Most Expensive Laptops in the World

The article presented here on “most expensive laptops in the world” has covered the specifications of notebooks and unveiled the reason behind these laptops being so expensive.

Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops in the World

10) Alienware 18

$ 5,400

most expensive laptops - alienware laptop

Alienware 18









Alienware 18 acquired 10th position as most expensive laptop in the world. Alienware 18 is a laptop which you will definitely love. It will not only impress you with its looks but also by its stunning configuration. The processor is outstanding with ample of RAM, Intel Core i7 Quad-Core Processor and 32GB RAM. Alienware will definitely not disappoint you on Graphics, it is packed with dual NVIDIA GTX 780M graphics card. And surely you will enjoy gaming in 18.4-inch widescreen.

most expensive laptops - alienware

Alienware 18

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9) Rock Xtreme SL8


most expensive laptops - rock xtreme

Rock Xtreme SL8










Rock Xtreme SL8 is among the most expensive laptops because you will be amazed when you will get to know about Rock Xtreme SL8 configuration. Being most expensive laptop in the gaming arena, it will give you best performance. The notebook is packed with 2.83GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 processor and 8GB of RAM. It has a 17-inch widescreen and comes with dual NVIDIA 9800M GTX 1GB dedicated SLi Graphics.

most expensive laptops - rock xtreme laptop

Rock Xtreme SL8

8) Stealth MacBook Pro

$ 6,000

most expensive laptops - stealth mackbook

Stealth Mackbook Pro










The Stealth MacBook Pro may not impress you with its price as it is one the most expensive laptop, but surely it will impress you by its looks. Leaving the metallic silver aluminum body behind, Apple comes up with the soft matte black in Stealth MacBook Pro.The Stealth MacBook Pro has a 15-inch widescreen with with matte display. It has 3.06GHz of processor with 8GB of DDR3 RAM and 256GB SSD . The Stealth MacBook Pro has an amazing cooling system. A special slim cooling pads comes with it that can be mounted at the bottom of the MackBook Pro, that improves air circulation and provides an ultimate bottom surface cooling.

most expensive laptops - apple stealth

Stealth MackBook Pro

7) Origin EON18


most expensive laptops - eon 18










Another most expensive laptop is from Origin. This notebook won’t make you worried on the performance side. EON 18 comes with a quite bigger screen if you compare it with other notebooks, it has 18.4-inch widescreen. It is packed with 2.53-GHz Intel Core Extreme QX9300 processor with DDR3 RAM of 8GB. For best performance Origin is providing two internal SSD each of 160GB. This notebook won’t disappoint you on the graphics side also, it comes with dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 280M GPU each of 1GB memory.

most expensive laptops - origin eon 18


6) Falcon Northwest Fragbook DRX

$ 6,500

most expensive laptops - falcon

FragBook DRX










Falcon Northwest is calling its Fragbook DRX as a gaming laptop. You will automatically start loving this laptop when you will get to know about its outstanding specifications. It comes with a 3.33-GHz 4th Generation Intel Core i7 975 Quad Core processor. The Fragbook DRX is also known for its amazing graphics which is supported by NVIDIA GeForce 280M GTX Graphics with a whooping 32GB DDR3 RAM. 17-inch widescreen with matte finish. Its storage device capacity is divided into four internal Drives (dual mSATA and dual SSD Storage).

most expensive laptops - falcon laptop

FragBook DRX

5) Voodoo Envy H171

$ 8,500

most expensive laptops - envy h171









Voodoo Laptops are basically designed for gamers, engineers or designers, who need high configuration system to carry out their task. The Envy series are high performance laptops. Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800 processor and a Dual NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GPU are embedded into it. It has three Hard Disk Drive, each of 200GB, means a total of 600GB HDD. It comes with full HD 17.3-inch screen. Even you can get the choice of paint you want on the laptop and also the tattoo finishes on it.

most expensive laptops - rock envy laptop


4) Ego’s Bentley Laptop

$ 20,000


most expensive laptops - bentley

Ego Bentley Laptop








The Ego Bentley laptop secured fourth position in most expensive laptops in the world. The Ego laptop is manufactured in partnership with the luxury automaker Bentley. It’s a notebook with sleek exterior. This priceless laptop exterior is made of Bentley finest interior leather. It is packed with an AMD TurionTM processor with 2GB RAM. 160GB Hard Drive with decent 12.1-inch widescreen. A cool handle is provided to make it look like a fancy handbag. This laptop is available in 10 different colors.

most expensive laptops - bentley laptops

Ego Bentley Laptop

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3) Tulips E-Go Diamond Laptop

$ 3,55,000

most expensive laptops - tulip laptop

Tulip Ego Laptop









Why Tulips E-Go Diamond laptop is among the most expensive laptops?. As you can judge by its name, the laptop is made of brilliant cut diamonds with solid palladium white gold. Apart from precious stones being used, the laptop is made in such a way that it looks like a fashion accessory (a handbag) rather than a notebook as you can see in the picture. This hand-bag shaped laptop has interchangeable covers which are available in a variety of designs. The E-Go Diamond laptop has AMD Turion 64 bit processor with 1GB RAM and 80GB Hard Drive.

most expensive laptops - tulip ego

Tulip Ego Laptop

2) MacBook Air Supreme


most expensive laptops - mackbook supreme

MackBook Air Supreme









The MackBook Air is transformed to MackBook Air Supreme by famous designer, Stuart Hughes. The Apple logo on the MackBook Air Supreme is embedded with 53 Diamonds weighing 25.5 carats. The MackBook Air Supreme is transformed into three editions, MackBook Air Supreme ICE (2,10,000), FIRE($3,35,798) and MackBook Air Supreme Platinum ($5,00,000) edition. The ICE Edition body is coated with polished pure platinum. In FIRE Edition the aluminum body is replaced with polished pure gold. And in PLATINUM Edition the body is replaced with pure solid platinum.

most expensive laptops-mackbook

MackBook Air Supreme

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1) Luvaglio Laptop

$ 1,000,000

most expensive laptops - luvaglio

Luvaglio Laptop








And here is the most expensive laptop in the world, Luvaglio laptop. The first question that might be coming into your mind is that “Why Luvaglio laptop is so expensive”?. The truth behind the million dollar laptop is that it’s the world’s first handcrafted laptop and it is made of precious stones like diamonds that is why it is the costliest laptop in the world. The anti-reflective 17’’ widescreen LED lit, 128 GB of SSD and a Blue Ray Drive slot are the major specs of the world’s most expensive laptop. The Luvaglio laptop has a screen cleaning device integrated into it. The best part is that, you can choose the precious stone you want to have on the laptop.

most expensive laptops - luvaglio laptop

Luvaglio Laptop


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