Most expensive phones in the world

One of our earlier article presented about the most expensive laptops in the world, today in this article we will cover the most expensive phones in the world. With the advancement in mobile phones technology, a phone can do everything that a computer can do. That is why people spend lot of money buying expensive mobile phones. The another reason people buying expensive phones is that they like flaunting cell phones. This article will present you with the top 10 most expensive phones in the world and the reason behind multi-million dollar cell phone.


Top 10 most expensive phones in the world

10) iPhone princess plusmost expensive phones - princess plus

The last among the top 10 most expensive phones in the world is iPhone princess plus, priced at $176,400. It has got the name princess because of the 138 princess cut diamonds used in its body. And 180 brilliant cut diamonds with 18-carat gold around its rim.

9) Black Diamond VIPN Smartphonemost expensive phones -VIPN-Black-Diamond

Black diamond VIPN smartphone by Sony Ericsson might not attract you by its looks and even it costs $300,000 because of the diamond embedded in its body. There are two diamonds, larger one on back side and smaller one on the front navigation pad. The additional key point apart from diamond is mirror detailing and organic LED technology.

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8) Vertu Signature Cobramost expensive phones - Vertu-signature-cobra

You can purchase Vertu Signature Cobra for $310,000, one of the world’s costliest cell phone. The cobra design on its edges makes it stand out from others. It is decorated with 439 rubies, one pear cut diamond, one round white diamond and two emerald eyes by french jeweler, Boucheron.

7) Gress Luxor Las Vegas Jackpotmost expensive phones - Gresso-Luxor-Las-Vegas-Jackpot

Gress Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot is at 7th position in the list of most expensive phones in the world. It costs whooping $1 million because of 18-carat gold, black diamonds and sapphires used. 200 year old African Blackwood is also used in its body making it one of the costliest smartphone in the world.

6) Diamond Crypto Smartphonemost expensive phones - Diamond-Crypto-Smartphone

World’s 6th most expensive cell phone is Diamond Crypto Smartphone priced at $1.3 million. The reason behind its whooping price is that it is decked up with 50 diamonds and “powerful encryption technology” which provides “technological blackmail, corrupted state officials, financial racketeers and secure protection of information against kidnapping”.

5) GoldVish Le Millionmost expensive phones - goldvish

GoldVish Le Million which cost $1.3 million is listed in Guinness World Records as the most expensive cell phone ever sold. The famous designer Emmanuel Gueit has decked the phone with 18-carat white gold and 20-carat VVS1 diamonds.

4) iPhone King Buttonmost expensive phones - iPhone-3G-Kings-Button

World’s 4th most expensive cell phone is from famed designer, Peter Aloisson costing $2.4 million. iPhone king Button is actually iPhone 3G whose home screen button is covered with 6.6 carat diamond while the edges are decorated with 138 smaller gems.

3) iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstikermost expensive phones -gold_striker_iphone

iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstiker is a multi-million dollar smartphone prices at $3.2 million. The casing of the phone is done with 22-carat gold and with 136 diamonds as well on the edges. The home screen button is also replaced with 7.1 carat diamond that makes additional beauty to the phone. The designing and the modification is done by the company Goldstriker.

2) iPhone 4 Diamond Rosemost expensive phones - iphone-4-diamond-rose-edition

The 2nd most expensive smartphone in the world is iPhone 4 Diamond Rose costing $8 million is designed by famous designer, Stuart Hughes. The iPhone is covered with 500 small individual diamonds with a 7.4-carat attractive pink diamond on the home screen button.

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1) iPhone 5 Black Diamondmost expensive phones - iphone-5-black-diamond

World’s most expensive phone is iPhone 5 Black Diamond with a whooping price of $15.3 million. iPhone 5 Black Diamond is outfitted with 24-carat gold with additional 600 smaller diamonds on top of gold edges. The home screen button has a deep cut 26-carat diamond. Apart from precious gemstones, the touch screen is replaced by a sapphire glass.


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