancing features. It clicks the picture and gives you a professional camera shot experience. The panorama effect is up to 360 degree to 100MPix. It provides night mode and multishot features. It supports phone as well as the tablets (7-inch & 10-inch).

9. LINE Camera


Aillis, formerly known as LINE Camera is developed by LINE Corporation. It is one of the best photography apps for Android. Make a collage of your photos and decorate them with 20,000 stamps available. This app comes with flash, mirror, timer and grid modes. You can make posters of snapshots with the help of Add Text feature share it on social media sites from within the app. This app supports many languages including French, German, Chinese, Italian and many others.

10. HD Camera Ultra

hd camera ultra

Another free camera app for Android is HD Camera Ultra. In this app, you will find various focus modes like auto, macro infinity with white balance features like daylight, auto, incandescent. After clicking the picture it provides additional photo effects.

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11. B612

B612 - best camera apps for android

One of the most used camera app as well as the photo editor. Selfie mode is great in this app. If the lighting conditions are right, you’re gonna get some amazing results. It basically enhances every color present in the shot. So I would recommend composing some bright colors in the shot. And just like the Bestie camera app, you also have some filters and effects to try on the picture.

12. YouCam


In all of the apps mentioned here, this provides way more editing tools and filters as compared to the others. Picture quality is great. Although it takes a second or two to open the app, the rest of the apps works smoothly. You can also click photos with filter or effects on. Coming to the editing part, you can change the focus of the subject as well as the sharpness. This app can also be used to make a collage.

Among all, the top and best 3 camera apps I will suggest are B612, Google Camera & Camera MX. If you want to make funny pictures then you can definitely go with GIF Camera app.

Now, let’s move onto dual camera apps.

Dual Camera Apps For Using Front And Rear Camera Simultaneously

Everyone loves selfies, but sometimes while taking them we miss the other side of the picture. I always wondered is there a way to click photos from both the front and back camera of the smartphone at the same time. Imagine taking the photo of a beautiful scene and a selfie at the same time. Sounds cool, right? So we present you with some of the best Dual camera apps for Android and iPhone to use the front and back camera both at the same time.

13. Smart Front Back Dual Camera

Smart Dual Camera - Dual camera app

Now click selfies and photos together at the same time and never miss a scene or yourself form the pictures. It is not actually same time, it is within a seconds delay, but you will never miss the moments. With this app, you can take the photo of the scenes in front and back of you together.

Once you click a photo it will automatically take the photo from the second camera. You can change the frame size of the front picture by pinch zoom. It also has different frame options for the front camera.

Smart Dual Camera - Dual camera apps

Apart from this, you can also select different resolutions for both the cameras depending on your camera hardware. The images captured are saved in the gallery of the app. You can then share it to different social sites and with your friends from the app itself.

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14. Frontback – Social Photos

Frontback - Dual camera

Take pictures from your front and rear camera simultaneously with the Frontback social app. You can click photos with different camera effects and adjustments like contrast, sharpness and color saturation, etc. It can click two pictures in a single photo whether it is from the front and back camera or from the same side.

This app is basically a social network where people post pictures they have taken with the camera of this app. You can also upload your photos and share them with other people, groups or your friends. Once you clicked both the photos tap on Next. There you can select whether to upload the photos to their social network, share it with friends or save it in the gallery.

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15. MOODCAM – PIP Dual Camera

MOODCAM - Dual Camera App for iPhone

With this app, you can capture moments that are special to you and add your mood to it. The app will capture the moment with the phones rear camera. To add your mood for that moment, you can click a selfie with the front camera in the same image.

You can also switch between front and rear camera for capturing the photo for any mood or moments. It also allows adjusting the size of the image in ratio. After you have clicked the photo you desire, you can share it with your friends and family through social media or message. You can also save the image on your device which will be shown in the photo albums.

This app also has many effects and you can also change the position of the selfie camera. For this, you will have to make in-app purchases.

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16. Bothie – Front Back Live Photo

Bothie app

Capture not only the photos but a few seconds of moments with Bothie. This app will let you capture live photos with both front and rear camera at the same time. Once you tap the camera button, this app will start taking photos. You can stop the app from taking more photos by clicking the camera button again. It will take multiple photos and join them together to make a live photo.

The best thing about this app is that you can connect with other iOS devices. The connection would be made through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and the device should be in close range for this function to work. By connecting the devices you will be able to see their camera image on your device and vice versa. You can also control the camera for each others device.

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Dual Camera Apps For DSLR Like Photos

Apart from the single lens, Dual lens camera is the new way of clicking some great portrait photos like DSLR camera with smartphones. But not everyone has a dual camera phone with them. So we have also mentioned some apps for the users which will allow them in taking and creating stunning photos with their smartphones. With these apps, you can click DSLR like photos and enhance them.

17. AfterFocus

AfterFocus - Portrait mode

Create some amazing photos by applying focus and blur effect with AfterFocus. You can click a new photo or choose an existing image from the gallery. This app will guide and allow you to create some amazing portrait mode photos.

You just have to draw some simple lines on the photo where the blur effect has to be applied and the app will do the rest. Make motion blur or bokeh effect in seconds with this app.  Apart from that, you have different effects and filters to choose from.

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18.  Portrait Mode Camera

Potrait Mode Camera

With this app, you can make portrait mode photos just like AfterFocus, but in more simplified manner. The UI of the app allows the user to select and apply the effect to their photos easily. You can choose between two effects, Blur or Shape Blur. It will also provide tutorials on how to use different effects.

Under blur, you can add the effect freely where the whole image would be blurred. You can swipe the area where you want to add focus and sharpness with the help of your fingers.

Shape blur will give the same effect but in different shapes like stars, circle, etc. You can move the shape to the area of the photo where you want the focus to be and the rest would be blurred.

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19. Portrait Blur

Portrait Blur iOS app

Just like the above app, you can make some amazing portrait effect on your iOS devices with Portrait Blur. You just have to click a photo and the app does the rest. And in case you are not satisfied with the result you can further edit the photo according to your desire.

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20. Focos

Focos - app for dual camera phone

This app was designed only for the dual lens camera iPhone like 7+. You can click a photo with this app via the dual lens as it will allow you to edit and modify the image in an advanced method. It lets you set the Aperture, Lens, lightning of the image from different aspects and fixing some of the dull areas of the photos.

This app is really one step ahead of all the above apps as it offers so many tools to make your photos just like they have been taken from DSLR.

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Best Camera Apps For Taking Stunning Photos

Not everyone can afford a costly dual lens phone or DSLR camera just to take a few photos. But with these apps available for Android and iPhone, you can make those eye-catching photos just like that costly DSLR without even spending a nickel.

Apart from that, you can also click some extraordinary selfies with the dual camera apps and surprise everyone with your creativity. Never miss even a tiny expression, moment or any face with these apps.

And if you combine these apps with your 4k camera phone, you will be even able to take professional videos.

If we have missed out an app you liked the most or you have a good experience with another camera app, you can share with us via comments.

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